Gays of Our Lives: Love, Sex and Betrayal on “All That Matters”

This week, in Gays of Our
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In GOOL THEATER, Manuel and Lalo hit the sheets on Botineras while Roman and Marc’s steamy
affair continues on All That Matters. Noah
and Reid clash on As the World Turns.
In GOOL SCOOPS AND SPOILERS, Lafayette meets an intriguing man on True Blood as Aaron and Jackson consummate their relationship on Emmerdale. In GOOL NEWSBEAT, Emmerdale’s Danny Miller talks
about Aaron’s ‘first’ time and co-star Marc Silcock gives his thoughts on Aaron
and Jackson’s future. Also, dish on General
’s male rape storyline.

All this – and more!

Note: The
interview with All That Matters stars
Dennis Grabosch and Igor Dolgatschew will be in a later edition.



As The World Turns

As someone who has never cared for the character of Noah
Mayer (that is an understatement), I thoroughly enjoyed last week’s episodes
in which Noah’s multitudes of flaws were finally laid out in
detail. Someone needed to put Noah in his place, and the fact that the dressing
down came from Reid made me love the good doctor all the more.

I got a hearty chuckle when Reid basically told Noah that he
couldn’t stand him and was glad that their professional relationship was over.
Of course Noah, who is the eternal victim, tried his usual tactic of guilt
tripping, only to find Reid unfazed and unaffected.

After all, Reid has done nothing to feel guilty about. Yes,
he was attracted to Luke from the start, but he never did anything to try and
break Luke and Noah up and even tried to get them back together on more than
one occasion despite his own feelings.

It was also nice to see Luke’s eyes finally opened about
Noah’s flaws and for him to remind Noah that the state of their relationship is in large
part Noah’s fault. I was also glad he told Noah that has no business or say in who Luke chooses
to get involved with. Sadly though, Luke reverted to that old weak, begging
Luke when he asked Noah if he still cared. One step forward, two steps back, I guess.

I will say that to his credit, Jake Silbermann looked
particularly smoking last week. But someone should tell him that squinting
really hard is not acting.

As for Bob’s ultimatum to Reid, it’s really rather
ridiculous. Anyone who knows the history of the show knows that doctors have
dated, slept with and married donors and contributors to the hospital with nary
a controversy.

So this is simply a very bad plot device to create more
drama in Luke and Reid’s relationship. The thing is, Luke and Reid have enough
issues to deal with that they don’t need one more. And why would Reid give up
his job for someone who can’t articulate his feelings for him and with whom he
hasn’t slept with?


It wasn’t a heavy week for Aaron, so there’s not a lot to
say here, but I do like how the story is developing. I like seeing Jackson become involved in
the day to day life of the town, which helps if he’s to eventually become a fixture in
Emmerdale. And I loved seeing Paul again. Except for his initial love story
with Johnny, the stories he got were pretty much awful. Still, the character
was always a favorite of mine.

I thought it was hilarious how everyone prepared to tell
Paul that Aaron was gay by saying “You’ll never guess who’s the new gay in the
village.” Because as Paul admitted, he never would have. The scene with he and
Aaron rang true, because Aaron wouldn’t see himself like Paul. And I’m glad
that Paul didn’t back down, but gave Aaron some very sound advice.

****NSFW Warning: Some of the subtitled, foreign-language clips
which follow contain adult language and suggestive scenes.


Potentially NSFW

Ask and you shall receive! A couple of weeks ago I said the
show shouldn’t forget Manuel and Lalo’s love story amidst all the murder and
mayhem, and to their credit they didn’t. These two have such chemistry, and it
was never more evident than in their flirty, provocative and steamy moments
this past week. I have to credit the actors for wholeheartedly throwing
themselves into their love scenes. While their relationship is clearly
intensely sexual, there’s also a lot of love there, especially on Manuel’s

I really believe he would give up his career just to be with
Lalo, but Lalo’s own ambition is the only thing that is preventing that happening. Though I
also think that Manuel would give Lalo up if it meant it was best for his career. However, I don’t think their relationship is going to
stay secret that much longer. Too many people already know and they’re not
really all that discrete. And Manuel’s ex-wife is a loose cannon to say the least.

I get the sense she’d like nothing better than for the
relationship to go public so she can play the betrayed and deceived wife to the
hilt. Of course, she must realize that if that were to happen, the money she’s
squeezing out of her former husband would dry up just like their sex life did. But
who could blame her for wanting revenge? Not only did her husband start
sleeping with a man, he’s prettier than she is.

