Gays of our Lives (April 13, 2010)

We’re back with another all new edition of Gays of Our Lives and we’ve got the latest clips,
spoilers and news from your favorite soaps and dramas featuring gay characters!

This week, to mark the last scheduled appearance of One Life to Live’s Scott Evans (Oliver
Fish), we’ve got an interview with the actor. In GOOL THEATER, Reid faces his
feelings for Luke on As the World Turns while
in GOOL SCOOPS AND SPOILERS, it’s Aaron’s first kiss on Emmerdale, but will it be all he dreamed of … or
lead to a nightmare? And in GOOL NEWSBEAT, was One Life to Live too gay for daytime? We’ve got a special report
with the answers.

All this – and more!





Scott Evans has been one of daytime’s most talked about
actors since the Kyle and Oliver romance gained prominence on One Life to Live last year. He’s still a
topic for conversation, although probably not in a way the actor would like.

Unless you’ve been in an underground bunker with no Internet
access you are aware that Evans, along with co-star and on screen love interest
Brett Claywell (Kyle), was fired from the show with the reason given that the
Kyle/Oliver romance didn’t resonate with the ‘mainstream audience’ and was in
part responsible for the show’s low ratings.

At the recent Gays of
Our Lives
event, I had the chance to talk to Evans about being let go, the
controversy surrounding the axing, how he feels about his time on the show and
his plans for the future. How are you feeling about everything that
Scott Evans:
Sad. That’s the best way to describe it. I mean I could have
been mad and angry, but you know what? You can’t be mad. If a storyline gets
written off or something changes and you lose a job, that’s the way the cookie
crumbles. Everybody loses jobs, and that’s fine. I’m more sad about the fact
that gay people need to be seen on TV in order to find acceptance — not so much
tolerance, but acceptance — and for us to be written off is sad.

OLTL gave
us daytime’s first love scene between two men

AE: Do you buy the reasons?
I don’t know the reasons. The reason they say was that the focus groups
and the backlash, and Nick Rodriguez [ex-Nick Chavez] came forward and said all
our coworkers were saying stuff. So I don’t know. If that’s what they need to
resort to in order to make it okay, then fine. It just sucks. It really, really

AE: Were you surprised when if happened? How
did you find out?
I was surprised, but only because I had done a couple of interviews the
week before all this came out, and they asked what’s the future, and I was like,
"I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out. There’s the baby
storyline." And then I find out online, and I was like, "What’s
happening?" I asked Brett what was going on, and he said, "I found
out yesterday that I was being let go."

They didn’t need to let me know I was being let go because
I’m not a contract. They didn’t need to tell me. As a recurring character all
they need to do is stop calling me.

I was upset because I felt like, you know, blood, sweat, and
tears for this show, and I love the show and love everybody there. I wish I had
found out before [the news] had broke.

Oliver learns he’s a
father in the character’s final episodes.

AE: It feels like you guys didn’t have an end.
You’re just gone.
I’ll tell you, that’s the worst part. I’ll go on record saying this,
the worst thing is I shot my last day not knowing it was my last day. Between
the camera people, and the props people, and the makeup people, and the
lighting people, and the hair people: I didn’t get to say goodbye to anybody.
There are people there … I had so much love.

On my last day, Alan, one of our station managers, came up
to me and said, "I want to tell you, you are one of my favorite
people." Because I do my job, I know my lines, I get there on time, and to
not be able to say goodbye to those people sucks so hard.

AE: And also in terms of the audience. We
didn’t really get to say goodbye to you guys.
Right, but at least they found out. They have another month or whatever
leading up to it. For me, it was just like cold turkey.

AE: If they ask you to come back, will you?
I don’t know. At this point, I don’t think they are. I think pride is
going to come into play. If they did … I don’t know. It would be so awkward.
I miss everybody so much and I don’t want it to be awkward, but it is.

presented daytime’s first gay male love triangle.

AE: Were you surprised by the response of the
Yes, surprised in a great way. I’m not surprised that people supported
us; more surprised by the vocal uprising that happened. People wrote letters,
held protests, Save Kish, there’s blogs, and rallies, and it’s just like
awesome. Awesome! The thought that I touched people in that way by doing this
story is incredible.

AE: What was the thing you were most proud of
in all of this?
We told a real story. The writing, the story we told was awesome. Yes,
it did wrap up nicely. I think there’s more to tell. It sucks that it’s gone,
but we told an awesome, awesome story. I think people related to that, and know
that we did.

