Gays of our Lives (June 09, 2009)

Are the gays taking over daytime? It would seem so, as yet another daytime soap reveals its plans to tell a gay love
story this summer. We’ve got the latest news and spoilers on the upcoming plot,
including a clip of the intended lovebirds. Plus, we have an extra large helping of GOOL
Theater this week, including a hot and sexy episode of Forbidden Love, some explosive events on EastEnders, heart
pounding moments on Coronation Street
and our first visit to New Zealand soap Shortland


We’ve also got spoilers on a
goodbye to Fair City’s gay character and the
dish on what cutie pie Noah Mayer is shooting this week on As The World Turns.  Meanwhile, GOOL Newsbeat looks at the
controversy surrounding EastEnders’ gay
Muslim storyline as well as the scoop on another U.K. sudser’s returning gay character. And


One Life to Live’s previous and future lovers Kyle
Lewis (Brett Claywell)
and Oliver Fish (openly gay actor Scott Evans)


One Life To Live, considered by
many to be daytime’s second best soap opera (after The Young and the Restless) becomes the latest sudser to add a gay
character to its cast. Or in this case, two! 
According to soap columnist Nelson Branco, Officer Oliver Fish
(played by out actor Scott Evans, brother of film star Chris Evans) and
Kyle Lewis (played by Brett Claywell) are about to be revealed as having had a
sexual relationship while they were in college.

Branco adds that despite the fact Fish has had relationships with a couple of different women in his time on the
show, the two men will nevertheless be involved in a romantic storyline. Currently
they share a prickly relationship that hints at their past, as we see in this
clip below.

What is most intriguing about these two characters is that Fish is an
obviously closeted cop and Kyle is a very shady lab tech who will do anything
for a quick buck &#8212 and who until recently was suspected of several murders. In
other words, they’re decidedly not your squeaky clean boy next door teens ala ATWT’s Luke and Noah and will possibly
have more color, shadings and depth.

It also helps that they are on a much
better written show and it’s heartening to see the number of gay characters expanding enough to include such a wide diversity of characters.

One Life To Live’s previous gay
characters: Billy Douglas (Ryan Phillipe),
Mark Solomon (Matt Cavenaugh) and
Daniel Colson (Mark Dobies)

One Life has had gay characters in
the past.  In 1992, they told the coming
out story of gay teen Billy Douglas (played by Ryan Phillipe) then years later,
the show had planned to have stud Rex Balsom, played by John-Paul Lavoisier,
come out of the closet. In the end, they changed their minds (though the actor
was reportedly cool with playing a gay character).

In 2005, there was an
infamous storyline revolving around DA Daniel Colson (played by Mark Dobies)
who killed several people to hide the fact that he was gay and having an affair
with a much younger man, Mark Solomon (played by Matt Cavenaugh). Some found
the storyline offensive, though this columnist did not and actually enjoyed it.

Might there be a third gay guy tossed into the mix? The show is currently casting the role
of Griffin, a man Kyle is dating. And it seems Fish doesn’t like that idea at all. Hmm! Whatever happens, we’ll continue to follow
this story as it develops and have all the clips, news and spoilers every week
in the GOOL.



Last week, I reported that things weren’t going to go particularly well when Christian ran his brother-in-law’s business while he was out of town and sure enough that was the case.

We’re seeing more of
but he still isn’t doing anything interesting…

For all the action swirling around Christian, most notably
his brother-in-law’s business going up in flames, he continues to not really be
part of the action, only reacting to everything … and there’s even not much
of that. But then Christian has always been a reactor to what is going on
around him and not one who actually participates in or drives any of the

That isn’t to say the drama surrounding the explosion and how it
affects the characters isn’t riveting. But Christian’s part seems
like an afterthought, which has always been the problem with this character. It’s
good that he’ll finally has his own story coming soon, so I can stop repeating the same lament every week. It would certainly be nice to see if there’s more to him than just his pretty face.

All That Matters

So Bulle is dead and I have to say I’m kind of sorry that he is. He’s been a menacing villain, and I think he
could have been used to create havoc for Roman and Deniz for quite some time to come. While the ramifications of his demise will create problems for the duo, I
think that there was much unrealized potential with this character.

Not only
that, I think it would have been better storytelling and have offered some needed growth
for the other characters if they‘d had more time to battle this
particular demon. Meanwhile, while I like Jenny and find her to be a fun
villainess, her continual schemes directed at the boring Lars are growing rather tiresome. I’d love for her to move on to something else more worthy of her
time and ours.


