Gays Of Our Lives: Could Backstage Changes Affect “Days of Our Lives” Gay Storyline?

In the May edition of Gays Of Our Lives…

In GOOL THEATER, Spanish soap Fisica O Quimica begins it’s new season with Fer and
David about to make a big decision in their lives. But are they up for the
challenge? And Brendan stirs up trouble for Ste and Noah on Hollyoaks.

Christian and Olli’s marriage falls apart on Forbidden Love and Iolo deals with an incident from his past that
continues to haunt him on People of the

And in GOOL NEWSBEAT, find out
how behind the scenes changes at Days of
Our Lives
could affect their upcoming gay storyline. Also, Emmerdale’s Marc Silcock shares his
thoughts on Jackson’s
tragic fate.

All this – and more!



I think it’s great that this
show wants to tackle controversial subjects. Kudos to them for that. But if
they’re going to do it, they need to handle it much better. While the acting is
always spot on, the writing is full of holes. So much character motivation is
left for the viewer to decide.

For example, why did Hazel
agree to help Jackson
die? Watching your only child die has to be a difficult ordeal for a parent and
playing a part in it has to be agonizing. And while we can see how difficult
this is for Hazel, we don’t know how or why she came to make the choice that
she did. She literally changed her mind from one scene to the next, and as a
viewer it’s difficult to make that leap as the show isn’t telling us how she
got there.

As for Aaron, his decision to
help Jackson
makes even less sense. Even though he is clearly against the suicide, rather
than have Jackson break up with him and end
things Aaron decides to go along with Jackson’s
plans. I’m sorry, but what is the logic in that? In helping Jackson, he’s dead and then he’s out of your
life for good.

Aaron should have gone with his
instinct and forced Jackson
into getting some psychological help. At least then he’d be a part of Jackson’s life and he’d
feel he’d done everything to try and save him, even if the end result is the

For a storyline that has been
playing out for months and chews up a lot of airtime, the writers have done a
horrible job of taking us along on the character’s emotional journey and
thought processes. And for such a risky storyline, that is really needed to
make viewers want to follow along with them.

People of the Valley

I’m actually not sure what is
going on here. Is the show revisiting the Scott/Iolo kiss because they’re
finally going to tell some sort of coming out drama with Scott and get him and
Iolo together? Or is this just another plot point in the triangle between
Scott, Sioned and Macs?

I honestly don’t know and the
show doesn’t seem to be tipping their hand one way or the other. I hear from a lot
of viewers who insist this is part of Scott and Iolo’s love story. Of course,
they keep forgetting that when the story was playing out last year, there
wasn’t much romance or passion or longing, just a lot of fighting.

chasing after married men or straight guys isn’t the answer, Iolo…

Scott never seemed particularly
attracted to Iolo. And he still doesn’t. He certainly hasn’t shown the same
interest in Iolo that he has in various women on the show. I’d think if this
story was about Scott and Iolo we might actually have some scenes between them
and some sense of longing on Scott’s part. Iolo would also have more a role in
the story other than mostly standing on the sidelines. Seems most of the drama
is between Macs, Sioned and Scott, so perhaps that’s what the story is about.

Scott a closeted gay… or it is just wishful thinking?

Then again, given how this show
drags stories out, Scott and Iolo could be the endgame. If so, it’s going to
take a very, very long route to get there. The Alun storyline also never seemed
to have a point until we got there. This show never takes the quickest path to
anything, and there are always lots of twists and turns before reaching its

So the jury is still out on
what this story is about or where it’s going. I’ve given up trying to predict
this particular soap long ago.


Brendan and company are back
with a vengeance…

Well, one thing is cleared up
here: Brendan did beat Ste up after they last spent the night together. I never
doubted he did, but there were a lot of viewers who refused to believe it. Viewers
still want to turn this into a conventional love story, and the show just isn’t

Brendan obviously still has
issues about his sexuality and would still batter Ste if he stepped out of
line. And despite all his prostrations, Ste is still attracted to and in love
with Brendan. Ste would take him back in a heartbeat if Brendan would change.
The thing is, now Ste knows he won’t and doesn’t want to.

Given that, in watching this,
I’m wondering exactly what do I want from this storyline? I certainly don’t
want Brendan and Ste back together. Brendon will never change and the cycle of
abuse will clearly never end.

