Gays of our Lives (March 23, 2009)

Many soap fans talk about writing their own soap opera but for most of
them, this only remains an unrealized dream. That’s not the case for Mark Jones.
He actually did write, direct and produce his own soap opera that you can find
right here on the Web. The Edge of
is an internet based soap that has the same twists and turns and messy
plot complications that you can find on As
The World Turns
, Forbidden Love or any other of your
favorite soaps and dramas – and it even includes two prominent gay characters. recently talked to Jones about his online soap opera.

The Edge of Happiness creator Mark Jones Tell me a bit about
your background.
Mark Jones:
I’ve made two feature films, both gay themed: Eli Parker Is Getting Married? and the
other is a gay B horror movie called Fraternity
Massacre on Hell Island
. Eli Parker
is a coming out story, sort of a screwball comedy set on a farm in Mississippi. Both were
local Memphis productions with Memphis cast and crew.

The Edge of Happiness centers on the
attempted murder
of bride Elizabeth Perkins.

AE: What is On The Edge of Happiness about?
 The main storyline for "On The Edge of Happiness" is a ’Who
Shot the Bride?’ storyline, very similar to "Who Shot JR?" Everyone is a
suspect, no one has an alibi. In the first episode, a bride is getting ready
for her wedding. Several people come into the bride’s chamber and
threaten her for one reason or another. At one point, she and her
brother, the church’s minister talk. During this time we learn that she
is blackmailing him. At the end of
the episode, as she is about to walk down the aisle, the lights go out and two
gunshots are heard in the darkness.

AE: How did you come up with the idea
for the soap opera?
I made two movies and I wanted to do something experimenting with the
Internet so that led to the idea of webisodes. I’m a huge fan of daytime soaps.
I always wanted to do a soap opera so I figured since I was going to do a
webisodic, I might as well make it my own soap opera.

I watched Days of our Lives
religiously in the late 80’s; my grandmother was a big Days of our Lives fan. I remember as a child in the 70’s she would
watch that. I also watched General
as well. Right
now I watch As The World Turns. I’m a
huge Luke and Noah fan.

Peter White (Christian Walker) and
Rev. John Perkins (Jonathan Lewis)
are the show’s prominent gay couple.

AE: Speaking of Luke and Noah, you
have two prominent gay characters in your soap opera. Why did you feel the need
to add that into the story?
Being gay myself, it’s important to me that gays are very visible in
all sorts of genres, be it film, TV, books, art, [or] webisodes. It’s just part
of life. Everybody knows a gay person. Even in a small town, gay couples should
be part of the storyline. We shot the cemetery scenes over a year ago … 11
months ago.

MJ (continued): And while we were shooting this stuff I was really angry because As The World Turns was having its
unofficial kissing ban. I was extremely frustrated with As The World Turns and their treatment of their gay characters. And
so it was important to me that we show the gay characters in my show kissing.
And at one point, in episode three, they are in bed together talking about their

Peter and John in a rare quiet moment
in the series.

AE: What kind of response have you
gotten from your series?
This has all been an experiment for me. It’s all new to me. I’ve gotten
very good responses. We’ve gotten over 90,000 hits since February 1st. Here’s a
true story. I was at the grocery store last week and I ran into my partner’s
mom. She asked me a question about a previous week’s episode and I was
explaining to her how we shot it and the woman next to us in the checkout lane
said, “Oh, do you watch that show too. I just saw it last night. I love it.”
That felt good. People are watching it and seem to really enjoy it.

AE: Do you plan on continuing the
I would like to. I have to evaluate after the fifth episode and see
where we are at. If we were to do a second season, it would move up. The woman
in the coma is two months pregnant. It would move up to where she’s nine months
pregnant. It would jump ahead six or seven months.

A behind the scenes look at the set of The
Edge of Happiness.

AE: You mentioned earlier that you studied religion in college. Did you have difficulties with that because of your sexuality?
I did get a degree in religion at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. I worked in a church for two years in the Mississippi Delta as a youth director. I was very much in the closet at the time. Growing up I did have huge internal problems being gay and going to church. Which was difficult, because I went to church a lot. It wasn’t until I came out that I was able to deal with the two and am happy to say that is no conflict with my sexuality and faith. One of the main characters is a preacher. I think its good that people of faith are on the screen.

