Drag Queen Activist Serves Receipts of Gay Trump Supporter’s Anti-LGBTQ Comments

"We will take your little rights away... gas you, and turn you straight while you rot in a cage.”

Yesterday, NewNowNext reported on The New York Times profile of Bill White and Bryan Eure, a political power couple who defected from the Democratic Party to support President Donald Trump, sparking a disagreement with the Hillary Clinton camp.

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The husbands spent tens of thousands of dollars supporting Trump, and will throw a $5 million fundraiser this winter for his 2020 re-election bid. They bragged that they have the president’s sons’ numbers on speed dial, and they are proud of their framed photos of themselves with Trump and other conservative notables.

Now it looks like Eure is living up to the “deplorable” name given to some Trump supporters.

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#TBT to earlier this summer in regards to my post made right after the election – sadly the mass hysteria hasn’t waned (and is becoming more desperate and ridiculous) despite the tremendous success @realdonaldtrump has had since taking the oath of office just 20 months ago – short answer: yes I support our President now. I prefer results over rhetoric. Long answer: Why? We already have a 4.2 GDP, massive tax cuts, 4mn jobs created, unemployment down, stock market way up, killed TPP, renegotiating NAFTA and other trade agreements, allies of NATO on way of paying fair share, Judge Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, military finally funded adequately, Comey and other swamp things drained, Veterans Affairs being cleaned up, focus on opioid crisis, fierce First Lady, North Korea hostages and remains of US soldiers released while denuclearization underway, US Embassy in Israel moved as promised by last 3 Presidents, Iran deal thrown out, strong border security, etc. etc. etc. and all of our general overall quality of life has increased because of the booming economy which he and his administration are responsible for turning around – all while dealing with a fake “Russia collusion” narrative and an angry/bitter/hostile main stream media environment that spreads lies under the “unnamed sources/anonymous” excuse. Grateful to our friend Ric Grenell, who was appointed by President Trump as Ambassador to Germany!, (and recently deported, with ICE, the last living Nazi in America back to Germany), for introducing us to President Trump @realdonaldtrump and @donaldjtrumpjr #MAGA #TRUMP2020 #KeepAmericaGreat #KAG

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New York-based political activist/drag queen Marti Gould Cummings replied to Eure’s Instagram post about the original New York Times article, saying their actions were “shameful and disgusting.”

“Chelsea didn’t wave at you, Hillary didn’t take a photo so you jump ship… The incredible privilege you have shows in this article. You could be using your wealth to help transgender people [whom] Trump is actively discriminating against or you could use it to help families seeking asylum. You are both gross,” Cummings added.

Then, in response to Cumming’s comment, Eure wrote “transgender is gross.” He deleted the comment, but Cummings took a screenshot of the reply, and took a picture of another interaction Eure had on Instagram, saying that there are more gay Trump supporters than people think, and that he will “win” and “take your little rights away, and deport you, and gas you, and turn you straight while you rot in a cage.”

Marti Gould Cummings

In an exclusive quote for NewNowNext, Cummings commented on why she chose to share Eure’s transphobic comments:

I posted on Bryan’s Instagram to express how his power and money could be used to help the transgender community, because this administration that he and his husband support has taken an active role in taking the rights of transgender people away. I was shocked to see his reply stating that transgender people are ‘gross’ and then even more shocked to see his reply to someone else saying we would all be put into camps. As a community we have to support everyone under the umbrella of LGBTQIA. We have to uplift one another which is why I called him out for his blatant transphobia. Many within our own community, including myself, once used language that we now see as transphobic as part of everyday vernacular, but as we grow and learn we understand that certain language isn’t appropriate. Transphobia has no place in our community. In 2018, we know better. I believe that someone like Bryan doesn’t have a desire to learn because it is clear he cares only about protecting himself and not those who need our help.

Bravo, Marti!

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