All That Matters

Potentially NSFW

This show usually doesn’t bore me, but this week’s steady dose of Katja, Ben
and the skating drama had me looking at my watch and wondering when it was all
going to be over. It’s enough to make me wish that Stella and Lars were still
moping their way across my screen. At least Lars was smoking hot, and it was
fun watching Jenny be bitchy to them. But I don’t even get those pleasures

Oh well, at least Florian is turning out to be quite the charmer. The show
did a really good job in casting Roman’s brother. And while the drama with
Roman’s father has been interesting, I’m just about ready for it to be over and
for Egon to go away. Too much longer and it’s going to get repetitive. It
doesn’t help that Egon is such a one note character without an ounce of nuance.

As for Roman and Marc, which we get a bit of here, it would be nice to see a
tiny bit of guilt in Roman’s betrayal of Deniz. Sure, the Roman/Marc liaison is
hot and I see that Roman and Marc are into each other and still love each other
after all this time. But I’m not seeing much guilt from Roman over what he is
doing to Deniz.

And given their history, we should be seeing more guilt and less of the
"I’m having so much fun cheating on my loyal boyfriend" attitude from
him. If we are to ever want Roman and Deniz reunited, the writers don’t want
to make Roman too unsympathetic.

Forbidden Love

Potentially NSFW

This episode was really difficult to sit through. I simply
do not care about Rebecca or her stupid crush on Christian. I know we’re
supposed to feel sorry for her, but the character is so unpalatable and so
unlikeable that she elicits no sympathy. I just want her to stop whining and
pouting and go away.

I think Christian and Olli are far too understanding about
this ninny, whose crush has caused some of their problems. They’d be better off
kicking her to the curb than being concerned about her feelings. After all, what has her
friendship gained them? Nothing but problems. As for David, I’d be glad to help
him pack. Shockingly, he’s even more boring that Rebecca. And Andi in those
god-awful coveralls? I have no words.

It also seems to me that the show is quickly wrapping up the
Rob storyline, and I can’t say I’m against it because they badly bungled
it. It could had been a delicious triangle of Rob being a bad boy and luring
sweet, but ambitious Olli to the dark side. Instead, they played Rob’s hand far
too early, made him a cartoon villain and had Olli and Christian both acting
like fools for each plot twist. And since it’s too late to be fixed, they may
as well just pack it in.

Física o Química

Potentially NSFW

This is just stupid. I expect so much better from this show.
I find it hard to believe Fer would sleep with Yoli under any
circumstances. He has never shown any interest in a woman, so I can’t believe he
would suddenly sleep with one just because he’s upset with David, even if he is

I’m glad the pregnancy angle was quickly dispatched, but now
we have to deal with David and Julio finding out about the tryst and being
jealous and all that drama. Ugh. I wish the storyline would just go away.

But what is interesting is David’s attraction to and flirtation
with the school’s new teacher. Now that has
the potential to be a provocative and intriguing storyline with many different
directions it could follow. Less of the Yoli/Fer nonsense and more of
this would do nicely. Besides, Jorge is hot, and we can never have enough of


Jackson gives Aaron a
helping hand … and then some.

Emmerdale Still trying to find a way to get Jackson’s attention, Aaron
tells him that he’s the victim of gay harassment at his community service
project. Jackson is indifferent and tells Aaron to deal with his problems
himself. When Aaron later catches Wayne harassing one of the new guys on the
project, Aaron steps in and humiliates the thug, which only serves to make
Wayne seek revenge.

Wayne threatens Aaron with a wrench, but Aaron, knowing that
he could wind up in jail if he gets into trouble, refuses to fight back.
Jackson witnesses the encounter and steps in to protect Aaron and sends Wayne
on his way. Later, Aaron and Jackson sit down and talk and it isn’t long before
the sparks are flying. This leads to a kiss and Aaron boldly asks Jackson to
stay the night.

And Jackson, being no fool, stays.

True Blood – Meet Russell Edgington. He’s the King of the
Vampires in Mississippi and he’s looking to make sure he stays that way. How
far will he go to retain his power? Pretty far, I’m sure. But Russell’s got
bigger problems with his husband Talbot and eventually their marital woes could
be costly in more ways than one.

Meanwhile, Lafayette pays a visit to his mother who is in a
nursing home. She’s not happy to see him, being a gay son and all. Fortunately
for Lafayette he meets his mother’s helpful – and hot – nurse Jesus. That may
make visiting mother not so awful after all.

