Anderson Cooper, Bobsledder Simon Dunn, Celebrate National Gay Uncles Day

Hopefully this becomes an annual holiday!

This past Sunday marked the first ever “Gay Uncles Day,” a holiday initiated by social media users to celebrate guncles around the world.

Thousands of people took to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to commemorate the day, with guncles posting photos of their beloved nieces and nephews and families sharing their thanks for the special role gay uncles play in their lives.

Even a few out celebrities got in on the fun, with posts from Anderson Cooper:

My French nephew Martin on the Quadrado in Trancoso

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Canadian bobsledder Simon Dunn:

Happy Gay Uncles Day! #gayunclesday

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RPDR star Joslyn Fox:

And YouTuber Tyler Oakley:

The photos shared on Gay Uncle’s Day showed how supportive guncles are:

Best Guncles Day ever! (And not just because this is the first time there's been one. Lol)

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How playful they can be:

So good. #GayUnclesDay #Guncle #ThrowBack

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Happy #GayUnclesDay!! : @eurohlb

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14th August #GayUnclesDay

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In honor of #GayUnclesDay, here's a photo with my mini-me. (My hair used to look like that too…)

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And just how loving they are with the precious tykes in their lives:

Apparently it was #gayunclesday yesterday. How can I miss that with such a cute little nephew!

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Because yesterday was national #gayunclesday – missing my babies! ❤️

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