Gays of our Lives (June 02, 2009)

This week we’ve got our first annual GOOL Summer Preview to help you get set
for what’s coming up on your favorite soap operas, as well as all sorts of other dish. GOOL Theater features some All That Matters clips you won’t want to
miss, as well as the first in our series of clips featuring the return of out
actor Thom Bierdz to The Young and the

Speaking of Y&R,
we’ve got the latest scoop on more gays coming to Genoa City
and the hottest casting news As The World
has had since Noah Mayer came to town. Plus, SNAPSHOTS AND SOAP STUD


Welcome to our first annual GOOL Summer Preview! Here you’ll find the
lowdown on what’s to come on all your favorite soaps and dramas over the next
several months. From Germany to Genoa City to London,
and even to the depths of outer space, we’ve got the dish you’ll need to keep
you glued to the screen despite the warm weather outside.

WARNING! This section contains
spoilers, so please skip ahead if you don’t want to know! You have been warned…

Gay law clerk Charlie Sagansky is
back, but will he
continue to choose his career over love?

the Bar
— This legal drama is
back for a second season of 15 episodes and features Jonathan Scarfe as gay law
clerk Charlie Sagansky. Finally out of the closet, this season Charlie adjusts
to life as an openly gay man. Charlie will have his chances at romance, but his
primary goal in life remains to someday be a judge and he is determined not to
let anything — or anyone — get in the way of that.

Christian’s return to boxing puts his
life at risk.
Can Olli talk some sense into him?

— The road ahead is
rocky for our German lovers as Olli’s ownership of No Limits continues to cause
problems between the two. How rocky? When the conflict gets to be too much,
Olli fires an outraged Christian who mistakenly believes Olli gave him the boot
so he could flirt with guys at work. Eventually, Olli makes Christian realize
he did it because he loved him and working together was creating too much stress
on their relationship. So everything is fine now, right?

Not so fast. Soon after Christian decides to return to boxing, he discovers
he suffers from a heart condition and if he continues boxing, it could cost him
his life. Will Christian give up his dream or continue putting his life at
risk? It won’t be option number two if Olli has anything to say about it!

The World Turns
— Noah
decides to make a film about his father and Luke is supportive of that choice.
Why Luke would be okay with a film about a man who tried twice to kill him is
up for question, but I digress. Col. Mayer makes an appearance, but is he back
in the flesh or in some other(worldly) fashion?

At any rate, his father’s return has a profound effect on Noah and his
decision to make this movie. As Noah works on his film, enter smoking hot film
advisor Professor Mason, who is going to assist Noah in making his masterpiece.
Will this new fella cause problems for the gay supercouple? The buzz is that he
won’t, at least not in a romantic sense. Fingers crossed that changes…

Will Mason turn Noah’s head… or
Luke’s this summer?

EastEnders — Christian is finally going to have a love interest this summer when he embarks
on a love affair with Syed Masood. But isn’t Syed a straight man with a
girlfriend? Technically, but that’s going to be the least of their problems.
The crux of the conflict is that while Syed is Muslim, he’s become aware his
sexuality isn’t what he thought. Can he come to terms with who he is and who he
loves? The fact that Christian and Amira, Syed’s girlfriend, are close friends
will only complicate matters.

For more on this storyline, check out GOOL NEWSBEAT.

It’s love… and a lot of guilt for
Christian and Syed on

Is it ever a good idea to base a relationship on lies? No and
someone should tell Sean Tully. An upcoming storyline, set to air in July, has
Sean feeling flabby and out of shape, so he goes to the gym with his hunky
housemate Jason. Sean is not actually interested in working out at first, but then he
meets hunky gym body Leon and is suddenly
inspired to better himself and nab
a new man in the process.

