Gay Marriages Begin in Washington, World Does Not End

Pete-e and Jane 2gether 4ever (Getty)

Cue the requisite photos of aged lesbians getting married in courthouses, people, because it is gay marriage weekend in Washington!

Along with Maine and Maryland, voters in Washington approved same-sex marriage this past November and Washington issued its first licenses early Dec. 6 to Pete-e Petersen and Jane Abbott Lighty. They’ve been together for a bazillion years and still love each other.

Take that, discriminators!

We can now look forward to Maine’s law taking effect on Dec. 29, so get your photos of salty, grizzled, lobster fisherman gays ready!

And Maryland will start getting hitched New Year’s Day. Keep your eyes peeled for bayside ceremonies tasteful and precious enough to make Martha Stewart herself squirm (though she’ll be too busy attending gay weddings in Maine to pay much attention) as well as crab-themed love fests where the center pieces are buckets of beer and everyone is wearing shorts.

Gay love really does take all kinds.

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