Gays of our Lives (July 7, 2009)

Another week and another edition of Gays
of Our Lives
brings you all the clips, news and spoilers you’ll need about
soaps all over the world. In GOOL Theater, meet cute and cheeky Lucas Sanders
in Good Times, Bad Times, see some
really tense moments between Kyle and Fish on One Life To Live and the long awaited return of Phillip Chancellor
III to The Young and the Restless.

Speaking of Y&R, GOOL SCOOPS
AND SPOILERS has all the dish on yet another close moment between Rafe and
Adam. Meanwhile, will Kyle out Fish on One
Life To Live

In GOOL NEWSBEAT, just what is the deal with gay professor Mason on As The World Turns? And will we ever see
hot French dramedy Clara Sheller again?
Plus, as always, SNAPSHOTS and our SOAP STUD OF THE WEEK!



With the further unveiling of Kyle and Fish relationship on One Life To Live, the introduction of Good Times, Bad Times’ Lucas Sanders and
much more, we have a great deal to cover this week representing the best and
the worst in soaps featuring gay characters. As always, I invite you to share
your thoughts about the week’s shows at the end of the column.


This clip introduces
Sean’s new love interest, Leon.
And well, I can see why Sean would be interested…

But what I can’t see is why this guy would give Sean the time of day. I
guess the point of this storyline is going to be that love is blind. It would
have to be. Deaf, too. And stupid.

I do have to admit I did find the entire scene kind of funny, and I love
Sean’s self-deprecating comments; self-awareness always scores points with me.
However, I have the dreaded feeling we’re going to see a hundred different
variations of this scene before this storyline comes to a close.

I suppose I should put on my optimist cap and hope for the best, but this
show’s track record with Sean’s storylines is not good. Alas, the storyline’s
premise (and the upcoming events over the next several weeks which I
won’t spoil here) don’t give me much hope that I’m wrong.

Leon’s got the look Sean wants to know

After a few
interesting episodes the past couple of weeks, it’s more of the same with
Christian and Olli. And while it’s cute, that’s all it is… and that’s really
not so satisfying anymore.

It’s always fun when the gang get together for a bit of fun and these scenes
are enjoyable in that respect. I also like Gregor’s romance with the Princess
and they could use a little happiness after all the angst they’ve had (though
that happiness isn’t likely to last for long).

As for Charlie and Stella, Charlie’s heart never seemed to be in the
relationship, so it’s no surprise that she plans to break up with Stella
(maybe she’s as bored with it as I am). And throwing in the ‘conflict’ of her
not being able to break up with Stella because of her mugging is not

As for Christian and Olli… well, there’s not much to say about them, is


EastEndersDespite the shaky ground on which
this story began, I’ve grown to like it for what it is now. As long as we
continue on this track, we could have a solid plot to follow. Too bad we don’t
get much of it here.

The one thing that the show and the actors do well here is the sexual
tension between Christian and Syed. You can feel it in every one of their
scenes together (even if how they got there wasn’t exactly brilliant
storytelling). I’m also not exactly thrilled with Syed’s demeaning way of handling his girlfriend,
although in a sense he’s the same way with Christian.

I guess belittling someone else is his way of feeling he has control of a
situation that is quickly growing out of his control. It’s just unfortunate to
see her scramble to make herself suitable for a marriage that Syed doesn’t really
want to begin with.

Syed is not too happy seeing Christian
with another man…

The World Turns
You know I
try not to dislike something before I see it … but I couldn’t help but
anticipate that I would be disappointed by the fallout regarding the return of
Noah’s homophobic, murderous father. And ATWT,
unfortunately, didn’t let me down.

Honestly, I found this episode painful to sit through. The writing was
horrendous, riddled with bad dialogue and utterly implausible plot points. Are
we really to believe that in half an hour, Luke and Damian found out
that Noah had been kidnapped, used Damian’s ‘sources’ to track him down, and
strong-armed a trained military officer into spilling information that could
get him court-martialed?

