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These Gay Dads Revealed They’re Having Triplets In The Most Adorable Way Possible

"It’ll be a full house of laughter, love, and craziness!"

Jason Babcock and Adam Gentile knew they wanted to grow their family, but the couple got more blessings than they counted on.

Their first son, Tristan, was born in January 2017, with their friend, Jessica, serving as a surrogate. Shortly after Tristan’s birth, Jessica told the guys she was willing to help them again, so Babcock and Gentile had embryos fertilized and implanted a second time.

To their surprise, the couple learned Jessica was carrying triplets.

Jason Babcock/Instagram

Jason and Adam took to Instagram to share the news, outfitting themselves and Tristan in cute Dr. Seuss t-shirts—and hanging onesies for their triplets-to-be, identifying them as “Thing 2,” “Thing 3,” and “Thing 4.”

“We are extremely excited to announce that our family is growing exponentially,” Babcock wrote in the caption. “We are expecting triplets come May 2018! It’ll be a full house of laughter, love, and craziness!”

Babcock, a stay-at-home dad, and Gentile, a medical executive, met at college more than a decade ago and got married in Massachusetts in July 2013. The duo says they’ll be “forever in debt” to Jessica and her family.

“She is an angel, a blessing, just the best,” Babcock told Gay Star News. “She does it simply because she believes we deserve a family the way anyone else does.”

Congrats to the happy family!

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