Andrew Langtree plays Leon, Sean’s
new love interest

The problem is that Leon
isn’t interested in Sean, but has his sights set on the decidedly straight (and
hot) Jason. Needing a way to keep Leon around, Sean lets it ‘slip’
that Jason is gay. Later though, Leon sees Jason kissing his
girlfriend. Sean compounds his lies, telling Leon that the girl is Jason’s beard
and that he’s deeply closeted.

How long
can Sean keep spinning tall tales? And
when will he have a shot to win the stud’s heart? We’ll find out in a story
that is being described as “romantic, funny and heartbreaking. ”

This blood-soaked series returns for a second season on June 14th
with the fate of gay drug dealer Lafayette yet to be
revealed. But even if we lose one gay, there will reportedly be others to take
his place. Meanwhile, look for sexy vamp Eric to have a steamy homoerotic
incident with a character yet to be revealed. And lots and lots of gratuitous
shots of shirtless and otherwise scantily clad men. Who says they don’t make great television anymore!

That Matters
— Try as he
might, Axel can’t stop thinking about — or wanting — Roman after he saves
Axel’s life.

Who wouldn’t fantasize about this

Axel tries to avoid him, but in true soap fashion, the two end up
trapped together. Tempted by the intoxicating and erotic effects of the
"Maximum" sports drink we’ve seen so much of, the two have a steamy encounter.
Unfortunately for Axel, the incident gets caught on tape and he winds up in a
blackmail plot.

Meanwhile, Roman becomes concerned that Nina, who is in love with Axel, could
get her heart broken over this, so he becomes determined to find out if Axel is
actually gay or not. Now how might he figure that out?

Hollyoaks — Looks like bisexuals Ravi Roy and
Kris Fisher are being taken off the back burner and given new storylines this
summer. Ravi’s rivalry with his "golden child" brother Ash heats up, especially
since Ravi knows a secret about Ash that could cost him everything. But Ravi
suffers his own personal drama when he has to make a life threatening decision.
His choice sends ripples of pain throughout his family and could possibly
destroy it.

Ravi’s decision could destroy this
happy family

Meanwhile, Kris has to make his own choices about his future when he
graduates from college and realizes the freewheeling lifestyle he’s led doesn’t
exactly mesh with adulthood. Will what he decides to do ultimately lead him out
of Hollyoaks?

— As the remaining
episodes of this campy series play out over the summer, we continue to get
stories about Simon’s youth, such as how he wound up with a necklace made of
his grandmother’s teeth or what happens when Simon makes an ill-fated attempt
to look like Princess Diana.

Also, watch for Simon to try and please his father
by joining the football team. You’d think that wouldn’t go so well for young
Simon, but he discovers a new talent that just may turn his losing team into a
winning one. Plus, Simon and Kylie take a fateful road trip to London.

Simon: I know, Kylie, I know…
will people realize no one looks good in gauchos?

Life of the American Teenager
When this drama returns for its second season, a tragic death will occur,
affecting nearly everyone on the show. Meanwhile, Ashley gets a new best friend
when she meets a gay male classmate, Griffin, played by Brando Eaton.

Secret Life of the American Teenager gets
a new gay,
played by Brando Eaton

And just
in case the above picture isn’t enough to make you tune in, maybe the one
below will catch your eye.

Kings — This heady political soap returns in
June (or so NBC promises) and it looks as if we might finally see more of
Jack’s heretofore hidden love life before the show vanishes for good.

When a blackout strikes the city, Jack uses the chance to slip out to see
his boyfriend. But will he live to regret that stolen moment? He could when the
handsome prince finds himself on the verge of being outed, but his mother, the
Queen, will do anything to see that doesn’t happen.

Outed or not, Jack hasn’t given up on his scheming and continues to plot
against David. But will his feelings about his father’s favored "son" change when
the two of them are sent on a secret mission together?

How much longer can Jack keep himself…
and his boyfriend closeted?

— Asexual nurse Gerald
and his new bride Morgan anxiously await the birth of the triplets Morgan was
carrying for Trent and Cindy, but which they have since decided to raise
themselves. As their birth draws closer, Morgan is ordered on bed rest. No
problem, since it’s not as if Gerald wants to be in it with her anyway!