Lafayette and Jesus
get to know each other better.

All That Matters – Roman quickly discovers that having an
affair is much harder when your boyfriend is in town. He’s all set to sneak out
and meet with Marc, but Deniz comes home from his trip early and he’s in the
mood for romance. Roman has sex with Deniz, but the guilt begins to get to him,
especially since he’s thinking of Marc while making love to his boyfriend.

When Deniz notices something is wrong, he presses Roman for
the truth. Roman tries and fails to tell Deniz about his renewed feelings for
Marc. He feels even worse when Deniz learns that Marc helped Roman deal with
his father, and thanks Marc for being there during a difficult time.

Somebody is getting in deep …

Roman finds juggling
two hot men is not easy.

When Carl catches Mickey getting
… excited in the locker room after a soccer match, he finally picks up on the
fact that Mickey is gay. He confronts Mickey about it, but Mickey denies it,
which sets Carl off on a mission to prove Mickey’s sexuality. That isn’t the
only problem Mickey has. His father has disappeared and no one can say where he
is. Little do they know he’s been kidnapped and unless they find him quickly,
Mickey will be minus one dad.

Carl catches Mickey
really enjoying taking a shower.

As the World Turns – The possibly burgeoning relationship
between Luke and Reid has already hit several roadblocks and it looks like this
week it may never take flight. Reid, who has been ordered to choose whether
he’d rather be head of the hospital’s new wing or be with Luke, decides on his
career. Luke finds out about it, but he doesn’t hear it from Reid. Ouch.

Reid tries to make an upset Luke understand, but you know
Luke. He’s not having any of it and storms off in a huff. So is it over, or
will a third party turn things around for them?

Will this kiss be
their last?

Beautiful People – The new hot
teacher at school agrees to manage Simon and Kylie when they decide to enter
the Eurovision Song Contest. Things get complicated when it turns out that the
new teacher lives next-door with his male lover and then they show up as
surprise dinner guests. Needless to say, it makes for a very interesting meal,
especially after Simon and Kylie show off their hot new dance moves.

How come my teachers
never looked this adorable
when I was in high school?


Good Times, Bad Times (Dutch)Dex is caught between Noud and
Lucas …


All That Matters – Roman wakes up in the wrong bed.

Roman wakes up in his
lover’s arms … while his
boyfriend waits at home for him.

Good Times, Bad Times
(German)Carsten worries that he and Lenny
don’t have a future.

Shameless (U.S.)Ian is back … and he’s got a
shocking surprise.

True Blood – Lafayette
gets a strange gift from Eric.

Beautiful People – Simon sets out to give the women in the
neighborhood makeovers.

Emmerdale – Aaron is upset when his mother interferes in his
relationship with Jackson.

As the World Turns – Reid thinks Luke and Noah are getting back

Forbidden Love – Olli and Christian make a shocking discovery.

The truth about Robert
is out.


Emmerdale’s Marc
Silcock (Jackson)

When Emmerdale decided
to have bad boy Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller) come out of the closet, fans of the
soap wondered when Aaron would get a boyfriend. Many hoped it would be Adam
Barton, Aaron’s straight best friend, played by Adam Thomas, but that was not
to be.

The show brought on construction worker Jackson Walsh,
played by Marc Silcock, as a love interest for Aaron and after a rocky start,
Aaron and Jackson consummate their relationship this week. With the twosome
having reached that milestone, Digital
chatted with Silcock, starting with if he thinks Aaron and Jackson are
meant to be. Said Silcock:

There are points where it looks like they’re
the perfect couple but on the other hand, there are underlying problems with
both characters, especially Aaron. It’d be difficult for them to be together
forever – it’s probably too much of a fairytale for Aaron to settle down with
his first ever boyfriend. They’ll be together for a while, but it’d be
Disneyland to think that they’ll end up as 40-year-old blokes getting married
and adopting kids.

Silcock talked about the upcoming kissing scene between himself and
Miller. The actor admitted that it was a little awkward, but he and Miller did
their best to make it easier for one another.

Danny and I sat down and had a quick chat
about it beforehand. We’re not going to lie and say that it’s not difficult for
two straight guys to kiss each other, because it was difficult and a bit
awkward. But it’s only as uncomfortable as you make it, so we had a chat,
decided what we were comfortable with and just got on with it. We’re not going
to start doing it in our spare time!