Forbidden Love

Well, it’s about time. How long has it been since Christian and Olli finally had something to do other than worry about everyone else’s problems? Too damn long!

While it was wonderful to see them with their own storyline, it was &#8212 unfortunately &#8212 too short. At least it was well done. The best part about the
conflict? It was realistic, the kind of issue that real couples would face. Both had valid points of view and you understood where each was
coming from (I’m on Olli’s side, BTW!).

And their solution, though hardly
likely to solve things, was wonderful as we got to see the heat and the
chemistry that made us fall in love with this couple in the first place.

Now these boys know
how to make up after a fight!

Their make up scene was very romantic and just might be one of their sexiest
moments ever. As I said last week in regards to a clip from another show, I love it
when men are used as sex objects. It’s the kind of thing that is too often shied away
from in the U.S., even if our gay characters are getting more screen time
and more substantial storylines these days.


Shortland Street

I have to admit that whenever I see Gerald, I keep
wondering how long the show is going to avoid the elephant in the room, i.e.
Gerald’s sexuality. I mean, it’s been awhile since Gerald declared that he was
asexual, and I would think at some point, the show would have to address it. There
must be a reason why this young, good looking man has no interest in sex.

mean, he doesn’t have to come out of it having realized he was gay (though
given the character, it’s hard to believe that he wouldn’t), but I think it’s
an issue the show should get into because not
dealing with it is distracting. That said, I find the battle for these babies
quite intriguing, topical and timely. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes
from here.

Coronation Street


Let me begin by saying that I have never liked the character
of Sean Tully. I started watching Coronation
because of his character
(keeping track of these things is sort of my gig after all), but he is one of my least
favorite soap characters.

I find him totally unappealing and utterly annoying. He
is far too over the top and campy to be taken seriously, much less enjoyed. And
his antics here put these bad qualities on full display and make watching him
like nails on a chalkboard.

I understand he is very popular in the U.K. and that the
actor had a hand in the creation of the character and his storylines. I just
continue to wonder what I’m missing in regards to this Sean’s appeal. Clearly
I’m missing something. Perhaps our GOOL readers can explain it to me!


Gay elderly characters are rare, so it’s nice to see one on
TV. Ted hasn’t been used a great deal, but I’ve enjoyed what the show has done with
him so far. And it’s cool that despite being a nasty little
monster, David Platt (who actually is one of my favorite characters on this
show) truly cares about his grandpa.

It will be interesting to see David’s reaction to
being inadvertently responsible for his poor gay grandpa’s heart attack. Ted’s appearance may just be a plot device, but at least it’s a compelling
one compared to Sean’s scenes. And hopefully, this will lead to our seeing Ted more

The Young and the

This show continues to frustrate me, not because I don’t
like the story they are telling, but because I do. I love it, and I know the
return of Phillip Chancellor III is going to make for riveting soap opera viewing.

But I’m
ready for them to get on with it and have Phillip III do more than answer a
phone with a concerned look on his face. Yes, I know the show is building to
something, and I also know that there’s a lot of story currently on Y&R’s plate, and there are beats
that must be played before they can get to this. But this gay storyline has a ton of potential and I’m on the edge of my
seat waiting for all of this to finally come to the fruition.

In the meantime, I’m
loving Nina probing into what Cane doesn’t want her to probe into. Cane is not
the most interesting character, and I find his and Lily’s relationship to be
dull and lacking chemistry. So hopefully this upcoming story will make those
characters interesting to watch as well.


Are we about to learn
some dark secrets from the past of Noah Mayer?

As The World Turns It’s been a while since an episode featuring Luke and Noah
has actually been engaging, but this week ATWT started an intriguing new plot arc, gave us some nice drama
and a few sweet romantic moments in a stellar episode.

The opening
scenes of the boys being deliciously flirty was a reminder of the sexual
chemistry we’ve seen all too little of lately. And the arrival of the
mysterious (and hot) Riley Morgan sets up a storyline that promises to not only
delve into an intriguing new character, but potentially reveal the secret past
of good guy Noah Mayer.

I haven’t been this interested in what was up with
Oakdale’s favorite gay couple in a long time. It’s nice to finally have
something to look forward to.

As the World Turns Noah Mayer gets his Spielberg on, love —
and sex — in an elevator for Axel and Roman on All That Matters, David
plots his next sinister move on Kings, another soap gives a gay the kiss off —
and more!