AE: So overall was it a positive experience?
Absolutely positive. Are you kidding me? This trained me for what will
hopefully be the best years of my life. There’s nothing like a soap opera.
There’s nothing like it. I think James Franco showed that when he was like,
"I want to try this immediately."

It’s tough; you shoot eight episodes a week, at least. You
get one take to do things. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I’m
grateful. I’m grateful to everyone who wrote the story and believed in us. I
don’t know the reasons for it being taken off, but I think it was great that
the show even had it in the first place, and I’m sad it won’t be on anymore.

The gay wedding plot
arc was cited as a reason why
audiences didn’t take to the Kyle and Oliver

AE: With you guys gone, and with As the World Turns canceled in September
with Luke and Noah, there’ll be no more gays in daytime.
It sucks. It’s a step back. We were fighting, fighting, fighting, and
now it was like, we took one step forward and this is three steps back. One of
the most important things about the human race right now for gay people and
transgender is visibility, and when we’re not seen — I mean, we’re on
primetime, sure, but for the people that watch daytime — when we’re not seen,
then they have no chance to accept us. That is a problem. We need to be seen.
That’s the most important thing. For us to be written off, I don’t care so much
for my career. I care for gay and lesbian people as a whole.

AE: So what’s next for you?
I don’t know. I have no plans. I’m currently unemployed. Fun
employment, as I call it. I just got my tax return and that’ll pay my rent for
the next couple of months. We’ll see. I’m auditioning, so we’ll see what

AE: Is there anything you’d like to do?
A ton of things I’d like to do. I’ve read so many good scripts and
things. I’ve been auditioning, and I’ve gotten close but haven’t gotten it. At
this point, I’d just like a job and be accepted as an actor, as opposed to a
gay actor.


I’m so glad all the mystery and murder storylines are over
and we can concentrate on Kyle and Oliver adjusting to having a baby in their
lives. Unfortunately, it also means that their time with the show is nearly

One Live To Live

Scott Evans was excellent here as a worried new father who feels out of his
depth, but nevertheless welcomes this new addition to his life. And Brett
Claywell, as always, was excellent support. And while we are currently seeing a bumper crop of gayby storylines on television with Cameron and Mitchell on Modern Family and Kevin and Scotty trying to be dads on Brothers & Sisters, it still seems a great thing for daytime audiences to realize that being gay does not mean having kids &#8212 even if most of us don’t it quite like this.

I really, really enjoyed the sweet moments we got, such as
Kyle and Oliver introducing pals Christian and Layla to the baby. We haven’t
seen these four together in months, which is a shame since they were so
important to each other’s lives and played such a factor in the coming together
of both couples. And I got a little misty when Schuyler said goodbye Sierra
Rose, while Kyle reminded Roxie that she was the baby’s surrogate grandmother.

But with all of that, there is so much missing here, and
we’re unlikely to ever get it. We had no scenes of Kyle and Oliver alone,
talking about what having this baby means to them as individuals and a couple.
Are they worried about how it will affect their relationship? Are they planning
to continue to live separately or are they going to get a place together?

There’s just so much of this story that’s not being told…
and apparently never will be told.

As The World Turns

As much as I’m enjoying As
The World Turns
lately, it depresses me at the same time. We’re finally
getting a good storyline in the Reid/Luke/Noah triangle just as the show is
headed for cancellation. And while I’m trying to just enjoy it while we have
it, I can’t help but have that sad thought in the back of my mind. But at least
we’re now getting to the meat of the storyline as Luke and Reid are to the point
where their attraction is something they can no longer ignore.

One of the best scenes this week was the near interrogation
Luke gave Noah about his new “friend.” Van Hansis played the right amount of
hurt and jealousy that anyone in this situation would feel. And while Jake
Silbermann’s performance was fine (and he was really even charming in his
earlier scenes with Reid), he came across as kind of cold and indifferent with
Luke. I’m not sure if that’s what the writers intended, but unless Noah is
really over Luke, it would have been nice to see some kind of inner conflict
within Noah.

I also enjoyed the various scenes highlighting the interplay
between Reid and Luke. I like how they keep the sharp edges to their banter,
even as they continue to soften towards one another. And I loved the moment
where Katie confronts Reid about his feelings for Luke. What’s interesting is
not only Reid’s denial that he feels anything for Luke, but also his apparent
certainty that Luke could never feel anything for him.

