Rapper Chapman Comes Out In “Gay Rap Song”: LISTEN

Gay rappers are on the rise lately: From the twitter-feuding Le1f, to the Gaultier clad Mykki Blanco, to the GLAAD-dissing Azaelia Banks and Guinness World Record-setting Big Freida, there’s no stopping these queer MCs.

Now a new challenger appears: New York rhyme-slayer Chapman, who dropped the timely track “Gay Rap Song” earlier this month.  Check it out on Soundcloud below:

Chapman, who’s worked with Chippy Nonstop and Shaggy producer Felix Snow, told Huffington Post he was nervous about discussing his sexuality in song, but was inspired by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ performance of “Same Love” at the VMAs, where the duo was introduced by out basketballer Jason Collins and a visibly uncomfortable ASAP Rocky:

I kinda just started releasing music and wasn’t sure if I wanted to put myself out there, but the song really does show my true feelings, and I felt it might be important for me to add my perspective, since I’ve never really heard anything like it in a rap song before.

I’ve been making fun, less personal music for a while and kinda had all these opinions on the backburner, thinking I’d get to them as my career grew and I gained more listeners. But after the Jason Collins/ASAP intro to the Macklemore performance at the VMAs, it all just kinda came out impulsively and I recorded the rap on GarageBand in my apartment.chapman

In “Gay Rap Song,” Chapman bemoans the lack of out hip-hop stars: “Why gay people always kept in the background/They build the looks, create the sound/produce the tracks… but when the spotlight is front and center they’re nowhere to be be found.”

He also admits he’s not just about breaking barriers—some fame and fortune would be nice too, singing “Think I’m tryin’ do some indie shit, dude? Fuck all that I want to be a star, too.”

Chapman’s other tracks are more traditional (albeit hard-hitting) rap fare, but our favorite song of his by far is the campy twerktastic track, “Loose T-Shirt” (We’re easily won over by any song where the word “work” is repeated ad infinitum. Check it out below, along with the official video for “Baddest 1″.

Chapman’s debut EP, “XL Life” is available now for free download.