Then, of course, they found Noah and had to convince him to turn dear old
Dad in (I guess Noah forgot that his father tried to kill his boyfriend twice,
then again, that was never mentioned during the episode so maybe the writers
forgot as well).

As for the acting … well, let’s just say no one came off well. No need to
name names as surely the guilty know who they are.

If this is the kind of
material this show is going to continue to put out, no wonder talk of
cancellation grows stronger every day.

Was Noah upset about his father… or
just constipated?

Life To Live
This week
finally wraps up Kyle’s long running legal troubles (though one wonders how
long he’ll stay out of trouble) and gets us closer to the Kyle/Fish romance
that we’re all waiting for.

I don’t know if the search for a bag of stem cells can be fun, but it has
been interesting. I love Kyle’s interaction with the various characters as
he comes across well with everyone, especially Roxy. As much I’m looking forward to
Kyle and Fish’s relationship moving along, I’m also interested in how the
citizens of Llanview will react to the revelation they are gay.

But mostly I’m ready for Kyle and Fish to stop dancing around the past in
their scenes together and get down to brass tacks even if it is fun watching Kyle give
Fish a hard time about a history he wasn’t want to
deal with .

BTW, I’m not feeling Layla and Cris as a couple. Seems to me the show is
pairing them only because there’s no one else on the canvas for them, not
because they have chemistry.

Kyle and Fish continue having
but not saying what they really mean…

Young and The Restless
week was a big week for Y&R (though
this week is even bigger) and the show handled all the drama extremely well. As
a soap fan who has been beaten down by the sewage As The World Turns puts out on a daily basis, it’s nice to see a
show that actually still cares about entertaining the viewer with a quality

I enjoyed the Adam/Rafe scenes. It can’t be easy for new actors to adjust
quickly to one another, especially in scenes that are so intense, but the
actors do a fine job and have actual chemistry. I hope Adam had his sofa scotch
guarded though, since he seemingly had sex with both Adam and Heather on it.

What I liked the most is that it’s really unclear exactly where Rafe is
coming from. It’s hard to believe he was so taken with Adam’s moves that he
forgot his aunt or his suspicions, and the way Yani Gellman played it (especially
with that little smirk on his face before he left) showed that the young lawyer
is not so easily fooled or distracted.

Phillip is back… finally!

As for our other gay plot arc, Phillip finally shows up in town (looking
fantastic, I might add), shocking everybody in a classic soap cliffhanger. The
set up has been well done and I love that there’s so much history that is going to be mined
in this story. It’s great that the actors involved in the original
storyline are here to play out this arc so the show can use flashbacks from
those good old days.

So the fireworks to come will undoubtedly make for wonderful soap viewing.

Good Times, Bad TimesAnd
finally, our first visit to Dutch soap Good
Times, Bad Times
where we meet gay teen Lucas Sanders. No coming out sagas
or gay angst here. Our Lucas likes to get right down to business….

It’s too bad that this is the end of GTBT’s
season and the show won’t be returning until Sept. 7th because I
enjoyed this clip and am looking forward to seeing where the story goes from
here. Okay, it’s pretty obvious where the story is going in that Dex’s ‘no’
will eventually become ‘yes’ … or the Dutch equivalent.

Lucas wasted no time getting to know
Dex better…

I like that Lucas is not the usual troubled, messed up gay teen we’re used
to seeing. Instead, he’s confident and matter of fact about his sexuality, fun and spirited and a bit of a scamp, and I suspect he can be a little more
than naughty when he wants to be. It’s a fun beginning to this storyline.

One minor criticism is that some of the dialogue seemed to wander a bit. A little tightening in the writing might make some of the scenes stronger and dialogue



KingsIn in what was probably one of the better episodes of this show, the series finally gives us
less of the ponderous dialogue and mythology that tends to drag things down
and more of the glossy political soap that makes the show entertaining. The
court intrigues surrounding Jack’s impending marriage was a treat, but the show
made a fatal error in killing off the Leslie Bibb character, who played Jack’s
first fiancée.