I thought the moment where Reid explains that unless he has
his career he has nothing was particularly effective. The show continues to
peel away the layers of this complex character.


It seems like our U.S. soaps can’t get rid of their gay
characters fast enough so, thankfully, we still have foreign soaps to keep
bringing us riveting stories featuring gay characters. This past week on Emmerdale, the coming out saga of Aaron
continues to be riveting. The opening scene between Aaron and Jackson, who have
terrific chemistry, was sad, heartbreaking yet hot at all at the same time.

Danny Miller continues to amaze as Aaron. He’s required to
play a vast range of emotions, yet manages to hit every note perfectly. His
desperation and his longing for something he wants, but can’t help but be
disgusted by is palpable. Aaron may at times be a cruel thug with an explosive
temper, but as played by Miller you can’t help but feel empathy for him.

I also love the supporting scenes with Marlon and Paddy as
they struggle with how to help Aaron. The fact that the one person who has the
biggest problem with Aaron being gay is Aaron himself is what makes this story
different from most coming out dramas we’ve seen.

The one thing that bothers a little is that Aaron seems to
have latched on to Jackson rather quickly… maybe too quickly, especially considering
Aaron’s lack of trust others. It’s the only thing about this story that doesn’t
ring true.


Why don’t you just ask him if he’s married? That’s what I
kept thinking during all of Simon’s musings about what was wrong with Will.
It’s obvious that there’s something wrong and most folks would at least pose
the question rather than ignore it. I mean, Simon has never been to Will’s home
or met any of his friends, or even learned the first thing about his life … and
this is someone he’s supposedly in love with.

If the show was playing that Simon instinctively knew Will
was married and was just afraid of the answer, then I could see him just not
asking. But that’s not how the show is playing it, and so Simon comes off as
kind of a boob.

And I’m still not buying he’s head over heels with Will because
it’s all happened much too quickly. Nor do I see any chemistry between the
two of them. It would also be nice if we got Will’s point of view in all this.
Does he love Simon or is this a game to him? Why is he risking his marriage by
making somewhat of a commitment to a relationship with Simon? A lot of the
story is missing and it’s making for hollow, empty proceedings.


We haven’t seen this story progress in so long that I was
starting to wonder if the show had dropped it. The pacing for Christian and
Syed’s story has been terrible first playing out for a few weeks, then vanishing for weeks or even months at a time. And when it comes back, nothing has

Syed is still weak and unlikeable while Christian continues to
inexplicably want this self-hating closet case who has never been kind or even
decent to him. Everybody else, except for Zainab, remains clueless. My opinion
hasn’t changed much either. I think Syed and Christian have terrific chemistry,
but I don’t get why Christian continues to pine over this guy when he can
clearly do so much better. That’s the most frustrating thing about this storyline.
Why is Christian even bothering?

And now Christian has decided he wants Syed back. And again,
I ask, why? Is he going to intentionally ruin Syed’s marriage? Is that supposed
to give them rooting value and make us want to see them together? This story would
do well to start answering some of these questions if this is to be
more than just a sensational plot. There’s plenty of room for powerful,
thought-provoking drama here. This show has just never bothered to tap into any
of it.

Forbidden Love

Boy, this show really cranked up the suds this past week
with all the drama about kissing the wrong person and the ramifications that
ensued. And it was really very enjoyable. I just wish Rebecca wasn’t gumming up
the works. I’ve complained about her before, and I think I finally figured out
what bugs me most about her character: she’s boring. And she’s boring because
the writers are desperately trying to make her a sympathetic good girl. That’s
a mistake. We’re supposed to feel sorry for her, but her mooning over Christian just
makes her seem like an idiot.

I think she’d be much more interesting and the story would
be so much more entertaining if she was written as a typical soap vixen out to
steal someone else’s man. Even better would be if she and Rob were to join
forces to break up Christian and Olli. Sure, you might hate her, but at least she’d be more intriguing. And we all know the bad girls tend to be a lot
more fun. As for Rob, I think he and Olli do have chemistry and I wouldn’t mind
seeing Rob lure sweet Olli to the dark side, at least for a while anyway.