And I don’t want Ste with Noah
either. Not only do the actors lack chemistry, Law Thompson, who plays Noah, is
a terrible actor. I hate to be so blunt, but there it is. His limp, lifeless
performance takes all the energy out of a scene. It’s really distracting in his
scenes with Brendan or with Ste, where Emmett Scanlan and Kieron Richardson are
putting everything (and then some) in every scene and Thompson is coming back
with a vacant stare and monotone dialogue.

The story and the show really
needs a strong actor and character to be the third in the triangle. Noah just
seems to be taking up space and not doing it very well either.

Noah sad, happy, angry? All of the above? Your guess is as good as mine…

So the only real joy in any of
this is watching Brendan manipulate everyone around him. Brendan has fun doing
it, you can tell the actor is enjoying it and that spills into the viewers
enthusiasm for the story as well. Scanlan’s performance and the show’s sharp
writing makes the scenes crackle.

Still though, I wish I were
getting more out of this, a story I could latch on to, a couple I could root
for. It would make watching so much more enjoyable.

And maybe I’d feel there was a
point to all this.

Good Times, Bad Times

Since we last saw Lucas and
Edwin, they broke up. This, after Lucas refused to downplay Anton’s attack on
him to the disciplinary board that was deciding the future of Anton’s medical

The board ended up dropping the
case, but Edwin refused to get back with Lucas as he felt betrayed. Anton
encouraged Edwin to see Lucas’ side of things and work things out, but Edwin
remained stubborn. Anton was determined to get the boys back together.

I’m not going to really comment
on Anton here other than to say I found his complete change regarding Lucas and
Edwin’s relationship to be hard to believe, but expected from this show, which
has characters and stories turning on a dime. But my real problem here is with
Lucas and Edwin. Or rather, the really sloppy and shallow writing for them.

Let me get this straight here.
Edwin’s position is that Lucas didn’t love him enough to lie about the degree
of Anton’s attack on him, a ridiculous request on Edwin’s part and, as I said
last time, reason enough for Lucas to be done with Edwin for good. And Lucas
didn’t want to lie because it would be the wrong thing to do, which is valid
but not really the issue. The writing, to no surprise, ignores what should be

some reason, this point keeps getting lost….

The attack on Lucas is still
being made light of and glossed over. Not only did Anton get off scott free,
Edwin seems to want to downplay the whole thing and forget it happened. And
Lucas’ refusal to do that means Lucas doesn’t love him enough.

Edwin has some rather strange
and unrealistic views on love. Apparently having his boyfriend gay bashed right
in front of him isn’t as important as getting what he wants, even if what he
wants is unreasonable.

As for Lucas, his stance should
be that Edwin’s father beat him and he should pay in some way. But instead he’s
more interested in getting back together with his clueless and empty-headed

In the end, though, even the
issues that Lucas and Edwin do address don’t really get resolved either. They
just drop the whole thing and reunite without much discussion. None of this
makes any sense.

*THANKS TO GTSTfanMARK for the clips!

Coronation Street

seem to have short memories, nor are they particularly interested in investing
any time and effort into this storyline. Sean and Marcus broke up a number of
years ago because Sean was selfish, insecure, jealous and completely
inconsiderate of Marcus’ feelings. So I don’t understand why Marcus would come
back to town with the complete intention of getting back together with Sean.

Making matters worse is that
Sean is reluctant to get back with Marcus because of how Marcus hurt him. That is a complete distortion of
the past. But instead of dealing with that and having Sean and Marcus discuss
their issues, none of it is mentioned and the couple reunite after all these
years over one dinner date.

The writers not only don’t care
about addressing any of the past, they get them back to together in one of the
most hard to believe ways ever. Clearly they don’t want to spend any time to
fleshh out this storyline. The question is why? It can’t be because Sean is gay
or that they are not committed to telling gay stories. They’ve had gay
characters before (and have a front burner lesbian romance on screen now) and
devoted plenty of airtime to their stories.

Perhaps it’s less about minimizing
gay stories than it is about limiting stories about Sean, an annoying character
who is best in very small doses. The show seems to know this and write for him
accordingly as he’s never had a long running storyline like the other

It’s just too bad that they are
unwilling to cut the cord on this character long past his prime and usher in
some gay male characters they actually do
want to write for.