Gerald: I’m okay with raising babies.
Just don’t make me do the thing that causes them

But can they handle being the parents of triplets? Over the course of the
ensuing months, the emotional and financial stress will get to them, not to
mention the fact that Trent and Cindy are not about to give up on ‘their’
children without a fight.

Young and the Restless
— More
than one gay character promises to show up in Genoa City this summer. The
question is, who is the other? Even more importantly, who is going to be hooking up with

All of Genoa City is shocked when someone looking oddly like the believed
to be dead Phillip Chancellor III (played by out actor Thom Bierdz) shows up in town.
The buzz is that he actually is Phillip, which means that he faked his death
some 20 years ago. The question is why? What could have caused Phillip to abandon his
wife, his infant son and the family who loved him?

We should know the answer to
that in short order, but the fallout is where the real story is. And that’s not
the only secret that’s going to be revealed about the Chancellor family.

He’s back …we think!

Meanwhile, gay lawyer Rafe Torres is going to get a love interest. But who
will that be? Might it be back-from-the-dead Phillip III (who looks awfully
good for a dead guy, BTW)? Or maybe Phillip’s smoking hot son, fresh from a
stint in the military? Or maybe it’s Adam, Rafe’s client, who might be looking
to “debrief” the handsome attorney for his own evil purposes?

Of course, since
this is a soap opera, the answer could be any or none of the above. Fine, just as long as this boy gets some play …

Looking for love …

Degrassi: The Next Generation Degrassi
is back and it’s going old school as the show focuses on longtime fan
favorites, such as Marco, played by openly gay actor Adamo Ruggerio, who
returns to the show for this special four-part summer story.

Marco is back and he’s got some
special friends with him!

Marco and his buddy Ellie go to Hollywood to
rescue Paige, who has gotten herself in trouble again and only her friends can
help her. Or so they think, because they only make things worse! Lots of the
old Degrassi gang will be popping up,
and there will be appearances from Hollywood stars Kevin Smith, Vivica J. Fox,
Perez Hilton and many others. Also, the
show promises lots of singing — as well as some rather awkward dancing.

Children of the Earth
Jack Harkness and his team are back for a five-part mini-series that will run
on consecutive nights starting July 20th. The storyline revolves around a government
deal that was made in 1960 with a race of not-too-kind aliens. It is now time
for the government to pay up and it’s going to cost them, you got it … the
children of the earth!

But beyond the
action, rescues, and derring-do, there will also be a little time for romance as
the growing relationship between Capt. Jack and Ianto gets some attention.
Also, the show sheds some domestic light on the marriage between Rhys and Gwen.
When the Torchwood crew does take
on some new team members, will Rhys be one of them? Finally, look for some family
members to become immersed in the action in the form of Ianto’s sister, brother-in-law, and nephew (who is pretty hot, we hear). Oh, and Jack has a daughter.
Wait until you hear the story behind that!

Pushing Daisies airs its final
three episodes starting May 30th, while Dirty Sexy Money’s last four episodes air starting July 18th. Dutch soap Good Times, Bad Times introduces Lucas Sanders, its first openly
gay character on June 30thThe
will air last season’s episodes over the summer and then pick up with Season 3 in the fall… Mad Men returns for its third season in
August. In the works is a story revolving around the platonic marriage of gay
Sal (openly gay actor Bryan Batt) and his wife Kitty. This season’s episodes
will be two minutes shorter to make room for advertising …. Weeds returns for a new season on June 8th with gay
characters Sanjay and Capt. Ray back for more episodes, and Nurse Jackie, starring Edie Falco and
Haaz Sleiman as gay nurse Mo-Mo begins its first season that same night.