Feel free to make your
own jokes…

But if they are going to keep writing Rebecca like this, I
just want her out of the story. Let her go and bore David to death, because
their unrequited romance plot arc certainly puts me to sleep. As for Christian
and Olli, while their scenes were sweet, I loved watching Christian feel
guiltier and guiltier as Olli kept trying to make up for his kiss with Rob. Something
tells me Olli won’t get over Christian’s kissing Rebecca all that easily. Oh
and Olli should wear those snug-fitting gray slacks more often!



Is Luke about to
discover that things are bigger in Texas?

As The World TurnsLuke
and Reid take a trip to the Lone Star State when they go to Dallas for Reid’s
malpractice hearing involving the death of a young girl. Luke is preparing Reid
for his testimony, but it isn’t long before their business discussion turns
personal. With their increasing attraction to one another becoming something
neither of them can no longer ignore, Luke wants to know exactly what their
relationship is. They’re not exactly friends and not exactly business partners.
So what are they? As for Reid’s response? Well, let’s just say what happens in
Texas, might need to stay in Texas!

Shameless (UK)Tired of working for his
unappreciative father, Mickey decides to become a fireman. Can he pass the
grueling tests, especially with Paddy trying to sabotage him at every turn?
Mickey takes a big risk to prove himself, but it might cost him more than he
bargained for.

Meanwhile, Ian gets involved in a power struggle between
Paddy and Jock, the owner of the boxing ring where Ian likes to hang out. Ian
sides with Jock, but when a secret from the past is revealed, Ian realizes he
could be on the wrong side. Plus, Liam befriends a troubled gay kid at his
school and Bruce walks around in a towel. Not a spoiler exactly, but it sure is
nice to know …

Does Mickey have what
it takes to be a firefighter?

All That MattersDeniz
meets a hottie named Marc during one of his photo shoots and has a drink with
him. The next day Roman and Deniz show up at the Center and Deniz introduces
Marc to Roman, but is shocked to learn that Roman and Marc already know each
other: they used to be lovers and haven’t seen each other in over a decade.

Deniz is annoyed that Marc never told him about this piece
of his past and even more upset at how emotionally affected Roman is by seeing
his ex-lover. Roman is bothered as well, and is relieved when Marc says he is
in a serious, long-term relationship. Unfortunately for Roman and Deniz, Marc
is lying about that.

Roman is swept up in
his past with Marc.

Brothers & SistersStill
upset about his childhood secrets revealed, Kevin wants little to do with
family gatherings, especially his upcoming birthday. Can he get over it long
enough to enjoy the occasion? You have met Kevin, haven’t you? Meanwhile, other
aspects of the past must be dealt with and Justin, Kevin and Tommy pay Dennis
York a visit. Will more secrets be revealed or will this visit put it all to
rest once and for all?

Can Sarah talk some
sense into Kevin?

that Christian will eventually seduce Syed and win him back, Zainab presses
Amira to use her best seduction techniques to get her husband’s notice. When
those attempts fall flat, Amira turns to Christian, asking him the best ways to
turn on her husband. Christian turns her down, but turns up the heat on Syed,
suggesting that he can do for him what Amira can’t.

After Syed again refuses Christian’s advances, Christian relents
and helps Amira only to inadvertently witness their lovemaking. After Amira
admits to Syed that Christian advised her how to seduce him, Syed and Christian
have a nasty argument that ends with them in bed together. Afterward, Syed is
ashamed that he gave in to his desires, but Christian insists it’s time he
choose who he wants once and for all.

Christian and Syed’s
anger turns to passion.

GleeThe Glee kids
are back after a long, long absence and they are enjoying the victory of having
won sectionals while they also prepare new songs for the regionals competition.
Having finally dumped his shrew of a wife, Will is ready to embark on a
relationship with Emma, but is either of them really ready for it? Plus, Rachel
and Finn are finally going to get together… until a hottie from a competing
glee club (played by out actor Jonathan Groff) captures her eye. Sue, of
course, is back to her scheming ways.

They’re back!

Doctors Simon is
falling deeper in love with Will, but Cherry is certain there is something not
quite right about the handsome paramedic. Her suspicions prove well founded
when he runs out during the middle of a party for Simon. Why? His wife called
to say their child has been hurt and he needs to come home immediately. He rushes
off and leaves Simon feeling confused and embarrassed. How much longer can Will
keep up the lies?

How much longer can
Will continue to fool Simon?