Stop reading if you don’t want the scoop on all your favorite soaps
and dramas!

By the time she’s
finished, Roman will wish Jenny
had really been kidnapped …

All That MattersA
disappearance and a return brings headaches for Roman and Deniz. Having successfully faked her kidnapping, iJenny returns and continues trying to pull
Roman into her never ending plot to break up Lars and Stella.

Meanwhile, Axel,
not wanting to deal with the homoerotic feelings he has for Roman, keeps trying
to avoid him. It doesn’t work, of course, and the two find themselves in close proximity. Having accidentally murdered Bulle, Mike realizes he
needs to move the body before someone finds it. In doing so, he leaves the
murder weapon behind … a weapon that belongs to Deniz. When the cops find it,
will Deniz be the one to take the rap?

Fair CityAnother
gay gone? Seems so as this Irish drama
says goodbye to their sole gay character.
Troy Dowling has been out of work ever since he came back home, DJ gigs
being few and far between. He finally gets the job offer of his dreams, but it turns
out it’s going to take him far away from home. And there’s a further fly in the ointment — he doesn’t
have the cash to get there.

Troy tries to raise the money, but when it proves to
be difficult, his family’s help and a twist of fate provide the funds Troy needs
to make the trip. Off to start a new life, Troy bids his father and brother a
bittersweet farewell.

Coronation Street
David Platt’s gay grandfather Ted is in the hospital clinging to life in the
wake of the heart attack inadvertently caused by his grandson. Even though David is sorry his grandfather
was a victim of his schemes, it doesn’t stop the demon seed from enjoying that
his revenge plot worked. Meanwhile, Sean’s efforts to pull his life
together are stymied by yet another work dispute.

Does Jack’s smile hide
a dark secret?

Kings A plague
sweeps through the city, putting lives at risk. The King has to deal with the
possibility that one of his own family members is making the potential crisis

Meanwhile, the peace agreement between Gath and Gilboa is on shaky
ground, so Silas sends David and Jack to reinforce the deal that was brokered
between the two lands. But David and Jack quickly discover that their simple
mission is much more than that when a shocking request is made of them. Will
Jack stop his scheming attrempts to ruin David long enough for the mission to be a success?

hot guys making a movie together?
next week’s
ATWT going places no soap
has ever gone before?

As The World Turns – Noah
gets to work on a movie about growing up with Col. Mayer while using Luke,
Casey and Riley as his film crew. But the mystery that is Riley Morgan comes
into play when Noah conducts an interview with a solider about his experiences
overseas. When the solider quizzes Riley about his time in Afghanistan, Luke
can’t help but notice that Riley is nervous about having to answer the questions. Uh-oh!

Beautiful People Simon
learns that bathroom humor is no laughing matter not even number two on this
week’s BP. Simon plays a joke on his
mother Debbie by convincing her that, ummm, well, moving your bowels can
help you see into the future. Hey, I’m not the one who makes this stuff up!

Through a
series of bizarre circumstances, Debbie becomes convinced someone is going to
die. And when Simon’s grandmother is killed in an unfortunate microwave accident,
Debbie is terrified by her new psychic powers. How can Simon solve this dilemma
and make himself some money in the process?
Trust us, he finds a way.

If anybody is looking
for Phillip Chancellor III, perhaps they
should check Australia. Hey, I’m just
here to help…

The Young and the Restless Nina Chancellor’s probe into the past
of the man claiming to be Phillip Chancellor III has the man in question, Cane
Ashby, panicking. Eventually, the clues begin to pile up and Nina becomes
certain that Cane is lying about who he is.

Under the guise of needing to test
Phillip III’s remains for a hereditary disease that could affect his adult son Phillip
IV, Nina orders an exhumation of the body. Feeling the walls closing in, Cane
calls his ‘Uncle Langley’, desperately needing to know what to do. But it might
be too late. When Phillip’s casket is opened, Nina is stunned to see that it’s


As The World TurnsLuke
finds a financial backer for Noah’s movie…

Greek Calvin takes drastic action to avoid his
growing feelings for Grant…

The Young and the Restless Philip’s empty casket leads to a shocking

Forbidden Love Christian isn’t happy with Olli’s sales

Shortland StreetGerald
reaches his limit and flies into a rage…

Who faces Gerald’s

All That Matters Another modeling chance comes Roman’s way…

surprising shows up to wish Christian a happy birthday…

Hollyoaks Ravi suffers a horrifying blackout…

Coronation StreetGrandpa
Ted shocks everyone with his decision about David…

Beautiful People Posh Spice strikes inspiration for Simon…

GOOL NEWSBEAT – A gay returns to River City, what’s ahead for Torchwood’s Ianto and Captain Jack, the latest behind-the-scenes
dish on The Young and the Restless,
the Television Critics Association Awards are announced – and more!