She and the Queen had a delicious, combative relationship, one
that could have driven the series for years for quite a few years (had it not already been canceled).

As for the other storyline, David’s search for the charter was soooo predictable
that I saw the beats coming before long before we got there. And anything that gives attention to David and Michelle’s relationship, is never a
good thing IMHO. Which is why this ep doesn’t get a solid up arrow from me.

Two fiancees in one hour? Quite an
accomplishment for a ‘mo

Kyle is pressured to reveal his past with Fish on One Life To Live, the Kings rivalry
between Jack and David intensifies, Phillip Chancellor III returns with a big
confession, and Adam and Rafe heat up on The
Young and The Restless
– and more!

Stop reading if you don’t want the scoop on all your favorite soaps
and dramas!

Life To Live
Fish and Layla
are on a date and their waiter is rather flirtatious with the handsome Llanview
cop. When Layla points that out to him, Fish is unnerved, making for an awkward

Later, back at the apartment, things get steamy between Fish and Layla. Is
this the closeted cop’s way of dealing with his sexuality? Meanwhile, Cristian
has picked up on the tension between Kyle and Fish and goes to Kyle for
answers. Kyle spills some secrets from Fish’s past, prompting Cris to go to
Fish for answers.

What exactly does Kyle tell Cris? And will Cris get to Layla and Fish before
they go all the way?

Is Kyle ready for his past with Fish
to come to light?

KingsThe rivalry between Jack and David is
kicked up a notch after David is arrested for treason. As manipulative as ever,
King Silas puts the trial, and David’s fate, in Jack’s well manicured hands.
Will Jack save his enemy … or seal his fate? What Jack decides could put his
own life on the line.

Meanwhile, Michelle suffers a relapse of her illness.

That Matters
Thanks to
Jenny, Roman’s career is a mess once again. After her kidnapping scheme is
exposed, her family disowns her and kicks her off the skating team, leaving
Roman without a partner. Roman tries to steal Stella away from ex-boyfriend
Deniz by convincing her to skate with him, but his attempt goes awry and
results in Deniz and Roman having a nasty fight.

Oddly enough, when all is said and done, Roman ends up crying on Deniz’s
shoulder. Later, Roman decides to go for a solo career once more, but his first
attempt ends in disaster and threatens to jeopardize more than one career.

Axel enjoys Roman’s career woes just a
bit too much

Christian and Olli
begin a new (and probably small) plot arc when Christian decides to return to
boxing. He starts training, but finds his body can’t take it and he collapses
under the stress.

When a stunned Olli finds his lover passed out in the bathtub, Christian
wants to forget the incident, but Olli insists he see a doctor. Christian goes
and is shocked to find out he has a heart ailment and intense physical stress
could kill him, dashing his dreams of being a boxer.

Oddly enough, Christian takes the news with ease … or so Olli thinks. Actually quite upset,
Christian overexerts himself while working out, bringing on another attack.

It’s the calm before the (passing)

The World Turns
psychological aftereffects of Col. Mayer’s return from the dead continue to
linger for Noah as he is haunted by the fact that dear old dad is actually
still amongst the living.

When Noah finds a box of his father’s possessions, he has a freakout to rival one
of his boyfriend’s temper tantrums and takes off. Fortunately, Damian goes
after the barista to talk him off the emotional ledge he’s got himself perched

As a way to finally put the past behind him, Damian advises Noah to burn
his father’s belongings. But is Noah really ready to say goodbye once and for

Can Luke help Noah deal with the fact
that his father is alive?

Just when you think
you’ve gotten away, those darn vamps pull you right back in. Lafayette escapes
from Eric’s clutches, but a surprising turn of events returns him to his
captor’s orbit and brings them a little closer than either of them expected.

