Gay-Themed Short Film “Credence” Is A Sci-Fi Milestone: Review

"In survival, nothing ever dies"

The sci-fi film genre has always had an enormous gay audience, but it’s an audience that has been woefully under served when it comes to representation.

The short film Credence, which is now available on Vimeo On Demand, takes a major stride forward, with a gay couple and their daughter coming to terms with the end of the world.


John (Anthony Topham) and Scott (Alex Hammond) know the end is near, and are desperate to save their daughter Ellie (Tia Kenny). But what kind of sacrifices are they willing to make to ensure her survival?

It’s a trope that’s been used countless times in sci-fi, but rarely has it been this powerful and emotionally devastating. You will shed tears, but the tears are earned from the storytelling, acting, and film making craft. It’s a beautifully realized short film, well worth your 30 minutes.

To say much more would spoil the effect.


It also affirms the importance of crowdfunding, as it began as an IndieGoGo campaign. Director Mike Buonaiuto explains how vital public support was to the creation of the film:

“It feels amazing to finally be releasing Credence, after so much support has helped us get to this point. Credence hopes to paint a picture of not just what Sci­Fi looks like when it’s a bit more progressive, but what all film can look like when it breaks free of LGBT stereotypes often seen in cinema. The film has taken over two years to create, with everyone from our Indiegogo contributors to journalists and writers helping make this independent project a reality. Thank you so much! Our hope is Credence is shown both online with Vimeo On Demand and throughout film festivals and community spaces for both Sci­Fi lovers and also new audiences to this genre, and inspires future filmmaking that breaks the mold.”

Here’s the trailer, and you can watch the entire short film now on Vimeo On Demand.

And here’s a look behind-the-scenes.

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