Fisica O Quimica

Teen age lovers Fer and David
had a rocky year last season, so much so that Fer nearly married someone else.
But they made up and are back together. So will this season go better for them?
We’ll see..

Honestly, Fer and David have
never been one of my favorite couples. To me, they’ve always been incredibly
mismatched so it was difficult to become engaged in their stories. Combine that
with some really bad storytelling, and I lost track of this show last year. But
with a new season, I decide to give the show another try.

These scenes were entertaining
enough, but to me, this scenario is completely ridiculous. First, the show is
clearly coming up with whatever silly plot device they can to keep Fer and
David in school and on this show so they can hold on to this very popular
couple, even though they both should have graduated and moved on to college
and/or the working world. Also, how believable is it that two teenage boys
without a job would find such a lavish apartment that they can actually afford?
Only in television!

But you want to know what I
found really distracting. The fact that these two young men kept referring to
each other as ‘sweetheart’ and ‘my love’. Would two teenage boys really call
each other that? That sort of purple dialogue just seems unrealistic and I
found myself chuckling and pulled right out of the story. Oh well, at least
Adrian Rodríguiz’s David remains cute and adorable as ever. It’s not enough to
keep me watching every week, but once in awhile, it’ll do.



Will David’s fantasies spell doom for he and Fer’s

Fisica O QuimicaWhen David begins having fantasies about his ex-girlfriend, he
decides not to tell Fer about it because he’s afraid how his boyfriend will
react. However, Fer is aware of what is happening with David and is wary about
saying anything, fearful of what it could mean. Eventually, the two of them
have to deal with the situation and pray that doesn’t lead to upheaval in their

Christian and Olli work things out?

Forbidden LoveBoth upset by their marriage
falling apart, Christian and Olli react in different ways. Christian works out
his frustration on his punching bag while Olli parties to forget his troubles.
But when Olli parties a bit too hard and gets sick, Christian rushes to his
husband’s side, concerned about Olli’s behavior.

Olli rejects Christian’s
attempts to help him. Later, the two find themselves locked in a room together
and they are forced to deal with each other. It isn’t long before the couple
are unable to hide their desire for each and wind up in a romantic clinch. But
despite the passionate moment, it does little to heal the fractures in their
marriage and they remain estranged.

Roman help Deniz when he gets in over his head?

All That MattersWhen
Roman finally learns that Deniz had cheated in him with Jessica, his father’s
fiancée, he packs his bags and leaves his husband for good. Meanwhile, Deniz’s
father Marian, upset by the betrayal, gets behind the wheel of Deniz’s car and
tries to kill himself by totalling the car. Fortunately he survives.

However, when the insurance
company refuses to pay to have Deniz’s car repaired, it’s the end of Deniz’s
limousine business, throwing him into financial ruin. Roman worries about how
to help his husband, but he doesn’t have the money to solve his problems. But
Marian, wanting to pay his son’s debts, has a solution. However, it could make
this messy situation much worse.

and Noah are caught in the act!

Hollyoaks Brendan
is determined to break up Ste and Noah, but Noah isn’t giving up his man
without a fight. Brendan’s plan starts when he signs up for Noah to act as his
personal trainer at the spa. Noah, aware of Brendan’s scheming, challenges
Brendan to a boxing match and the two clash. Later, Brendan invites Noah and
Ste out for a drink and Noah accepts, but insists they meet a gay bar, certain
Brendan won’t show up.

However, Brendan does and
creates a scene by his sexy moves on the dance floor and his blatant flirting
with every man in the bar. When Ste refuses to let Brendan get to him, Brendan
ups the ante by coming on to Noah. And to his surprise, Noah finds himself
attracted to the Irishman.

Brendan shows up at Noah’s
place and starts to seduce him and Noah gives in to his desire for Brendan.
Unfortunately, Ste sees everything, just like Brendan planned. Noah realizes
his mistake and goes after Ste, begging him for another chance.

Syed say yes when Christian pops the question?

isn’t happy when Syed insists on getting involved with his family’s problems,
certain that Syed’s homophobic family will only reject and hurt him again. But
Syed refuses to turn his back on his family, even though they had done the same
to him. He is determined to help his parents save their crumbling marriage.