AE: What do your viewers have to look
forward to in the season finale?
We do find out who the shooter is. Part of the episode picks up where
we left off at the end of episode four, but during the episode there is a time
jump of a month. Someone will be arrested for the crime in episode five, not
necessarily the shooter, but someone will be arrested.

You can find all five episodes of The
Edge of Happiness


States of Tara
aftermath of Marshall (Keir Gilchrist) and Jason’s sexual interlude played out
in surprising fashion on this week’s USoT.
Given how these things usually go in television land, I dreaded Jason’s
reaction the morning after, but to the show’s credit, didn’t go for the
tried and true.

***Spolier Alert***

I loved that Jason was up for continuing things with Marshall and for him it wasn’t about gay or
straight; it was that he was a horny teenage boy. Even better were the ensuing
events after Marshall
discovered his new love macking on one of his mother’s alters. Marshall’s chilling reaction revealed there
is much more to this character than viewer’s have seen up to this point. He may actually be
the most interesting member of this odd little family.

Don’t mess with Marshall!

As The World TurnsIn an
episode full of foreshadowing (check out the As The World Turns spoilers for details), Luke and Noah made plans
to move in together, only to encounter a homophobic landlord. Alas, many things
were glossed over in order to hit the plot points, two of them being: Why does
Noah want a place together now when a month ago he was totally against the
idea? And do Holden and Lily really think it’s a good idea for Luke to move in with
Noah given their hotheaded son’s outrageous behavior of the past six months?

Oh well. At least Luke handled the situation with calm determination instead
of the usual screeching and histrionics. But I look forward to an actual
ongoing story rather than the issue of the week.

Noah: Can you believe it, Luke – this
guy doesn’t want to rent to us?
: Really? He must not be paying attention. We move in and your
property values go up. I think it’s a gay bylaw or something.

Clara Sheller
– The aftermath of Gilles and J.P.’s tryst played out in
this latest episode, with Gilles and J.P. dealing with their guilt over what they’ve
done while Clara, as usual, is so in her own world that she can’t see what’s
around her. As much as I’m enjoying watching the drama unfold, I think the show is making a terrible mistake by making Clara so unlikable. She’s such an
unappealing character that you’re left to wonder why Gilles stays with this
woman &#8212 and why J.P. is still her friend. It also makes it hard to care when all you can
think is that if Clara loses both her man and her best friend, it’s exactly what
she deserves.

Forbidden Love
– The reconstruction of NoLimits continues, but
Olli has to do all the work while Gregor continues his obsession with
his helicopter, which accounts for the ‘drama’ in this past week’s
episodes. I could say that this is
better than listening to Judith go on and on about her boring love life or counseling
one of the show’s bountiful supply of lesbians about their issues, but it isn’t. On the
other hand, Gregor certainly fills out a pair of coveralls well! That I paid attention to.

One wonders… is that a rhetorical question?

Ugly Betty Last week’s episode wasn’t as
laugh packed as we usually expect as the show went for the softer, sweet side
by spotlighting the various love relationships on the show. That’s
all well and good, as a change of pace is nice, but none of the pairings are
particularly interesting or ones to root for. Between Matt and Betty,
Archie and Hilda and Daniel and Molly, I’m not seeing sparks anywhere.  
All three of our vibrant, interesting regulars are paired with dull, drab and
uninteresting partners who fail to add spice or intrigue. Subsequently,
it made for a rather limp hour though it was fun seeing Willi do her thing and
Marc and Amanda are always a delight. But that’s just the
frosting on a cake with not much filling.

Marc and Amanda’s makeover of Betty was one of the
highlights of this episode…

Hollyoaks – After a few weeks off, the bisexual triangle is back in play; sadly, it’s
not much more interesting than the last time we saw it. The highlight of the story is the
performance by Gerald McCarthy’s Kris, who is suddenly showing some real
emotion and heart. Nonetheless, it’s all rather hard to believe after all of his game
playing. If the show really wanted us to
buy that there are genuine feelings between any of these characters, we
should have seen it play out over time instead of having it introduced at the very end. And the lack of chemistry between any of the characters doesn’t help. It’s too bad the show didn’t make hottie
Russ the object of Nancy and Ravi’s
affection. Now that would’ve been worth
watching … if only for the eye candy.

