Gay Trump Supporter Allegedly Wields Knife at Kathy Griffin Show

"I don’t feel I’ve done anything wrong."

A confrontation after a recent stop on Kathy Griffin’s Laugh Your Head Off world tour was no laughing matter. 

Trump supporter Carl Pacheco allegedly brandished a knife and kicked another patron’s vehicle outside Houston’s Jones Hall Monday night as they were leaving the comedian’s show, OutSmart reports.

Pacheco was wearing a red “Make American Great Again” hat and a shirt with multiple pictures of Trump’s face on it.

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

“We were one of the last few to exit the hall,” Richard Nunez wrote on YouTube, “and made a comment to ourselves like ’Whaaat is he wearing?’ and ’Is that for real?’ and he responded with a comment similar to ’Do you want a political debate?'”

“As my wife entered the vehicle, she closed the passenger door and rolled down her window,” Nunez continued. “She made a derogatory statement to the Trump supporter and he made another derogatory statement right back.”

In a dashcam video that captured audio of the incident, Michele Nunez can be heard saying, “Hey, asshole, fuck Trump.” Pacheco responds, “Fuck you, fucking cunt.” He then reportedly approached the vehicle, kicked the passenger door, and jabbed “some sort of switch-bladed knife” against the window as it was rolling back up.

Nunez, who also said it looked like Pacheco “wanted to hurt Kathy Griffin,” drove around the block and called police before returning to confront Pacheco and a security guard. He has since removed video of the incident from public view on YouTube at the request of the Houston Police Department.

“He didn’t try to stab her,” HPD spokesman Victor Senties clarifies. “He was poking at the window.”

Pacheco, who describes himself as “a gay Latino immigrant,” tells OutSmart, “I am cooperating with the police investigation. I don’t feel I’ve done anything wrong based on the laws and the circumstances of what happened.”

He adds that he is being “demonized” and portrayed as “a neo-Nazi” while “white middle-aged people” are being portrayed as victims.

Pacheco’s attorney, Michael Mercer, claims his client acted in self-defense and that he’s confident no charges will be filed.


Pacheco “went to that concert expecting to be able to have political conversations with people who were there, which is something that everybody should be able to do, and unfortunately that wasn’t able to happen,” Mercer says, adding that he thinks the alleged victims “had too much to drink and got offended” by Pacheco’s attire.

“You should have the right to go express yourself at a concert, as long as you do so peacefully and politely,” Mercer continues. “Hopefully the police will give us an opportunity to tell our side of the story.”

Senties says the case remains under investigation.

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