Tony Kearney plays gay
bartender Scott Wallace on
River City

Remember Scott Wallace, the gay barman played by Tony
Kearney on River City? Probably not since, before leaving the series for a new life in San Francisco a few months
back, the character was little

But the character will be returning to the
show at least temporarily along with his father, Reverend John Wallace. As you might
suspect given the fact that he’s a man of the cloth, John isn’t accepting of his
son’s sexuality, setting the stage for a very intense reunion between the two
men. Look for the scenes to air in July.

Turns out that is a
gun in his pocket…

Veteran actor John Michael Higgins, who has played gay several
times, most notably in the film Best In
, joins the cast of the legal drama Raising
the Bar
in the second episode of the new season as Albert Farnsworth, an
eccentric judge who happens to be gay.

It’s a recurring role and Higgins is
slated to appear in about half of the show’s 15 episodes. Is it possible that
something personal could happen between Judge Farnsworth and the show’s other gay
character, law clerk Charlie Sagansky? Well, the two do share an interesting dinner
in the show’s sixth episode.

In behind-the-scenes RTB
news, the show has a new writer-producer for its new season, former Ugly Betty executive producer Joel

EE’s Syed Masood is
coming out of the closet …
and not everybody is happy about it

Some Muslim groups have begun to react to the news that EastEnders is having their Muslim
character, Syed Masood, embark on a gay love affair with caterer Christian
Clarke (played by openly gay actor John Partridge) and the response hasn’t been wholly positive.

Asghar Bukhari of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee had this to say about Syed:

The Muslim community deserves a character that
represents them to the wider public because Islamophobia is so great right now. There’s a
lack of understanding of Muslims already and I think EastEnders really lost an opportunity to present a normal friendly
Muslim character to the British public.

Because we all know those gay characters are neither normal nor friendly. 

Diederick Santer, executive producer of EE, feels the show should tell controversial
storylines as well as make effective use of their minority characters.

Syed’s girlfriend
Amira won’t be too happy when she
gets the news that her boyfriend is a ‘mo

Said Santer to Digital Spy:

Sometimes there’s a danger of being too careful with
black or Asian characters that we might go into territories that might offend. But it
seems to me if we steer away from any controversy, they [the Masoods] don’t
stand a chance of being a great EastEnders
family — they’ll just be in their kitchen unit making curries for years and
years and that’s not going to be very interesting.

And Imaan, an organization for LGBT Muslim people in Britain
who advised and assisted the show in the creation of the character and crafting
of the storyline, explained why they are proud to be involved in the process.

need to have this figure among a popular and established Muslim family like the
Masoods in such a successful soap because it brings to the fore the challenges
and choices that confront the character,” explained Pav Akhtar, chairman of the
organization, “as well as those around him who have to overcome their own fears
and prejudices as the storyline develops."

Torchwood’s Ianto and
Captain Jack find time for love… and danger

As reported in last week’s GOOL Summer Preview, the long
awaited mini-series Torchwood: Children
of the Earth
will air July 20th
over five
nights on BBC One. And one thing that viewers can expect is the continuation and
deepening of the love affair between Ianto Jones and Captain Jack Harkness,
played by Gareth David-Lloyd and openly gay actor John Barrowman, respectively.

While the actors in question are glad that the relationship is being given
such prominence in the new series, they don’t see it as a big deal.

didn’t see it as an issue,” David-Lloyd told Gay Times. “It’s just another relationship on television. I hope
the days are gone when it’s an issue for anyone.”

agrees. “We want to keep the normality of male/male, female/female
relationships on television and I think it’s important they have that on BBC
One. I’m also with Gareth. I don’t believe we make an issue of it in Torchwood. We treat it as complete normality. Maybe it
is groundbreaking in a sense, but it’s important to have those things out there
because young people see it.”

and Barrowman are mum about what happens to their characters and their
relationship over the course of the series. David-Lloyd says that the
conclusion of the series leaves things open ended, but Barrowman counters by
saying that the way the series is written, it could be the last adventure of
the Torchwood crew. However, both
actors are eager to do more installments of the sci-fi adventure series should
a decision be made for its return.

can find the full interview with the actors in this month’s issue of Gay Times.