In the meantime, Syed and
Christian continue their plans to adopt. They go house hunting and find a two
bedroom flat that Christian thinks would be perfect for their prospective
family. Syed worries that things might be moving too fast. But Christian
figures out that Syed, faced with his parents’ marriage falling apart, has
fears about his own relationship. Christian assures Syed their relationship is
strong and to prove it, asks Syed to marry him.

People of the ValleyIolo is
still dealing with the fallout following the revelation that he and Scott
kissed last year. Scott is unable to handle the teasing from those who know
about the intimate moment and it leads him to some shocking behavior. Will Iolo
be Scott’s victim yet again? Meanwhile, when Iolo hears that his brother Macs
is marrying the bitchy Sioned, Iolo is suspicious of his brother’s intentions
and accuses Macs of wedding the girl because she has a fat bank account. Macs
is hurt and angry that Iolo could think so little of him. But is there some
truth to Iolo’s opinion?

presses Aaron to confide in him…

is still struggling with his decision to help Jackson
take his own life and continues to hope that Jackson will change his mind. Hazel, however,
tells Aaron they shouldn’t set themselves up for disappointment and should
resolve themselves to fulfilling Jackson’s

Jackson later
asks Aaron to try and enjoy the time they have left. Jackson
and Hazel promise to do things Jackson’s
way, but the situation is tearing them apart. And when Jackson fills Aaron and Hazel in on the
details of his method of suicide, it’s nearly more than either of them can
stand. Paddy, worried that something is going on, presses Aaron to confide in
him. But will he?


Good Times, Bad TimesEdwin
and Lucas head off on a romantic vacation…

has to say a difficult goodbye..

Coronation StreetSean
fears Marcus has changed his mind about their reunion…

Days of Our Lives– Will nervously prepares for
his prom night…


90210’s loss
is Days of Our Lives’ gain. Freddie
Smith, who played Marco, Teddy’s love gay interest on 90210, has joined the cast
of DOOL in a contract role. Smith
will play the son of Days supercouple
Justin and Adrienne Kiriakis, played by soap vets Wally Kurth and Judi Evans.
Justin and Adrienne have four sons, none of whom have been seen on screen since
they were children.

Smith will play Sonny Kiriakis,
the youngest of the couple’s children. Days
spoiler sites are reporting that Sonny will be the love interest of Will
Horton, played by Chandler Massey, as part of Will’s coming out drama. Soap Opera Weekly reports that show
insiders are saying the same. Still, nothing has been confirmed by the show

In fact, the show has kept the
entire storyline tightly under wraps. Massey’s recent interview in which he
admitted the show was doing a gay storyline is the only confirmation that has
come from the show regarding the story.

As for Smith, he recently began
taping and given the show’s taping schedule, which is 2 months in advance, will
likely appear on screen late July to early August.

However, one wonders about the
future of this gay storyline, which hasn’t begun on screen except for vague
hints. The soap mags recently published the show’s summer previews and there
was no mention of it. And there was some recent behind-the-scenes drama on the
set of the soap that may affect it as well. Dena Higley, who was the head
writer for the soap and was penning the gay storyline, has been fired. The
scribe’s time on the show has been much beleaguered as she was believed to have
been responsible for some of the show’s worst storylines, which led to tumbling

Our Lives
went from number three to the lowest rated soap in less than
a year. A few months back, Christopher Whitesell, the show’s openly gay co-head
writer, was let go as part of a shake up on the writing team. Clearly the
show’s producers felt further action was needed. Marlene Clark Poulter and Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr.,
will take over the show’s writing duties.

Most of Poulter and Thomas’
soap opera experience were as writers for the campy supernatural soap Passions during most of its 9 year run.
Poulter also wrote for DAYS in the
early 90’s. At any rate, there will undoubtedly be story and casting changes
with the arrival of a new regime. The new writers reportedly plan on taking a
‘modern, contemporary’ approach to the show. What this means for this storyline
and the show in general remains to be seen.

the only soap getting rid of their head writer. General Hospitalfired their longtime head scribe Bob
Guza due to creative and ratings slippage over the past couple of years. With
both All My Children and One Life To Live cancelled and rumors
swirling that GH will be next to get
the axe, the show is determined to stay on the air, which may have led to
Guza’s ouster.

