Krave Massive, “World’s Largest Gay Nightclub” Shutters After Two Months

krave massiveKrave Massive, the Las Vegas hotspot billed as the world’s largest gay nightclub, was shuttered by the state of Nevada on August 30. The megaclub had only been open for a few months before officials said issues with permits meant it had to close. (What kind of permits hasn’t been disclosed.)

Krave Massive’s birth was a difficult one, with owner Kelly Murphy delaying its original December 2012 opening date and leaning on the state for a $50,000 grant to get it opened on June 15, 2013.According to the Las Vegas Sun, “During the delays, employees and vendors complained about checks bouncing, and the Downtown Project, privately backed by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, came on board as a minority partner in the club.”

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There club was to sport a theater, a comedy club, a retail store, a lesbians-only club-within-a-club and the country’s only LGBT-specific movie theater. There was even talk of an in-house boy hunter, outfitted with an iPad and an earpiece and collects information from VIPs as to what sort of nightlife companion that person happens to be seeking.” ( .

The Sun reports the City Council on Wednesday is considering extending a temporary tavern license  to Krave Massive, which might help get the doors open again.

Murphy was sure the megaclub, housed in a former multiplex, would help revitalize Fremont Street, bringing a predicted a 12,000 patrons a week and pushing out New York as the biggest gay tourist city in the U.S..

A note on the Krave Massive website says the venue is reopening “soon” and invites patrons to visit Murphy’s drag-queen bowling club, Drink & Drag.

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