Gay Fave Guillermo Diaz Poses Naked for “Pinups”

Here is something you don’t see everyday—a well-known, respected and working Hollywood actor posing naked. Guillermo Diaz has always been something of an iconoclast, upfront about being gay for most of his career and then not letting that particular fact get in the way of playing all sorts of roles from tough guy hoodlums to drag queens to most recently a nurse on NBC’s Mercy.

Now you can add pin-up to that list as Diaz is featured in the June issue of  Pinups (NSFW) , "…a triannual publication that features one male nude pictorial per issue." The Facebook page for the magazine (warning, also probably not safe for work!) explains that the zine was created by Christopher Schulz and has only pictures, no text. 

Diaz’s feature is described as featuring "…Guillermo dancing to records, and celebrates the ritual of listening to music through the vinyl format while drawing a parallel to the shift from print to Web.”

Curious about his decision to pose nekkid, got this comment from the actor: 

I love this photographer and it was a new and cool way to express myself.

I’m not familiar with Pinups, but some reading indicates that while the zine does include full frontal nudity, it’s more in an artistic vein than something more explicit. It’s also interesting to note that the magazine doesn’t feature your typical hairless gym bunny in absolute perfect shape. The men featured — like Diaz — tend to look more like most of us and while I didn’t see the word "bear" specifically used anywhere, that is how I would categorize it.

It seems a rather daring thing for Diaz to do, but kudos to him for not letting typical American hangups keep him from expressing himself!