Gay Weddings Can Save The US Economy

maryland same-sex marriage

We know how to party.

Republicans — we have a solution to any fiscal crisis that may or not occur now, or in the future. Just let all LGBT people get married. Sounds drastic, but it might just work.

The Williams Institute at UCLA’s School of Law released a new report stating Maine, Maryland and Washington could garner at least $166 million in wedding expenses, in the next three years.

The report said 18,000 gay couples could get married in that time. Maine would spend about $15.5 million, Maryland $62.5, and Washington comes in as the winner with $88.3 million.

This doesn’t even take into account out-of-state people who may travel to Maine, Maryland and Washington in order to get married.

While we are making sweeping broad statements, gay weddings are also much more fun than straight ones, so bringing more of them across the US will help the greater good.