Gay South African Singer “Livid” YouTube Age-Restricted His Queer Video

"Queer people cannot just exist without being constantly monitored," Nakhane says.

Nakhane, an openly gay South African singer-songwriter, is criticizing YouTube for slapping an age restriction on one of his music videos.

In accordance with YouTube’s Community Guidelines, viewers must verify they are over 18 before watching the age-restricted clip deemed “inappropriate for some users.”

“I am livid that @YouTube has given my video for ‘Clairvoyant’ an age restriction,” Nakhane tweeted. “I’m interested in what the criteria is for this when there are videos with heterosexuals being explicit with no restriction. 1 step forward 3 steps back in this world if you’re not straight, huh?”

The “Clairvoyant” video, which shows Nakhane in a passionate relationship with another man, features kissing, shirtless wrestling in bed, and brief rear nudity.

“I just find it exhausting that everything that doesn’t abide to heteronormativity is deemed as deviant,” Nakhane tells Attitude. “What is it in that music video that is so explicit that it warrants an age restriction?”

“What is it that we haven’t seen in countless other videos? I’m so tired of complaining! Queer people cannot just exist without being constantly monitored. And above that being reminded that they do not belong.”

Previously known as Nakhane Touré, the artist released his debut album, Brave Confusion, in 2014. He caught our attention in 2016 with his cover of Nina Simone’s “Be My Husband.” 

Nakhane also stars in the queer South African film The Wound (Inxeba).

Check out “Clairvoyant” below.

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