have much of a history with gay storytelling save the 2005 coming out story of
Lucas Jones. The story or the character didn’t last long, however. Once Lucas
came out, was gay bashed and went out on a few dates with Guy Tucker (they
bonded over being attacked by the same guy), the character disappeared and
hasn’t been heard from since. Garin Wolf, who has been on the show’s writing
team for 15 years, will take over the head writing duties.

we see the end of smooches like this on

Unlike US soaps, every UK
soap has gay characters in prominent roles and storylines. And most of those
shows don’t hold back on showing physical affection between same sex couples.
But that might change according to published reports in the UK claiming that
British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to restrict same sex smooches to
late night television only as part of an overall ban on sexually suggestive
scenes in the early evening hours. This started as a study looking into how
children are being exposed to sex in the various mediums and what the
government can do to prevent it.

However, as Cameron received
great criticism, he denied such reports, telling the BBC’s Newsbeat that while there is a study being prepared, those who
suggest that he is considering a ban on same sex kisses are ‘both wrong and
being irresponsible’. Cameron’s reps urged the public not to believe everything
they read in the press as fact and that their review doesn’t make suggestions
on what should or shouldn’t be shown on television.

Todd’s return mean there are too many gays in

For years, the only gay
character on the canvas of Coronation Streetwas barman Sean Tully, played by Antony
Cotton and before that, Todd Grimshaw, played by Bruno Langley. But things are
different in Corrie these days. Sean
is still on the show and was recently joined by on screen boyfriend Marcus
Dent, played by Charlie Condou.

recently returned to the show for a one day appearance as Todd, along with his
boyfriend Jools. And the show recently announced that there are plans in the
works to bring Todd and his boyfriend back for a permanent stay. Add to that
James Roache as gay social worker James Barlow and the show’s teen lesbian
couple, and there are plenty of gays on the UK soap. And some think that’s too

Former cast members, including
Nick Cochran, who played Andy McDonald, feel there are far too many gays on the
show, that it’s unrealistic and will ultimately begin to affect ratings.

not sure these storylines are realistic. I’ve got plenty of gay friends but
they don’t all live in a street full of gay people.” Cochran said in News of The World. “How many streets in Britain would
have schoolgirl lesbians, gay married couples, a transsexual and children to
gay couples? It is a little bit far-fetched. Fans love Corrie for its traditional values. I don’t think it’s the right
platform to highlight so many gay issues all at the same time.”

News of The World also reports that
according to insiders at the show, some of the current cast members agree about
the number of gays and lesbians on the show, saying that “many of the cast and
crew think the storylines are unrealistic.”

Corrie’s executive producer Phil Collinson

Phil Collinson, the show’s openly gay executive producer, enjoys the show’s gay
sensibility and feels it’s important tell gay storylines, especially since the
show’s creator, Tony Warren, was an out gay man himself.

Corrie has never shied away from gay
issues,” Collinson said to the Manchester
Evening News
. “And I feel it’s always had a sort of gay sensibility
which I suppose goes back to the 60s and to what Tony created.”

think showing a gay man living in Coronation
and being loved and accepted for who he is, is the most important
thing you can do, rather than trying to represent big gay issues, which the
show has also done.” Collinson added.

Say goodbye to Jackson…

suicide is a topic many shows wouldn’t dare touch, but UK soap Emmerdale is going where soaps fear to tread. Jackson Walsh,
portrayed by Marc Silcock, was paralyzed from the neck down in an train
accident last year and began to plan his own death, asking that his lover Aaron
Livesy, played by Danny Miller and his mother Hazel, played by Pauline Quirke.
Though they refused at first, Aaron and Hazel agreed to comply to Jackson’s wishes.

the next few weeks, the story will continue to play out, culminating in Jackson’s death and bringing
actor Marc Silcock’s time with the show to an end. While how Jackson
dies is a closely guarded secret by the show, what is known that is that Jackson’s funeral was
recently filmed, as were several scenes taking place at the show’s police
station. Does this mean that Aaron and Hazel will face legal repercussions as a
result of Jackson’s
demise? That remains to be seen.

many might think that the show is depicting disability in a negative light by
having Jackson decide that life is no longer worth living because of his
paralysis, Silcock believes it’s an issue that should be explored.

