Gay Men Cruise For Adventure And Freedom In New Doc “Dream Boat”

For some gay men, the open seas are the only place they can be free.

For some, gay cruises are just a time to party and hook up, but for others they’re a rare opportunity to escape persecution at home. The new documentary Dream Boat presents both experiences, as five men from five different countries are followed on a seven-day cruise looking for love and freedom.

Dream Boat/Strand Releasing

That freedom opens up a new set of challenges, though, as their personal stories reveal the doubts and fears they didn’t leave on shore: Dipankar, who escaped an arranged marriage in India, speaks heartbreakingly about the shallowness and judgement he faces from other gay men looking for perfection.

And Ramzi, a Palestinian on the cruise with his Belgium partner, fled deep-rooted prejudices in his homeland: “In Palestine as a gay person facing discrimination if I go to the police they will harass me.”

Even Marek, a Polish hottie who could get any guy he wants, feels isolated surrounded by 3,000 men.

Dream Boat/Strand Releasing

Rather than just serve an ocean of chiseled bodies, Director Tristan Ferland Milewski offers a glimpse into what it’s like for men in other parts of the world who strive for love and affection and the lengths they will go to achieve it.

Dream Boat is in theaters now.

Kelsey Minor is a two-time Emmy winning journalist and freelancer in New York City