Silcock enjoys working with Miller, whom he described as a very focused

"When he’s out of work, he’s one of the funniest guys but when
he’s at work, he’s so focused on every single scene,” said Silcock. “It’s scary
sometimes having to work with him because you know that at no point there’ll be
any let-up! He knows exactly where his character is from the scene before, what
time it was … It’s fantastic, though, because it makes me want to work

Silcock explains that his
co-star is very serious about his job.

Silcock says that,
like everyone else at Emmerdale, he
never expected the gay storyline to become as big as it has.

"It’s been unbelievable the amount of people that have been in
contact with myself and Danny throughout the storyline,” Silcock said. “We set
out to make a point and showcase the issues that we have been. Personally, I
never expected it to be as big as it’s become. It’s a massive weight off our
shoulders to know that people in the same situation are relating to the
characters. It’s been fantastic."

As for what’s ahead for Aaron and Jackson, the couple adjusts to the
ins and outs of a new relationship, including Aaron’s ongoing struggle with his
sexuality. They’ll also become heavily involved in the show’s current drug
storyline with Aaron’s ex-girlfriend Holly. And down the line, as previously
announced, Jackson’s mother Hazel, played by Pauline Quirke, will come to town
bringing all sorts of drama for the couple with her.

You can find the full
interview here

Silcock isn’t the only one talking about Aaron and Jackson’s relationship
this week. Danny Miller, who plays Aaron, also weighs in with thoughts about
Aaron’s first time with a man. Miller spoke to Inside Soap about this step in Aaron’s life, which comes about
after Aaron and Jackson bond when they have a heart to heart about Aaron’s
suicide attempt.

“Aaron realizes it was very stupid for him to try and kill
himself and he’ll never do it again,” Miller explains. “There’s a real spark
between him and Jackson as they talk things over.”

A spark that makes Aaron at ease enough to invite Jackson
home to spend the night, Miller explains. But that doesn’t mean it’s not
difficult for Aaron.

“It’s a massive step for him to take,” said Miller.
“Although he’s lost his virginity with a girl, it’s kind of like doing it all
over again with a man.”

And as much as Aaron enjoys waking up with Jackson the next
morning (though things are a little awkward when Paddy interrupts them), Miller
says Aaron still has a long way to go in his acceptance of himself as a gay

“It’ll be a big step for Aaron to admit he’s seeing a lad,”
said Miller. “Even though he’s making progress, I think it’ll be a fair while
before Aaron can say to people, “I’m off for a pint with my boyfriend.”

Aaron’s coming out
saga on
Emmerdale is tops with UK

We here at
think that Emmerdale is currently
telling one of the best gay storylines out there and it seems UK fans agree. The charity
Stonewall recently did a survey of all the UK soaps asking which of them has
the best gay storyline and Emmerdale’s
coming out saga of Aaron Livesy won, snaring 44% of the vote. However, the
stormy and troubled love story of Christian and Syed on EastEnders was close behind, with 43%. The teen lesbian love story
on Coronation Street placed a distant

Emmerdale executive
producer Gavin Blyth was pleased by the results.

"From the outset, we always wanted to be very truthful
and honest in the story of Aaron’s sexuality and how he as an individual
attempted to deny himself," said Blyth to The Press Association. "The enormous positive feedback we have
received has proved it to be the case and to be recognized by Stonewall in this
way is a huge honor to all involved."

Coronation Street,
which has had a number of gay characters over the years, most notably Todd
Grimshaw played by Bruno Langley, and currently Sean Tully played by Antony
Cotton, is showing its pride in a very special way. As part of the show’s 50th
anniversary this year, the UK drama will head up Manchester’s gay pride parade
on August 28th.

Cast and crew of the soap will man the float and CS executive producer Kieran Roberts is
said to be ‘honored’ to lead ‘the country’s most glamorous parade,’ according
to the Press Association. The
Manchester Pride theme this year is ‘through the decades,’ but the folks at Coronation Street are keeping plans for
their float tightly under wraps.

Gay Kurt (Chris Colfer) will fall in love in
season 2 of

For those of you, like me, who already miss Glee following its wonderful season
finale, the producers of the show are busy working on its second season, plotting
out and writing the first half of the new year. And there are a lot of changes

All of the current 12 main cast members will return and
recurring players Naya
Rivera (Santana) and Heather Morris (Brittany) have been
upgraded to regular status. While, as previously reported, there will be 3 new
recurring characters: a male version of Mercedes (Amber Riley), a country
singer who will be a conservative Christian and serve as a rival for Rachel
(Lea Michele) and a jock who will be a love interest for Kurt (Chris Colfer).

what will Kurt’s boyfriend be like?