Ugly BettyIn the
final episode of the series, Marc is wondering if he’s destined to be alone. With
two suitors around, does he have a chance at love? Meanwhile, Betty is
reluctant to tell Daniel about the new job that will take her away from Mode. When she finally does, Daniel has
a surprising reaction. Will it be enough to make Betty change her mind about
going? Justin, Hilda and Bobby’s plans to move hit a snag. Oh, and there’s a
tragic death as well. Any guesses?

Marc and Betty say

Good Times, Bad Times (German)Lenny and Carsten have to face the
fact that Lenny only has a few days of freedom left before going to prison.
Everybody wants to make Lenny’s last few moments special, but Lenny wants to
spend some time alone with Carsten.

The two make plans to spend a day away at the Baltic Sea,
but the trip is a disaster and the couple spends most of the time arguing.
Eventually the young lovers manage to have a few sweet moments together, but
they are still not prepared to say goodbye.

Lenny and Carsten try
to comfort each other before Lenny has to go to jail.

EmmerdaleAaron is
happier than he ever expected to be following his first date with Jackson.
Making Aaron feel even better is Paddy’s endorsement of the relationship. Aaron
and Jackson’s next date goes well and the evening ends in a kiss, but Aaron is
disappointed when Jackson takes off rather than inviting him home for the
night. Aaron faces a bigger problem when he realizes that Adam, out on a date
with Scarlett, saw the kiss.

Adam and Jackson have
a romantic evening.

Desperate HousewivesBob
and Lee need something and they think Gaby will be able to give it to them. But
will she? And if she does, what will it cost her? Meanwhile, Bree begins to
wonder if her hot, but creepy stepson Sam is up to no good while Lynette plots
to ruin her son’s impending marriage. The big news is that the Fairview
Strangler is revealed, but not before the attacker claims another victim.

Is this the face of

Forbidden LoveOlli
is burning with anger over Christian’s admission about having kissed Rebecca,
and he’s going to make sure Christian sees how ticked off he is by hanging out
with Robert, rubbing it in Christian’s face. Robert takes pleasure in sticking
it to Christian and making him jealous.

Will the return of
Christian’s ex-girlfriend mean more problems?


United States of TaraMarshall
and Courtney’s relationship continues to blossom …

One Life to LiveOliver
is granted permanent custody of Sierra Rose …

Good Times, Bad Times (Dutch)Lucas finds out Ludo might be Rose’s
father …

Trauma Tyler and
Boone clash over a patient’s treatment …

Hollyoaks Kris’
confrontation with Martin leads to a terrible tragedy …


Forbidden LoveOlli
accuses Christian of betraying him …

Has Olli gone too far?

EastEnders Someone
finds out about Christian and Syed’s affair …

Good Times, Bad Times (German)Carsten and Lenny say goodbye …

Is this the end for
Lenny and Carsten?

Trauma Tyler’s
father comes to visit …

Shameless (UK)Mickey has to decide the fate of an
innocent baby …

Doctors Simon
presses Will to be honest …

GleeThe kids look
to Madonna for inspiration …

Has Sue no respect for
the Material Girl?

Brothers & SistersMore
than one Walker family member might be pregnant …

As the World TurnsLuke
and Reid’s relationship takes a new turn …

Emmerdale Aaron is
found unconscious …

All That MattersRoman
struggles with his feelings for Marc …

Will the past affect
the present?


Was One Life to Live
too gay for daytime? That’s the question being asked about why One Life to Live’s Scott Evans (Oliver
Fish) and Brett Claywell (Kyle Lewis) were recently fired, bringing an end to
the popular Kyle and Oliver romance.

Kyle and Oliver get
the kiss-off.

From the moment that the Big Gay Wedding storyline hit the
news, which ran parallel to Kyle and Oliver’s romance, there were concerns that
the show was going overboard with stories featuring gay characters and gay
themes. OLTL head writer Ron
Carlivati was asked about this in TV
last October:

I always have that
fear about how far ABC will let me go. Is the network going to be concerned
with any kind of backlash? They’ve supported the Kyle and Oliver story so far
because it’s a good love story. The important thing is that we have a big cast
of characters so this is not our only story. I don’t want to drive people away
if they are turned off by it, but hopefully, if they don’t like it, maybe
they’ll like what’s happening with Todd or with Rex. I can’t please everybody
in the audience. We certainly try to. We hope to. It’s not a
story that’s on every day. It’s not something we’re forcing down everybody’s
throat. It’s not like OLTL is trying to be The Gay Show.

