Gay Rapper Le1f on Macklemore: “Straight White Dude Ripped Off My Song”

macklemore le1f

There’s been a lot of talk about gays in hip-hop lately, with Rapper Talib Kweli most recently telling Mother Jones magazine a gay rapper could succeed only if he/she was ” better than whoever’s the best.”

One out MC who’s not happy with the current state of affairs is New York’s Le1f, whose twisted tracks have blown up on NewNowNext. After Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won  Best Video With a Social Message at the Video Music Awards on Sunday, Le1f took to Twitter to complain about the Seattle duo’s appropriation of his song and message.

Le1f maintains that the instrumental backbeat to his song “Wut,” bears a striking resemblence to the one on “Thrift Shop.” And we can’t say he’s off base. Listen below:


The gender-nonconformer also maintains Macklemore rode the gay-rights coattail to a huge payday with “Same Love”: “That time the straight white dude ripped off my song then made a video about gay interracial love and made a million dollars,” Le1f tweeted in a post that’s since been taken down. “Do proceeds go to gay people? The HRC? AIDS foundation? Or does this straight white man keeps the money?”

Tell us what you really think, boo!




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