Meanwhile, over at the Fellowship of the Sun, someone plays a nasty trick on Jason.
But how does he wind up coming out on top in the end?

And a big surprise awaits Bill and Sookie when they attempt to carry out
Eric’s latest mission.

HollyoaksRavi is asked to be a pallbearer at
Warren’s funeral, which has him thinking about his own mortality given his
recent diagnosis of a brain aneurysm. Meanwhile, Kris has thoughts of life and
death on his mind as well, but not his own.

His brother Malachy, who is HIV positive, has been under the weather lately.
When he develops a fever, Malachy chooses to at first ignore his symptoms, and
lies to Kris and his family by telling them he went to see the doctor and will
be fine. When Malachy collapses, Kris rushes him to the hospital hoping his
brother’s condition hasn’t worsened.

The death of a friend has Ravi
thinking of his own mortality

Young and The Restless
a big gay week on Y&R as the
Chancellors deal with the shocking return from the dead of Phillip III all
while Adam and Rafe’s scandalous affair rolls on.

On one side of town, it’s time for Phillip to confront his past and the
people he left behind. And what they want to know is: why did he fake his death
and abandon his family? The answer is obvious (unless you’ve never read this
column before), but can Phillip make them understand?

Meanwhile, if you think Adam and Rafe’s first time last week was the last
time, think again. Rafe is back for another close and personal moment with his
former client. But is Rafe being manipulated? Or is Adam?

Adam puts the moves on Rafe, but is
Rafe so willing this time?

Still trying to get
Leon to notice him, Sean goes to the gym hoping that Leon will be there. Not
only is he there, but Sean is lucky enough to maneuver Leon into the hot tub.

After some flirtatious talk, Sean gets the important info that Leon is
single. Unfortunately for Sean, Leon thinks that Jason and Sean are an item … a
lie for which Sean has only himself to blame.

So how can Sean extract himself
from his web of lies and not lose his shot at nabbing Leon?

Leon’s smiling now …but wait until he
sees Sean in the hot tub


The World Turns
Luke and Noah meets Noah’s collegiate advisor,
Professor Mason.

There’s a new gay in Oakdale…

A surprising secret
about Eric is revealed …

Christian goes on
vacation with Gregor and comes to a realization …

KingsJack and David turn to each other to
save themselves from an uncertain fate …

That Matters
Will Roman and
Deniz’s business deal lead to something personal?

The former lovers find themselves in
close contact again … and again…

Young and The Restless
meets his son, Chance …

Life To Live
Kyle and Fish
have a look back at their college days …

Sean’s web of lies
spins out of control …

An ugly fight with
Christian leads Syed to make a shocking announcement …

Scott’s father is back
in town and their reunion isn’t pleasant …

Just how will As The World Turns
hot gay professor, Mason, affect the lives of Oakdale’s happiest couple?
Whatever happened to Clara Sheller?
We may have the answers to both of those burning questions! Plus Torchwood dish, how EastEnders handled the death of Michael Jackson, some behind the
scenes changes at All That Matters
and more!

Are there extra-curricular activities
ahead for Mason and Noah?

We’re just one week away from the highly anticipated debut of Forbes March
as Mason, Noah’s collegiate advisor on As
The World Turns
, and not much is known about this
character and his story. Recent interviews with March and Jake
Silbermann (Noah) haven’t exactly been revealing, though March did have a few
words with Soaps In Depth that may shed
some light on what’s ahead.

“He’s Noah’s college advisor,” March said to Soaps In Depth. “He’s young and he’s gay and he sees something in
Noah that’s meaningful to him. So he’s working very hard to help Noah down his

March is cagey about answering questions concerning the upcoming storyline,
especially in regards as to whether there will be a Nuke-ular explosion of a
love triangle. But he does say, “Come on, how could you not have three
characters on a show and not have them in a love triangle? There’s three points
in a triangle, man!”