According to Southland’s executive producer Christopher Chulack,
you can expect all the regulars from the first season to return for season two,
including Tom Everett Scott’s Det. Russell Clarke, who’d been left shot and
bleeding in the season finale’s final moments.

Chulack was also asked whether Officer
John Cooper, who is gay (played by Michael Cudlitz), would be coming out of the
closet in season two:

“Maybe, maybe not. That face is just an
insight into an individual’s life who happens to be a cop.” Chulack said to TV Guide “Who knows if it
will be germane to what he does as a cop? I kind of think no. But again, we
have to see where we want to go next season.”

Will John Cooper be
coming out in season two of

As for whether the show can survive on
Friday nights up against time slot rival Ugly

“I like the Law & Order lead-in that we
have.” Chulack said. “We’ll see how we
do against Dollhouse and Ugly Betty, though I don’t
think that Betty’s audience is ours.”

Apparently you can’t believe everything you read in this column, at least when it comes to The Young and the Restless spoilers. According
to Nelson Branco of The Suds Report, he
was told by Maria Arena Bell, co-executive producer and co-head writer of
daytime’s number one soap that they are purposefully giving out false spoilers
to CBS in order to throw folks off. Now that’s dedication to surprising


So who is The Young and the Restless gay
lawyer Rafe Torres going to hook up with? While he’s rarely been seen of late,
the show has promised a love interest for the character, who reportedly has
a major story in the coming weeks and months.

Among the ‘candidates’ is Adam
Wilson, his scheming, duplicitous client. If Rafe were to ever get clued in on
Adam’s dastardly deeds, is it possible that Rafe would let his romantic
feelings for his client get in the way of following the law?

“Let me put it like this: Rafe is anything but a dumb guy,” Yani
Gellman, who plays Rafe, said during an interview with The Advocate. “At the same time, he has a responsibility to protect
his clients’ interest, and that is all I will say!”

Gellman added, “The truth is, I don’t know yet who my love
interest will be, but I have a couple of people in mind. How’s that?”

Gellman also insisted that the show does plan on telling the
gay storyline with all its various beats. “You can expect to see the story line
play out. They are not going to leave us hanging here, I can promise you that.”

Gellman was not permitted to answer questions regarding the
hubbub about former Y&R actor
Chris Engen exiting the show after discovering he was to have a same sex kiss
with Gellman.

You can find the full interview here.

In what is likely to be the final
word on the ‘Chris Engen bolts because of a gay kiss’ imbroglio on Y&R (unless the show decides to sue),
the handsome actor released a long, rambling statement on his MySpace page
telling his side of the story. Engen refutes the allegations that he quit over
the gay kiss or that it was religious objections that led him to walk out on
the show mid-contract. He also said that he only called in sick on one occasion
and had only been allowed one meeting with Y&R
brass, despite previously published reports.

"I felt generally unhappy about my contribution
to the show and had greater and greater difficulty making any sense of the
challenges they were asking me to face," Engen said, adding that he had
concerns and wasn’t happy long before the kiss came up. "In the end, I
didn’t feel that decisions were being made in my best interests, personally or
professionally. I asked to be removed from my duties.”

Michael Muhney
is the new Adam Wilson

Engen’s last airdate is June 24th. As
previously reported, former Veronica Mars
actor Michael Muhney has taken over the role and his first episode will air June 25th.
Sources say the storyline, which is rumored to be Adam pretending to be gay in
order to manipulate his attorney Rafe, will not be affected by Engen’s exit.

Will roommates Mickey
and Ian remain friends or become lovers
in the upcoming season of

Good news! While
there had been some concern that season seven of C4’s Shameless would be slashed from 16 to 8 due to network mandated
budget cuts, show producers worked things out with the network, and there will
be 16 episodes filmed as originally planned.

Shooting for the upcoming season
is under way and will air later this year. And what’s ahead for Mickey (Ciaran
Griffiths) and Ian (Gerald Kearns) when the new season begins? Mickey and Ian enter a new phase in their
relationship when they decide to live together. But, will it be as friends or

Hollyoaks’ bisexual Kris Fisher
graduates from college later this summer, look for his mother to pay a
memorable visit… Hotel Babylon, the BBC One series about a five star hotel and
featuring Michael Obiora as gay receptionist Ben, returns for a
fourth season June 19th.

