Gay Muslim Torn Between Love And Family In Sam Abbas’ “Time To Come”

"Sharia (law) explains homosexuality as a vile form of fornication, punishable by death."

Filmmaker Sam Abbas is crowdsourcing funds on Kickstarter for his latest project, a short narrative about the crossroads one gay Muslim man faces when his Asian-American boyfriend demands to meet his conservative mother.

The project, titled Time to Come, is about the struggles young, progressive American Muslims face when their values clash with those of their strictly religious parents, and “how culture and religion can heavily impact relationships even if one is completely in love.”

time to come sam abbas 1
Time to Come/Sam Abbas

Writes Abbas:

To this day – if not all, most muslims growing up are taught that being gay is not okay, as Islam does not tolerate homosexuality. Many Muslims living in the U.S., have parents that come from countries where same-sex relationships are disgraced and criminalized. Muslims that are enrolled in Islamic schools are taught that there is no place for homosexuality within the religion and that the Sharia (law) explains homosexuality as a vile form of fornication, punishable by death.

The project has reached its initial fundraising goal of $3,000, but Abbas said he can still use additional funding to help with post-production costs.

To contribute or learn more about the project, check out the Time to Come Kickstarter page.

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