Silcock thinks Jackson should have the right decide whether
he wants to live or die.

believe what we’re going to be talking about is something that needs to be
talked about and hasn’t been talked about in British TV, let alone a soap, and
that’s really important for me, to really think that a taboo subject and a
really unappreciated subject will be brought to the forefront.” Silcock
told The
Boston Herald

added that he felt that Jackson or anyone else in his situation, had the right
to decide how they should live their life, or in fact, if they should continue

shouldn’t you have that choice? If you’ve had an accident, why should you be
kept in a prison cell for a crime you haven’t committed? You should have the
choice,” Silcock said. “You’re trapped in a body for something you didn’t
do. There shouldn’t be such an uproar around it. It shouldn’t be such a taboo

completed his taping with the show a few weeks ago and should continue to air
until early June.

the culmination of the story, Pauline Quirke, who plays Hazel, Jackson’s mother will also be leaving the
series. The actress announced that her character’s story will come to a close
around Christmas when her current contract comes to an end. She plans to return
to the stage upon her exit from the soap.

How will Aaron cope after Jackson is dead?

Jackson soon to
die, many fans are wondering what’s next for Aaron? But there will be plenty of
story ahead for Aaron in the coming months as he deals with the emotional and
legal ramifications of Jackson’s

of the many things that are in store for the young mechanic, romance isn’t one
of them. Danny Miller, who plays Aaron, says that fans shouldn’t expect any new
love interests for Aaron in the foreseeable future.

think that’s the least of things on his mind at the moment,” Miller told Digital
. “I don’t think he’s interested in any relationships at the

Soaplife spoke to series producer Stuart
Blackburn about what’s ahead for Aaron in the coming months.

is a long and deeply moving journey to the tragic realization that despite
everything he had believed, he and Hazel have done the wrong thing at the wrong
time,” Blackburn said. “What Aaron comes to understand is that Jackson had a life worth
living and should have been given, despite his protestations, the time and
space to understand this for himself.” (source)

Miller at the British Soap Awards

Miller credits much of the
acclaim he’s received for his work as Aaron Livesy to the late Gavin Blyth, the
executive producer of Emmerdale, who
died late last year. Miller accepted the Special Achievement Award for Blyth at the British Soap Awards, which was awarded to
the industry favorite posthumously.

Miller also nabbed his own
award when he was named Best Actor at the BSA’s.

Emmett Scanlan, who plays bad boy
Irish mobster Brendan Brady on Hollyoaks won
a couple of awards for Best Newcomer and Best Villian. Best Soap went to EastEnders, which won last year as well.

Hollyoaks’ Emmett Scanlan at the British Soap Awards

Brady has always been at the center of shocking, controversial storylines such
as his abusive gay relationship with Ste Hay, Brendan’s brutal murder of his
former boss Danny Houston or Brendan being accused of being a serial killer.
And while Brendan hasn’t been seen much on the soap lately that’s all about to
change, starting with this weeks’ drama revolving around Brendan’s schemes to
break up his former lover Ste and Ste’s new boyfriend Noah. But it’s only the
start of a dark new storyline for Brendan.

Scanlan told Digital
that he’d spoken to head scribe Gareth Phillips about Brendan’s
future. “He’s given me future storylines and assured me that there’s going to
be an interesting time ahead for Brendan,” Scanlan said. “There’s going to
be a lot of things happening and that’s very comforting. He’s given it a lot of

Scanlan added that now that
Brendan has been outed and everyone knows he’s gay, he’s going to be a changed
man. But that may not necessarily be a good thing.

“Brendan’s main fear was
people finding out about his homosexuality, but now that secret’s out, he has
no fear.” Scanlan said. “So what happens to a crazy, sociopathic man who
has no fear? He becomes a different breed of animal. He has absolutely nothing
to lose.”

Brendan be dancing in gay clubs with his son in town?

Whatever is ahead for Brendan
will involve a newcomer to the show. Jay Duffy has been cast as Brendan’s
teenage son, Declan. Viewers might recall that Declan has some health issues
that forced Brendan into a life of crime to pay his medical bills. What brings
Declan to town and what Brendan will do to hide his various secrets from his
son (his sexuality, the murder the committed, his drug dealing) remains to be
seen. Look for Declan to show up in town in about a month or so.

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