Kyle and Oliver’s
story ends with the couple as a family.

In what turned out to be a rather prophetic comment,
Carlivati also said:

I don’t want to be perceived as someone who was afraid to
take the story to the same level we take any of our heterosexual love stories.
Nor would I want to be thought of as someone who was afraid to drop this story
at some point, if that ultimately proves to be the wisest choice and what’s
best for the show.

Regular readers of this column might remember that according
to our sources, the problem with Kyle and Oliver wasn’t the couple themselves,
who had been well received, but the other gay-themed stories that ran parallel
to it. This includes not only the Big Gay Wedding plot arc, but the subsequent
gay bashing of Nick Chavez, played by Nicholas Rodriguez. Both storylines were
cut short following negative reaction from viewers.

Nick Chavez was gay
bashed in a storyline
that proved to be unpopular with the audience.

Brett Claywell admitted in a recent TV Guide article that he and co-star Scott Evans had their concerns
about the wedding.

From the beginning, Scott and I were uneasy about that big
gay political wedding. We were telling a slow, subtle love story about two guys
who just happened to be gay. We didn’t want to make it in-your-face, which is
what the wedding was. It pulled us away from what we were trying to do. We
wanted to exist separately from that. It was too much and, in a way,
Scott and I became the sacrificial lambs.

So did Kyle and Oliver (and Claywell and Evans) pay the
price for the show’s well-intentioned over indulgence in such stories? Did the
show throw out the baby with the bathwater? Perhaps. At any rate, no matter how
it turned out, Claywell isn’t bitter.

The fact they let us tell this story at all is what’s
important, and if I had to lose my job to get this on TV, then I’m proud of
that. I’m just kinda sad and really sorry that there’s still so much fear and
ignorance in our society. Maybe five years from now, this won’t happen to two
other actors portraying this kind of story.

Current As the
World Turns head scribe Jean Passanante

One Life to Live head writer Ron

As the World Turns may
be winding down to its last episode, set to air September 17th, but head
writer Jean Passanante already has her next gig lined up when the show wraps up
production in June. She’ll be joining One
Life to Live
head scribe Ron Carlivati’s writing team as an associate head

Passanante and Carlivati have worked together before.
Passanante got her start in soaps as a staff writer on OLTL back in the early 90s. It was during that time that Passanante
played a role in crafting the coming out storyline of Billy Douglas, played by
Ryan Phillippe.

Combine that with her work on the tale of lesbian Bianca
Montgomery on All My Children and of
course the coming out story of Luke Snyder and the creation of gay supercouple
Luke and Noah on As the World Turns,
and she has had plenty of experience with gays in daytime should OLTL ever choose to bring back Kyle and
Oliver or bring on new gay characters.

Rumor has it that Passanante won’t remain associate head
writer for long. Carlivati’s contract with the show is believed to be up this
summer and Passanante just might be taking over for him. In fact, she’s been
head writer for the show before, having done a one-year stint from 1996 to

Actors Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann, who play Luke Snyder
and Noah Mayer respectively on As the
World Turns
, have had a lot of different scenes and dialogue during their
time on the soap. Soaps In Depth asked
the actors about the most difficult scenes they’ve ever had to tape. Hansis
says it isn’t a particular scene or a type of scene, but one that requires a
particular skill.

The hardest scenes aren’t the emotional ones or anything like
that. The hardest scenes to me are when I’m telling a particular story over and
over and over. It’s not one particular scene, but if I have four different
scenes with four different characters where I’m explaining something that
happens. Because they change the lines just a little bit so it’s not word for
word, but it’s really hard to memorize four different tellings of the same

But Silbermann’s answer refers to a recent scene he had to

When Noah goes blind, there was a shot of him jerking his
head back. I was really nervous because I really was about 15 to 20 feet up on
this ladder, jerking my head as though this explosion was knocking me back. You
could actually see the rain coming in the distance so we had to get the shot
out quickly.

Silbermann looks to a
future career.

We previously told you about Jake Silbermann’s short film Stuffer, which the actor
wrote and plans to star in. Currently the film, which was funded by
Silbermann’s massive and loyal fanbase, is in the casting stages. The actor
hopes to also direct one day and he prepared himself for the opportunity by
shadowing one of the directors of ATWT
during a day of taping.

