Gay Man Captures Apology From Childhood Bully On Film

"That was intense."

For many of us, childhood came with its fair share of rough memories, often in the form of bullying. But what would you do if you reconnected with a former bully once you were an adult?

Irish YouTube star Riyadh Khalaf had that very opportunity, and filmed the entire conversation for us to hear.

In the opening of the video, Khalaf provides some history of his time in school and how badly bullying had affected him.

“To consciously alter the way you talk, the way you walk, the things you are talking about, the questions you ask in class simply to make yourself less of a target, that’s tiring,” he says. “It’s so exhausting. And it makes you kind of lose who you are.”

Khalaf got his former bully’s phone number from a mutual friend and decided to give him a call, unsure of what to expect.

But to his delight, his old classmate responded well, acknowledging and then apologizing for the way he had treated Khalaf all those years ago.

“It was overwhelming, to be honest,” he said about the apology. “It was something that you play over and over in your head for years, and you’re always wondering, ’What would that reaction be?'”

The YouTuber said his former bully gave him permission to record and share the conversation after he explained the positive impact it could have on people. And it turns out, it already has.

Khalaf says many viewers have reached out to him already, saying the video has helped them to heal and find closure. And he hopes many kids currently experiencing hard times at school are able to see that things really do get better.

“We all go through some degree of bullying growing up, and it’s just about getting through it, knowing that it’s not going to last forever, and that closure can be found,” Khalaf said.

Watch the full video below.

h/t: Upworthy 

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