So what have we heard in regard to this? Unfortunately, not much.

But what we do know is that there’s going to be some troubled times in store
for one Luke Snyder. Not only does he have some life altering decisions to
make, there’re major storms brewing in the always-problematic Snyder family
(just what is Papa Damian up to this time?).

Will Luke be so preoccupied and
concerned with his own life that he doesn’t see Noah slipping away – and into
the arms of his very handsome teacher?

You’ll have to watch to find out …

Tom Chroust, who was responsible for the wildly popular Christian/Olli love
story on Forbidden Love (wonder how
he’d feel about what has been done – or not done – to his couple), has been
working as a writer on All That Matters for
the past year or so and recently was promoted to head writer on the series.

No reason was given for the writing change, though it might be due to the
show’s sagging ratings. Is it too much to hope that Chroust taking over might
mean a real love story for the long neglected Roman (openly gay actor Dennis
Grabosch)? Keep your fingers crossed.

Out writer Tom Chroust

This week, of course, is the return of out gay actor Thom Bierdz as Phillip
Chancellor III to The Young and the
and as I told you last week, in a merging of actor and character,
Phillip will come out as gay. With the addition of Phillip, as well as the Adam and Rafe
storyline on Y&R, the debut of Mason
on As The World Turns and the
Kyle/Fish love story on One Life To Live,
it’s proving to be a very gay summer on U.S. daytime soaps.

And Bierdz thinks it’s about time. (He isn’t the only one!)
Bierdz told to TV Guide Magazine:

What’s going on in soaps these days is a very cool reflection of how far
mainstream America has come in accepting gays and lesbians. Being able to play
gay on Y&R is the main reason I wanted to come back to the show. Gay
people are just like straight people, and that’s what I hope to show with
Phillip. He’s not a cartoon; he’s not a stereotype. The guy certainly has
issues. But being gay? That’s no big deal.

And in Genoa City, at least in the early going, Phillip’s sexuality has not
been a ‘big deal,’ which surprised the actor.

In almost every script I use the word ‘gay’ and none of the characters has a
problem with it, which is so funny because I totally thought somebody in
town would be homophobic. Maria Bell (Y&R’s
head writer/executive producer) just jumped over that, and that is a shock,
man! But I see the thinking: If Mrs. Chancellor doesn’t have a problem with
Phillip being gay, if Esther doesn’t have a problem with it, maybe the viewers
won’t either. For years, the soaps have been afraid of the sponsors and the audience.
It looks like those days are over.

One can only hope.

Thom Bierdz

For those of you who are wondering if Phillip is going to have a love life, The
Suds Report
confirms what has been rumored for some time: Phillip is going
to be paired with hottie gay lawyer Rafe Torres. And given Rafe’s current
affair with sociopath Adam Wilson, not to mention that Rafe is young enough to
be Phillip’s son, this looks to be one of Y&R’s typically
messy and complex romances.

Will Clara Sheller ever return?
That’s a question that gets asked often by the readers of this column. After
all, the sassy, sexy French-born series did end its second season earlier
this year with a cliffhanger. JP and Gilles were together and seemingly happy
and in love.

But what they didn’t know was that Clara was pregnant with JP’s
child, a child that Gilles had always wanted which would undoubtedly put a crimp in JP
and Gilles’ relationship. Unfortunately, we may never get the answers to those
questions because the show has apparently been permanently shelved.

Looks like the love story of JP,
Gilles (and Clara) is over. For now

It’s been rumored that the show had been canceled due to low ratings. And
while it’s true the ratings had fallen off from the first series by some 30%,
the show was still one of the highest rated dramas in France. But,
as we reported some time ago, there were also rumors that the show had been
canceled because of viewer complaints and network concerns about the explicit
gay sex scenes between JP and Gilles.

That rumor was confirmed during an Advocate
interview with openly gay Clara Sheller screenwriter
Nicolas Mercier.

