Gay Military Couple’s Wedding-Kiss Photo Goes Viral

Love is in the air!

Spc. Shane Adriano and Pfc. Cody Resz planned a small and intimate ceremony for their February 11th nuptials, but when a picture of the two’s first kiss landed on Facebook, the photo, and the two grooms, went viral.

Adriano and Resz originally shared their photo on the American Military Partner Association Facebook page, where it was quickly shared by 800 people and liked by over 4,000.

Several LGBT groups (including PROMO and The Glo Center) later picked up the photo and began to circulate it on their respective Facebook pages.

Though Adriano and Resz admit to feeling overwhelmed by the exposure, they also say they appreciate the warm feedback they’ve received, especially from veterans and other members of the military.

“The majority of people who were commenting and sharing, they were doing it because they are proud of how far the military has come,” Resz said. “Up until 2011 it was illegal to be openly gay in the military. Now, it’s legal for us to be married.”

The happy couple plans to move into a home together in Waynesville, MO.

Congratulations and well wishes to Shane and Cody!

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