“I just want him to
be an everyday dude,” Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee told Entertainment
. “And I want him to be sort of struggling with his sexuality and
Kurt helps him deal with it and in the process they fall for each other.”

next season, ER and Full House star John Stamos has been
signed for 10 episodes as a love interest for Emma (Jayma Mays). The show is
talking to out gay actor Jonathan Groff about returning as Jesse St. James and
Kristen Chenoweth is returning as April for an undisclosed number of episodes.

John Stamos brings
his 46-year-old fabulous self to
next season.

only is the show planning another tribute episode to Madonna, they will also do
tribute episodes to two other music icons, one in the first half of the season
and one in the second. No decision has yet been made as to which two performers
will be chosen.

characters you won’t be seeing in the show’s second season, according to
producers, are Rachel’s often talked about gay dads. Murphy adds
that they even have the show’s second season finale planned. “I know that season two ends with Nationals in New York. I
don’t know if they’ll make it — we haven’t figured that out.”

If Les Bleus Kévin does return, let’s hope he
bring that hair with him.

Have we seen the last of Les
gay cop Kévin Laporte, played by Nicolas Gob? We reported last
week that the drama had been canceled by M6, the French broadcaster that
produces the series, due to the low ratings for the third season and that no
new episodes would air, but that may not be the end. M6 recently said that the
unaired episodes would be rescheduled for broadcast. They also confirmed that
plans for a fifth season have been scrapped, so the show is ultimately

Was General Hospital’s Michael raped? Nobody’s saying.

We’ve been keeping an eye on General Hospital’s prison rape storyline, in which
imprisoned teen Michael Corinthos, played by Chad Duell, was harassed and
ultimately raped by a fellow inmate. Or was he?

While the show has dropped all kinds of hints on screen that
Michael had been sexually attacked, no one is using the world rape and the
network isn’t talking about what happened. In fact, folks at ABC Daytime say
they want viewers to make up their own minds as to what happened to Michael.
Bob Guza, head writer of GH,
isn’t being forthcoming either. Said Guza to TV Guide Magazine:

I have never confirmed that he
was and I’m not about to. Our focus right now is on the horrific experience of
an 18- or 19-year-old who is thrown into a terrible situation like this. I just
didn’t want to make the story more specific at this point. However, that’s not
to say that I won’t be getting very specific in three or four or five months
down the line. This situation is going to rear its ugly head in a big way and
Michael is going to have to deal with it. This is a story that needs to be
parceled out.

Was Michael’s
possible rape ordered by
James Franco’s psychotic character?

Guza continues to explain his story choices.

Michael is a very good-looking
young man whose father is the John Gotti of Port Charles. He’s not going to
spend 10 minutes in prison, much less a month, without getting unwanted
attention. It would be dishonorable — and at the very least candy coating — for
us not to see that through. But that doesn’t mean we have to do the entire
story — bam — all at once.

But we’re hearing that whether GH decides to go ‘there’ or not depends on audience reaction more
than the show wanting to tell an interesting and topical storyline. Male rape
is a little-explored subject on television, much less daytime, and on a network
adverse to controversial storylines (considering how they handled the situation
with Kyle and Oliver on One Life to Live),
the slightest negative reaction or slipped ratings will no doubt affect how
they tell the story.

And over the past few weeks, GH’s ratings have plummeted. We shall see …

Are we about to say
goodbye to the Walkers?

Will Season Five of Brothers
& Sisters
be its last? It’s quite possible. ABC only ordered 18
episodes of the upcoming season, usually a sign of a show that’s on its way
out. That isn’t the only change; in order to save money, the show is not going
to use the entire cast for each episode as it usually has in the past, meaning
there will be episodes were certain cast members are missing.

The cast is said to not be unhappy about that change, as in
the past the writers were pressured to use everyone no matter what. This meant
many times cast members sat around with little more to do than make cameo
appearances when they weren’t heavily involved in that week’s episode. The
writers hope that if this is the last season, they are given enough notice to
wrap up everyone’s stories in a satisfying fashion.

How does the cast feel about the show ending? To hear Sally
Field, who plays Nora Walker, tell it, they won’t exactly be busted up.

"We’ll be real ready," she said to Buddy TV about the show coming to a
close. "We’re tired!"


Jake Silbermann (Noah,
As the World Turns)
on the set of his
short film

Van Hansis (Luke, ATWT)
in a scene from his film Occupant

Eric Sheffer Stevens
ATWT) with co-star
Columbino (Katie) at Soapfest 2010