Openly gay Clara Sheller screenwriter Nicolas Mercier

“That just shows the hypocrisy of the system. It was fine to show men
kissing in the first season
of Clara Sheller. But when season two had two men doing what
heterosexual couples are shown doing all of the time, all of a sudden it’s shocking,”
Mercier told The Advocate. “It’s the
fact that television audiences even see the series as edgy or taboo that is
frustrating. It should be natural. For me, I will have achieved my goal when no
one thinks twice about a character’s sexuality.”

And while the series may be over, we may not have seen the last of the
characters. Mercier reveals that he has been asked to write the script for a Clara Sheller movie.

“Well, I’ve been approached to write the script for a Clara Sheller
film, so those characters won’t disappear into the void. And if the film
happens, it will be nice to work in a media that offers more artistic freedom
than television.”

Not bitter at all, don’t you think?

You can find the complete Advocate interview
with Mercier here.

Think Marc will be talking about Ugly
Betty’s big guest star next

Meanwhile, in gay sex on this side of the pond, Ugly Betty has had many big name guest stars such as Bernadette
Peters, Lindsay Lohan and out actor Cheyenne Jackson, but none may be
bigger than a star set to appear next season – at least in terms of his name.

Porn star/director Michael Lucas won a walk on role that will air during UB’s 4th season. Lucas won the
role during a charity auction held by the Stonewall Community Foundation and
paid $18,000 for the opportunity. On his blog, Lucas wrote about how important
it was for him to have gotten this part and what he hopes comes from it.

Porn star Michael Lucas how we
probably won’t see him on
Ugly Betty

No word on exactly how the show will write Lucas in or when his appearance
is scheduled, but you can count on this column to give you the heads up. As
previously reported, Ugly Betty will
move to Friday nights next season and will kick off with a special two-hour
premiere that will air on October 9th.

Ugly Betty’s time slot rival Southland starts its second season on
September 25th and the question around here is what’s going to
happen with gay cop John Cooper next year? The show has been predictably
closemouthed about what’s to come, but we have learned that Tom Everett Scott,
whose character Det. Russell Clarke was left shot and bleeding in the season
finale, will survive his brush with death.

We’ve also heard that much of the show’s personal drama will center on
Officer Ben Sherman, played by hottie Benjamin McKenzie, as we learn more about
his messy relationship with his parents. The show begins shooting its second
season this month.

Out actor/performer John Barrowman

If there is one thing that Torchwood’s
out performer John Barrowman is (besides incredibly good looking), it’s
outspoken. And he’s no less in regards to his feelings about the BBC’s decision
to cut the 13-episode season to a five-part miniseries that will air over a
week. The actor told Radio Times that
he felt the series was a victim of its own success.Said Barrowman:

I’m going to get a little political and I’ll probably get into trouble
for it. The decision was made to go to BBC One and then we were cut – from 13
episodes down to five. Personally, I felt like we were
being punished. Other shows move from BBC Three and Two to One and they don’t
get cut. So why are we? It felt like every time we moved we had to prove

Russell T. Davies, creator of the series, sees it differently. “Part of us
thought, ’We could do another 13 episodes, we’ve learnt how to do that, and the
second series was better than the first’. But why not change it? It’s the
British audience we make these for and I don’t think audiences are remotely
lost by a change in format."

Nevertheless, the series will air in five parts starting on July 6th on BBC
One and on July 20th on BBC America. And what can we expect from the
series? We’ve got a few spoilers on what’s ahead in the sexy, action packed
sci-fi adventure.

The villains of the series are an alien race known as the 456, who haven’t
been heard from in four decades … both Tosh and Owen, who were killed off in
the last Torchwood series, will make
appearances in the miniseries … we meet Ianto’s family (a sister, brother-in-law
and a nephew) and see how he reacts when they discover his ongoing relationship
with Capt. Jack … it is revealed that Capt. Jack has a daughter … by the end of
the first episode, both Capt. Jack and Gwen will have something inside them
that could change their lives.