Haaz Sleiman and Edie Falco in Nurse Jackie

Believe it or not, it’s all good with our clips for a change. The Young and the Restless gives a peek
into the tortured past of Phillip Chancellor III and Forbidden Love is actually fun and entertaining, yet familiar as
always. But the real pleasure comes from this week’s All That Matters.

Trust me! You don’t want to miss these clips!

Young and the Restless

This clip works on so many different levels. Not only is the acting spot on,
but the show’s sense of history is uncanny. It helps that all the actors
involved in the story, then and now, are the same, which makes it feel that
much more real.

You can sense the resentment and anger still existing between these three
people who fought brutally over Phillip before he died. And they are still at
war over his memory now. It makes me wonder, if this really is Phillip, might
he have faked his death years earlier to escape the battleground his life had

We’re only on the ground floor of this story, but it looks to get even more
delicious from here.




Let’s see … the guys flirt with each other, check. They drop everything to
deal with other people’s problems, check. Great music plays in the background
that has me looking up iTunes, check. Not much has changed.

It was entertaining though and a little different to see them out and about
with their friends. I must say though, does anyone think that Olivia possibly
has a chance with Sebastian? Could she really be that clueless? I would say …

Now that Lydia and Sebastian have seemingly made a commitment to each other,
hopefully they can do more with Olivia. She is an appealing character and could
be much better used. And while the lesbian storyline continues to engage, I
always enjoy seeing Gregor look sad and desperate over the latest woes with the
Princess. Now that’s old school soap.
Can we get a little of that for Christian and Olli, please?

That Matters

This is probably the best set of clips featuring Roman that I’ve seen in a
long, long time. It only shows how much the character has been wasted and
the actor’s talent squandered over months of doing nothing.



The bizarre, sexy
and funny scenes between Roman and Axel would be enough to give these clips
merit, but we get so much more here. They were certainly original and I love
that the show had no problem playing Roman as a sex object, complete with long,
lingering looks at his… assets. Men are
rarely used like that on television. More please!

Then we have the continuation of the Bulle storyline as he plots to get his
revenge on Roman and Deniz. Bulle makes a great villain, and I’m enjoying his
sinister antics, but what I’m not enjoying here is Roman as a complete victim. It
would be nice if he was a little stronger where Bulle was concerned and not
begging everyone else to solve his problem.

And it still makes no sense to me that with all this danger going on and
Deniz supposedly being so concerned for Roman, that he would up and leave town.
Still, it’ll be interesting to see where this plot arc goes next.

The best
part were the scenes between Roman and Deniz, where Deniz sought
out Roman for a little comfort. It’s nice that their relationship hasn’t been
forgotten and they still have palpable chemistry. And it’s obvious that Deniz
still gets to Roman. Not falling into
bed with him wasn’t easy, but he had to resist. Very well done.



As The World Turns
Zzzzzzz…. Oh, excuse me. I just nodded off trying to write this review of last
week’s ATWT. It was that boring. You’d think the drama surrounding Luke’s kidnapped niece might be more
interesting, but alas it was not. Tedious and unbelievable dialogue, lifeless
performances and the ill-use of Van Hansis’ Luke (this actor is far too
talented to stand in the background holding up the scenery) added up to an hour
I wish I could get back.

The guys have been involved in a lot of high drama lately and yet I find
myself less and less interested in the goings on in their lives. Let’s hope
their upcoming story changes that.

Fisica O Quimica I’ve missed this series, so it was a
treat to be able to catch last week’s episode. And what an episode it was. We
got Fer and his new love interest David checking out each other’s, um, goods
in a very funny and provocative scene. And I found it amusing that David
referenced a previous episode where the entire school found out about Fer’s
generous assets. No wonder David is interested!

But the point of the episode
was Fer’s determination to find out whether David was gay and into him. And thanks
to a really hot and steamy make out session in the school bathroom, it seems
the answer was a decided yes.

Of course, that set up the conflict in this story: David is
closeted and not ready to give in to his desire for Fer, a fact that broke poor
Fer’s heart. So we got heat, humor and heartbreak, and it added up to an
excellent episode.