The death of an important cast member on The Secret Life of the American Teenager
takes place in the show’s season opener on June 22nd. And as
previously reported, what happens as a result of that death is going to be
quite controversial. In the meantime,
the first season of the teen series will be released on DVD June 16th

Will Luke Grimes, who plays the annoying Ryan on Brothers & Sisters, be
back next season? Reportedly, the plan
had been to make the bastard Walker son a regular next season, but as the
character was not well received by the audience, the show is said to be
reconsidering … Look for Forbidden Love
stars Jo Weil (Olli) and Thore Schölermann (Christian) to be in attendance
at ColognePride 2009 on July 5th. All you have to do is get to
Heumarkt, Cologne to meet them!

Haaz Sleiman

Haaz Sleiman plays gay nurse Mo-Mo in the Showtime series Nurse Jackie, but it’s not the first
time the actor has played gay. He appeared in the gay themed indie film The Ski Trip in 2004 … And
Forbes March, who will debut as Mason, Noah’s gay film advisor on As The World Turns, has also played gay before in the indie movie Manhattanites (2008), which features a bevy of soap stars …

Mad Men was nominated for both Program
of the Year and Outstanding Achievement in Drama at the Television Critics
Association Awards. Meanwhile, The No. 1
Ladies’ Detective Agency
, The United
States of Tara
and True Blood were
each nominated for Outstanding New Program of the Year. The winners will be
announced August 1st … The artwork of The
Young and the Restless
gay actor Thom Bierdz (Phillip) will be on display at Brown’s Fine Art in Jackson, Mississippi until June 30.

The cast of Modern

Initial buzz on Modern
, the upcoming ABC sitcom featuring Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet
as a gay couple who have adopted a baby, has been wholly positive with many
considering it the best new comedy of the coming season . . . So what happens
with Greek’s Calvin and Grant when the show picks up the relationship in season
three this coming August? Gregory
Michael, who plays Grant, was non-committal when asked about it by’s Michael Fairman. “I’ve heard the story line
of the two of them as roommates continues,” Michael said, “but whether they’re
in one bed or two, we’ll have to see.” …

Gay fave Kristen Chenoweth, formerly of
Pushing Daisies, joins the cast of Glee in a recurring role, starting with
its 5th episode. Songs from the first episode of the series are
currently in the top ten most downloaded songs on iTunes.

Both The Young and The Restless and As
The World Turns
saw ratings boosts last week. ATWT gained 86,000 viewers and was the fourth most watched soap. Number
one soap Y&R grabbed 120,000 more
viewers and now has 48,000 more people watching than this time last year… Física
O Química
garnered its highest ratings of the season last week, winning the
time slot with nearly 18% of the audience or 2.3 million viewers watching.

After two weeks in second place, Coronation Street reclaimed its position as the top U.K. soap with 9.18
million viewers. EastEnders was
second with 8.17 million and Emmerdale
was third with 6.64 million …

In Germany, All That
was down slightly from the previous week, with 2.48 million viewers
or about 12.5 % of the audience while Forbidden
was up a bit from last week with 1.7 million viewers and 12% of the

In New Zealand, U.K. soap Coronation Street topped native soap Shortland Street, but not by much. CS averaged 594,000 viewers
last week while SS averaged 593,000


John Barrowman and
Gareth David-Lloyd strike a romantic pose
for the
Torchwood: Children of
the Earth mini-series

Coronation Street stars
Andrew Langtree (Leon),
openly gay actor
Antony Cotton,
and Ryan Thomas (Jason) in a behind-the-scenes moment

Roman gives Axel his
best come hither stare ever in
an upcoming episode of
All That Matters


Markko’s the kind of guy you’d be happy to have as a
friend… or a boyfriend. When you’re in trouble, he’s the trusted guy you can
turn to be there for you since de’d give you the shirt off his back to help a friend. Lucky for us that he does.

Jason Tam (Markko Rivera, One Life To Live)

He’s also loyal boyfriend, tried and true who
looks out for the lady he loves, whether it be from another girl out to steal
him away, or a scheming relative out to break them up.

Markko fights for and
stands by the people he cares about. And who doesn’t want a guy like that
around, especially when they are as adorable as he is? So for all those reasons and more, he is our