This Gay Penguin Drama Is the Serotonin Boost You Need Right Now

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The world is looking pretty beak bleak these days. Luckily, gay penguin drama is a thing.

As The Cut reports, a veritable zoo soap opera is unfolding in the Netherlands’ queer penguin community. Two gay male African penguins with a “reputation for trouble” stole a nest full of eggs from a lesbian penguin couple in the same enclosure at a zoo in Amersfoort.

Same-sex penguin couples fostering eggs isn’t unheard of, and zookeepers are trained to pick up on telltale signs of gay penguins wanting a nest of their own. As NewNowNext previously reported, another pair of gay penguin lovers at a zoo in Sydney, Australia, became adoptive fathers for the second time in 2019. What’s newsworthy here is that these mischievous Dutch gay boys took matters into their own hands (flippers?) and nabbed their foster family from another couple.

But wait, there’s more. These nefarious egg-snatchers also made headlines last year when they stole an egg from yet another family in their enclosure! No wonder they felt ready to father a whole-ass nest. Tsk tsk, boys.

The Dutch queer penguin community’s drama was the talk of town on Twitter yesterday evening:

Unfortunately, the stolen eggs are unlikely to hatch because they were never fertilized, zookeeper Sander Drost told It looks like this “dominant” gay penguin couple will remain childless for now. Here’s hoping every same-sex pair at the zoo gets to start a family of their own—without resorting to theft, that is.

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