Fer tries to find out just how gay his
new beau really is

A mystery man comes to As The World
, EastEndersChristian’s
life goes up in smoke, horror strikes Beautiful
, Olli pulls rank on Forbidden
– and more!

Stop reading if you don’t want the scoop on all your favorite soaps
and dramas!

Christian is left in charge
of his brother-in-law’s restaurant and he’s not having such a good time running
things. But it gets significantly worse when there is a gas explosion that destroys
the restaurant, killing one man and leaving another in critical condition. When
it’s time to assign blame, all eyes fall on Christian. He’s innocent, of
course, but will that be revealed before it’s too late?

EastEnders’ Christian and the
townspeople react to
seeing the restaurant go up in flames

The World Turns
Luke and
Noah begin a new story arc next week with the arrival of mysterious Riley
Morgan. Casey Hughes’ brother Adam is dead and Riley arrives at his memorial
service to share memories of Adam with Casey and his family. What does this
have to do with Luke and Noah? Seems there’s a mystery about who Riley is and whether he’s being honest about his past.
And if there’s a mystery, you know Luke and Noah are ready to solve it! Meanwhile, when Noah gets the chance to make
a movie, all he needs is an idea. Luke has one, but will Noah like it?

Let’s hope the new storyline brings a
new haircut for Noah…

Bartender Sean Tully
is bored with his life and depressed because he doesn’t have a boyfriend. When
his good friend Julie offers to be his life coach to help get his life in
order, Sean takes her up on it. But he’s quickly caught up in a work dispute
with his co-worker Becky over who will represent the bar in an advertising

Meanwhile, bad boy David Platt is rather fond of his elderly gay
grandfather Ted. So he feels terrible when a revenge scheme against an enemy
goes awry and Grandpa Ted suffers a heart attack.

David’s vengeful scheme works, but
it’s his
gay grandfather Ted who pays the price

When the school is
going to put on a version of Joseph and
the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
, Simon is so there. Naturally, things go
completely wrong and it all leads to Simon’s mother being arrested for assault,
not to mention a bizarre reenactment of the classic horror film Carrie. If you think that’s the
strangest thing that happens in this episode, think again.

That Matters
After the
incident where he found drugs in his house, Deniz’s gun is now missing. He and
Roman think Bulle is responsible and fear he’s on the loose with a loaded
weapon. Little do they know that Bulle is dead, accidentally killed by their
friend Mike. However, that hardly means the trouble is over. In fact, it’s just
begun for Deniz, who takes the rap for Bulle’s death.

Young and The Restless
Ashby, the man pretending to be Phillip Chancellor III, finds his secret
unraveling when Nina Chancellor, Philip’s "widow," starts asking too
many questions about his past. Panicked, Cane calls his "Uncle
Langley," who has the supposedly dead PIII’s very handsome face. What will
‘Uncle Langley’ tell him to do? Is the real Philip Chancellor III about to
stand up?

Hot casting news for As The World
, more gays coming to The Young
and the Restless
, Glee’s
Kurt gets a love interest — and more!

Syed Masood (Mark Elliot) is EastEnders’
newest gay

As we noted in the GOOL Summer Preview, EastEnders
has crafted a gay romance for gay caterer Christian Clarke and Syed
Masood (Marc Elliot) who happens to be Muslim. The story starts with a kiss between the two
men, which will air at the end of June, and moves on to a full blown romantic
coupling, with Syed’s conflict over his sexuality and his Muslim faith being
the primary issue between them. EastEnders
producers describe the storyline as a "traditional romance with a modern,
multi-cultural twist" and have done extensive research with religious
organizations, sociologists and gay Muslim groups while crafting the
intricacies of the storyline.