“That was a very interesting experience,” Silbermann told Soaps In Depth. “And if perhaps the show
was going on longer, I might pursue directing an actual episode. But as it was,
it was interesting enough to trail them and see what goes on during a
director’s day.”

Dr. Reid Oliver is a
little less snarky the closer he gets to Luke Snyder.

As wisecracking gay neurosurgeon Dr. Reid Oliver on As the World Turns,
Eric Scheffer Stevens gets to say a lot of snarky things that would usually
get one in trouble. The actor is thoroughly enjoying his character, who marches
to a very different drummer in staid Oakdale.

“There’s a freedom to play around with him and I’ve really
enjoyed it,” said Stevens. “This is very different from most things I do. I
didn’t know how much work it was! But it’s been way more fun than I imagined,

But is it going to be fun dealing with angry Luke/Noah fans,
upset because of Reid’s role in splitting up Oakdale’s cutest gay couple? Scheffer
says he hasn’t encountered any fans of the couple yet.

“I’ve been sheltered from that so far. It’ll be interesting
to see where this all goes with Luke.”

Aaron gets his first
real kiss from another man on
Emmerdale this

As reported in the spoilers, this week Emmerdale’s gay teen Aaron Livesy, played by Danny
Miller, has his first kiss with beau Jackson, played by Marc Silcock. And as
you might expect, for Miller, who is straight, the kissing scenes made him a
little nervous.

"I was nervous, but I’d only
done a couple of scenes with Marc before we had to kiss, which I think was
better really," Miller told
It meant I hadn’t had a chance to get to know him and become friends with
him first. I found it a lot easier not knowing him that well. I think it would
have been hard if we’d become mates and then had to kiss."

Unfortunately for poor Aaron, his
best pal and former crush Adam Barton spots the kiss and Aaron is terrified
he’s about to be outed. But as Miller explains, the opposite happens. Warning,
there are spoilers ahead!

Adam (Adam Thomas) witnesses Aaron’s smooch with Jackson.

“Adam tells Aaron he’s not
bothered by his relationship with Jackson and he still wants them to be mates,”
Miller said to Inside Soap. “That was
the complete opposite of what Aaron is expecting and not what he wants at all.
He hopes Adam will be angry with him because he thinks he deserves it.”

And it’s because Aaron thinks he deserves to be punished for
being gay that he commits a desperate act.

“There’s a point where Aaron will try to take his own life,”
said Miller. “It’s dramatic stuff and very well written. Hopefully the audience
can see it from Aaron’s point of view. As far as Aaron is concerned, he’s
suffering from what he sees as a huge problem. But perhaps it isn’t as big an
issue as he might think.”

But will Aaron survive his suicide attempt?

“Poor Aaron isn’t thinking straight so there will be quite a
few people who will be concerned when he disappears,” said a spokesperson for
the show. “The trouble is the young lad thinks he’s got nothing to live for so
there could be a tragic outcome to all of this. It’ll be touch and go as to
whether Aaron can be saved. Whatever happens, there’s a lot of pain to come for

The rapper is a big
fan of
Emmerdale – and gay teen Aaron Livesy.

The most surprising people love soaps and that includes rap
star P. Diddy, according to Danny Miller, who plays gay teen Aaron on Emmerdale. Miller told The Sun how he found out that the rapper
was a fan of the UK rural soap and
that his character was one of the singer’s favorites.

"One of the girls who works at Emmerdale has also just done a trailer with P. Diddy and he told
her he’s a massive fan of Emmerdale
and Aaron,” said Miller. “We couldn’t believe it. We have all been talking
about it. It’s unbelievable that such a high class rapper is a fan of Emmerdale.”

As a treat for the rap star and in hopes that the he will do
a cameo on the show, Emmerdale producers
plan to use the singer’s music in the background during upcoming scenes. In
fact, the show will play one of his hits during an upcoming bedroom scene
between Aaron and Jackson.

SNAPSHOTS – As the World Turns celebrates its 54th (and final)

Van Hansis (Luke)
offers up some cake.

Hansis with co-stars
Eric Scheffer Stevens (Reid)
and Terri Colombino (Katie)

Hansis with co-star
Roger Howarth (Paul Ryan)

Stevens and co-star Don
Hastings (Bob Hughes)