Now while this columnist lives and dies by spoilers, some writers/creators
don’t appreciate having the details of their hard work revealed to the public
before it airs. And Mad Men creator/writer
Matthew Weiner is one of those writers and takes a pretty hard line in regards
to spoilers and those who leak them.

"All the time I’m trying to explain to people that the mystery of the
show is its commercial appeal and value, and that people do not want to know
what’s gonna happen," Weiner told The
Hollywood Reporter
. "I don’t understand it actually, as a television
viewer, why there is pleasure in telling people these things. They make the
people who do the spoiling happy."

What’s ahead for the men of Mad
Men? Don’t ask Matthew Weiner…

Weiner reveals how he handles folks who spoil what’s coming up on his show,
something he learned from his time as a producer on The Sopranos (and no, it doesn’t involve killing anyone).

"I just take the cue from the way it was done on The Sopranos,”
Weiner explained. “Anybody who does spoil it, or has any relationship with the
spoiler, will be excommunicated from participating in anything, and will not
get information, will not come and visit the set. It’s a mysterious thing to

Will we be wondering where Eric is in
the new season of
Gossip Girl?

Where is gay Eric? That’s a question I had a lot when watching Gossip Girl last season, along with: Why
are these teenagers dressed like middle-aged folks? But I digress.

The character, played by cute Connor Paolo, was little seen last season and
one wonders how he’ll fit into the show’s new year as much of the cast has
headed off to college while Eric is still in high school. The show recently
began its third season with some New York location shooting for a 4th
of July sequence that featured much of the cast, it seems, sans Eric. Let’s
hope that’s not an omen.

And finally, the recent death of pop star Michael Jackson had EastEnders writers scrambling to include
a reference to his death in the script. The show is shot months in advance, but
producers ushered in actors to shoot a hastily written scene that aired days
after the singer’s death. It’s not the first time they have done this, the most
recent being when Barack Obama was elected President of the United States.

"There are some news stories and events which get everyone talking, and
this is one of them,” EastEnders executive
producer Diederick Santer told Digital
“Given the quick turnaround, it’s only a small scene, but I hope it
reflects to some extent the impact Michael Jackson’s death has had. We always
aim to reflect topical events that we think will strike a chord with our


If two shots of As The World Turns
Mason weren’t enough,
we’ve got one more…

Marly van der Velden (Nina) and
bisexual actor Ferry Doedens (Lucas Sanders) clown around behind the scenes on

Good Times, Bad Times

Forbidden Love’s Thore Schölermann
and Katrin
Heß (Judith) attend a
fundraiser for UNICEF

Scott (E.J. DiMera, Days of our Lives)

E.J. DiMera is a man caught between dark and light. He tries, usually to no
avail, to be a good guy. But his bad side, in the form of his evil father
Stefano, plays into his darker tendencies. Most of his problems stem from his
toxic relationship with Sami Brady, a woman he loves one moment, hates the next
and can’t get out of his blood.

This week he hates her and is in the midst
fighting dirty to win sole custody of the child he and Sami share.

Even that part of their relationship is twisted as it is a child borne of rape.
Oddly enough, Sami did eventually forgive E.J. for that since she raped a guy
once herself (don’t ask). But E.J.’s biggest problem is that he’s not
particularly bright.

He professes to follow in the footsteps of his
Machiavellian father, but he doesn’t have the intelligence nor the fortitude to
pull it off. He’s often quite clueless to what is going on around him.

For example, he has no idea that Nicole, the woman to whom he is currently married, actually stole the daughter he thinks they share – from Sami. The reasons
why and how are far too complicated and silly to explain, but the fact is Nicole
isn’t exactly good at hiding her secrets.

E.J.’s just an idiot and can’t see what
is right in front of him. Of course, none of that really matters cause he’s got a sexy
British accent and he looks good without a shirt.

And that’s enough to make him