EastEnders’ executive producer
Diederick Santer spoke to Digital Spy about
the storyline:

isn’t a moral tale of right or wrong; it’s very much a human interest story
where a young man struggles with the conflict between his faith and his
feelings. To all intents and purposes, Syed’s a ’good’ Muslim man: he doesn’t
drink, smoke or engage in sex before marriage. But he struggles with his
sexuality when he finds himself drawn to Christian and he believes this goes
against his faith. This is not a story about Syed and Christian’s physical
relationship — we don’t see anything beyond one kiss. It’s more about the inner
turmoil and conflict Syed endures trying to remain true to his faith while
questioning his sexuality.

Marc Elliot, who plays the conflicted Syed, told the BBC Asian Network that he supports the controversial storyline:

"I think EastEnders would be doing the program a
disservice if they didn’t give a voice to various communities. I think that’s
really important because I think London is a very ethnically diverse
multicultural place and EastEnders has a job to reflect that in the
storylines it gives people and the characters they have on board."

EastEnders has received criticism in the past for their handling of
their Muslim characters and storylines. There have already been grumblings by
Muslim and religious groups about this new story.

Forbes March to play Mason on As the World Turns

At last! We’ve been talking about Mason, Noah’s film adviser, ever since his
name first popped up in a casting script a couple of months ago. Now the role
has finally been cast. The handsome Forbes March, whose previous soap roles
were on All My Children and One Life to Live (where he played the
wildly popular Nash Brennan), has been tabbed to play the much talked about part. The actor is very excited about his new gig and told the The Suds Report why he was interested in
this role.

I am interested in
characters who will demand I look at the world through someone else’s eyes and
fight for their point of view; so a gay character was interesting to me. I am
not phobic of really anything and I certainly am not homophobic. From a
Christian point of view, God is love and if you don’t love your fellow man,
then you don’t love God.

I do not find hate or intolerance, self-righteousness
or a lack of humility or compassion to be consistent with my understanding of
our philosophy. From a secular point of view, gimme a break! To be homophobic
should be as embarrassing as any other ignorant and hateful fear and I hope we
are close to that time. I am an actor and I tell stories and love is love.


also told Soap Opera Digest that he’s been very impressed with how the
Luke and Noah storyline has been handled thus far:

of the reasons I’m so excited to be a part of this is because I think they’ve
done such a good job of writing that relationship.” They didn’t cliché it in any way. They did
it very truthfully and honestly and well, I think it merits being so popular
and I’m looking forward to working with the guys."

great and all, but let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? When will Noah and Mason be hooking up? Alas, according to The Suds Report,
the show has no current plans for those particular two to be slipping between
the sheets.

just for fun, this columnist would like to know: Who would you rather see Mason hook up
with? Luke or Noah? Give your answer in the QUESTION OF THE WEEK!

Are more gays headed to Genoa City? That’s the word from Maria Arena Bell,
co-executive producer and co-head writer of The
Young and the Restless.
She talked to The
Suds Report
’s Nelson Branco about her plans to make
daytime’s number one soap a little more gay-friendly.

The Young and the Restless co-executive producer
and co-head writer
Maria Arena Bell

Ms. Bell spoke about the fact that her show currently has two openly gay
cast members (out gay actor Thom Bierdz, who plays Phillip Chancellor III and
out lesbian Clementine Ford who plays Mac) as well as the introduction of Rafe
as the show’s first gay character.

I would never edit or prevent any actor from talking about their personal
life in the press, whether they are gay, straight or whatever. As far as it
comes to Y&R, I felt it was important to introduce characters from
all walks of life on our show. I disagree that Rafe announcing to his friend
that he’s gay was our first gay storyline because it was just a fact of his
life. It’s like, “yeah, so what — what do you want for lunch?” But — we do have
a gay storyline in the works. Perhaps more than one. And more than one gay
character. More importantly, the gay storyline we’re planning on telling will
reflect real life. I couldn’t be happier.

