Gay Teens Suspended After Complaining About Being Banned From Prom


A Louisiana gay couple was banned from attending their high school prom together when an assistant principal said same sex couples going to prom went against school regulations.

Junior Raymond Tullier and his boyfriend, sophomore Nicholas Newport, were barred from buying tickets to their school’s prom this past week. When Tullier attempted to buy ticket’s at lunch last Friday, he was told by his assistant principal that he would not be able to attend as long as he was planning to attend with his boyfriend.


Tullier texted his mother, Tamblie Barbin, who quickly sprung into action, calling the school and demanding to know why her son wasn’t allowed to bring his boyfriend to the prom.

Barbin reported to a local news station that the assistant principal “said they didn’t want same-sex couples going to prom together, that it was against school regulations.”

Her son, Tullier, was then suspended and sent home for using his cell phone to text his mom for help.

When staff at French Settlement high school were unable to fix the situation, Barbin reached out to The Livingston Parish school superintendent, who stepped in to investigate the problem.

After discussing the issue with the superintendent, the assistant principal relented and allowed the boys to buy tickets and attend the prom together.

Here’s to hoping the boys had a great night full of dancing and celebrating!


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