Should There Be An Age Limit On Bottoming?

The question was asked: "How do you feel about men over 50 bottoming?"

A poster on Datalounge threw out a rather ageist question, but my curiosity about the responses got the better of me.

Under the subject line “Older guys bottoming,” the question was asked, “How do you feel about men over 50 bottoming? Should there be an age limit?”

On the face of it, it sounded ridiculous. Do straight women stop having sex at 50? Some readers didn’t even understand the question.

“So, older 50 are exclusive tops??,” asked one. “Does it get harder to bottom when you’re old?” queried another.

One commenter likes his bottoms older: “Yes there should be an age limit—and I’m prepared to enforce it. ’You’re under arrest—for being sexy.'”

Thankfully most people called the OP out.

“Of all the cockamamie ageist bullshit. I’m 53 and do NOT seek fuck buddies under 40. I might power top a 30something, however…”

“Older guys should be sent to the farm in the country where they can live out their final days in peace and quiet and without assaulting our senses with their decrepit old selves.”

“Older guys are natural bottoms. What else are they good for?”

“I love how sloppy older bottoms can be.”

“Supposedly penetrative receptive anal sex is wonderful for prostate health. And in men over 50 the prostate is starting to go. So I say bottoms, up boys—its good for ya!”

There were some outliers.

“I’m not saying older guys can’t top. I like a hung daddy. But should they still be throwing their legs in the air at 60?”

“If you like tossing a hot dog down the Holland Tunnel.”

And we’re just gonna end the conversation with this.

“Ageism- just like all prejudices, is ugly and unfunny. Of course men have sex, oral, anal etc., well into older adulthood and more power to them. No reason not to—and if it freaks out idiots like the OP, then let them hang themselves on their pearls until they too are over 50—or over 60, or over 70—and someone younger thinks they should stop living, too.”

Dan Avery is a writer-editor who focuses on culture, breaking news and LGBT rights. His work has appeared in Newsweek, The New York Times, Time Out New York, The Advocate and elsewhere.