Gay Penguins Nesting Another Couple’s Egg at Sydney Aquarium

Sphen and Magic have shown impressive paternal instincts.

Sphen and Magic, known by the portmanteau Sphengic, are the hottest new couple at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium.

The male Gentoo penguins have become inseparable, waddling around and swimming together in the Penguin Expedition exhibit, the Daily Telegraph reports.

As breeding season approached, the same-sex couple began collecting ice pebbles to build a nest. Expectant Gentoo parents keep their eggs warm on these pebble nesting rings.

Magic and Sphen were first given a dummy egg to practice incubation and other prenatal skills. After they proved themselves natural and enthusiastic parents-to-be, the Sea Life Sydney team let them foster a real egg from another couple who had laid two.

Sphen and Magic are said to make a great team, swapping daily daddy duties of incubating the egg and guarding the nest against pebble thieves or other potential dangers.

Best of luck, Sphengic!

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