Gay Soccer Play Anton Hysén: Robbie Rogers “Not Really My Type”

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Before the news that UK soccer player Robbie Rogers was gay rocked the sports world, there was Anton Hysén (left), the British-born footballer playing in Sweden who came out two years ago.

In an interview with Gay Star News, 22-year-old Hysén confessed that while he’s proud of Rogers we shouldn’t expect the two to form a power couple: I don’t [fancy him]. He’s not really my type!”
Hysén, the son of legendary player/ manager Glenn Hysén, says the rugged type is more his speed: “Dark-featured, masculine, tattooed. Steven Gerrard, maybe!”

Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard

He also revealed that he expected people to be “negative” after he came out, but the response over all has been good: “I’ve never felt alone after I came out. There was a lot of support for me, I had really great friends around me at the time. Robbie Rogers is in a league far higher than me, so there must have been a lot more pressure on him.”
And, y’know, just in case you were wondering, Hysén is available. “I used to have [a boyfriend] a couple of months ago but it was kinda ‘no way!’ It wasn’t really serious, I think.”

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