Ms. Bell went on to add:

“We are going to be telling our gay stories in ways you wouldn’t expect. I
don’t want to tell a traditional coming-out story because I feel that has been
done to death. Our stories are about relationships — and our gay stories will
be no different. You’re going to see gay themes in several different ways on
the show. I won’t spoil anything because viewers will really enjoy how it all
unfolds. We’re portraying being gay as it is: a part of life.”

You can find the full interview here.

Ferry Doedens

Openly bisexual actor Ferry Doedens began shooting on Good Times, Bad Times last week as gay teen Lucas Sanders, the
first openly gay male on the popular Dutch soap. His first scenes are with Marly van der Velden, who plays his half-sister
Nina, and
who plays Dex. Why does this matter? Well, in an interview a few weeks back,
several potential love interests for Lucas were listed and Sandtke’s Dex was
one of them. Lucas will debut on GTBT June

In somewhat
related casting news, Elizabeth Hubbard, who plays gay Luke Snyder’s
grandmother on As The World Turns,
will be doing a guest spot on GTBT as
Dex’s grandmother. She will debut in early July.

Robert Gant

Openly gay actor Robert Gant, formerly of Queer As Folk, will star in the BBC Three series Personal Affairs. The quirky
comedy-drama follows the lives and loves of a group of personal assistants
living and loving in London. The series is written by former EastEnders writer Gabbie Asher.

The first season of Raising the Bar,
the TNT legal drama featuring Jonathan Scarfe as gay law clerk Charlie Sagansky,
will be released on DVD June 2nd Kings will have its first and only season on DVD released in the
coming winter months … Greek wraps up
its current season next week, but folks won’t have to wait long to see what
comes next. The third season starts August 31, with lots of scenes of Calvin and Grant making out. Okay, in my version that’s what happens…

Shameless will return for its
seventh season later this year… Glee’s gay club member, Kurt, played by
Chris Colfer, gets an unexpected love interest in the show’s third episode when
the show returns in the fall… Shortland
celebrated its 17th anniversary on May 25th.

there had been rumors that Degrassi: The Next Generation wouldn’t return
for a 9th season, it is now officially a go. There will be lots of
cast changes however, with newbie and old school cast members coming and
going. Riley (the gay jock played by Argiris
Karras) is one character expected to return.

Greek grabbed some 680,000 viewers last week, which is fairly consistent for
the season, but not even half the audience that Secret Life of the American
gets in the same time slot… All That Matters averaged about
2.5 million viewers last week or about 13% of the audience… Forbidden Love averaged
about 1.6 million viewers or about 11.5 % of the audience… As The World
hit new lows last week, losing another 77,000 viewers and garnering
only a 1.8 rating. For some perspective, ATWT is in worse ratings shape
than recently canceled Guiding Light was this time last year.
Meanwhile, The Young and the Restless, while still number one, was off
some 120,000 viewers. However, it is still up over 220,000 viewers from this
time last year.


Forbidden Love stars Jo Weil
(Olli) and Thore Schölermann (Christian) ham it up for the camera

Here’s an interesting scene from an
upcoming episode of
Forbidden Love

One of our favorite soap stars, Billy
As The World Turns) sunning
himself in the park

(Mason, As The World Turns)

We don’t know much about Mason yet. In fact, we don’t even know if Mason is
his first or last name! Is he a dedicated professional who just wants to help
Noah Mayer make the best student film he can? Or is he a seducer who would use
his status to lure unsuspecting students into very naked extra curricular
activities? Or maybe he’s just a decent fella who loses his heart to a handsome
younger man who he just happens to be mentoring.

Of course, he could always
cast his eye on his student’s adorable boyfriend There’s just a lot we don’t
know about Oakdale’s newest gay and we won’t find out until July 14th
when Mason makes his debut on ATWT.
But the one thing we do know is that Mason is hot. We can’t wait to meet him
and have him bring some life to Luke and Noah’s relationship. And that’s enough
to make him our SOAP STUD OF THE WEEK!