Ravi (Stephen Uppal) suggests the three of them
the story going. But do we really want them to?

Luke’s life is at risk on As The
World Turns
, Roman goes for it on All
That Matters
, Hollyoaks
twisted triangle takes a shocking turn – and more!

Stop reading if you don’t want the scoop on all your favorite soaps
and dramas!

Jack (Sebastian Stan) schemes to ruin
and the King in this week’s episode.
There’s nothing like a gay who wants to cover all the bases.

KingsAs David becomes more entrenched in
his new world, Jack is out to ruin the man he feels is taking his rightful
place in the family. But will his wicked scheme work? Or blow up in his pretty
face? And what about his plot to bring the kingdom to financial ruin? Our gay boy is certainly busy!

Meanwhile, the Queen isn’t happy when the King blows off an important
evening. But she’d be even unhappier if she knew he was meeting with his
longtime mistress and bastard child.

The World Turns
– Luke and
Noah’s new storyline begins as things usually do for the&#8212 with a crisis.
Following the anti-gay reaction to his appearance on local television to discuss
housing discrimination, Luke decides to hold a fundraiser for gay rights. But while at
the event, Luke is alone in the parking lot when he is run down by a car and a
mysterious figure rushes him to the hospital.

The Snyders and Noah eventually show up at his bedside where, to their great
relief, they discover that Luke is relatively unharmed, but Luke and the
Snyders are later shocked to find the no-good Damian Grimaldi, Luke’s bio-dad,
at his bedside. Papa Bear Holden’s suspicions are quickly aroused, leading to
the question: was Luke’s accident just that or did someone intentionally run
him down? And did Damian have anything to do with it?

And for a sneak peek at all the Oakdale action this week, check out the
preview clip below:

That Matters
A beverage
company needs a model for their new sports drink and Roman, Deniz and Jenny all
want the gig. Deniz sees this as a chance to revive his moribund modeling
career and is determined to succeed at all costs. Just when it looks as if
Roman and Jenny have scored the gig, Deniz pulls a fast one and manages to steal the
spotlight for himself. Those darned ex-boyfriends! If they’re not going
straight, they’re screwing you out of sweet commercial endorsements.

Roman (Dennis Grabosch) won’t be
smiling for long once
Deniz makes his move on
All That Matters.

Disgusted at having found Kris
and Ravi together, Nancy angrily outs Ravi to his brother, who didn’t know Ravi
was bisexual. But that takes a backseat (for now) as the threesome discuss how
to handle their situation. Kris and Nancy are shocked when Ravi suggests the
three of them carry on as before, only now they’ll be honest about it.

They give it a try, but jealousy quickly rears its ugly head and has
everyone squabbling. The last straw is when Nancy sees Kris and Ravi being
affectionate in front of her, forcing her to realize she can’t handle the
situation and she breaks it off with both men. Kris, in love with Nancy,
refuses to give up on her and makes a bid to get her back by ending things with
Ravi for good. But Nancy has had enough of both men and wants nothing to do
with either of them. Ravi meanwhile, has to deal with the fact that his brother
knows he’s bisexual.

How could we not have gotten this
triangle instead?

No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency
in Botswana, this gentle mystery series stars Jill Scott as Precious, the
town’s best private eye. The problem is she’s a woman, so most people aren’t so
eager to hire her for cases, which in this opening episode concerns a missing
finger and a philandering husband. Luckily for Precious, she’s got her friends,
including her gay hairdresser BK to help sift through the clues and keep her
out of danger. Not to mention keeping her fro stylin’.

BK (Desmond Dube) gives his advice on
how to solve a mystery
and to keep your hair weave tangle free.

Street –
Morgan is pregnant
with triplets, dumped by her boyfriend and uncertain if she can handle what’s
ahead. Gerald offers to be there for her, even helping raise the children, and
she accepts. Everyone warns the odd couple that it’ll never work, reminding
them they tried dating before but that Gerald’s sexuality (or lack thereof)
had ultimately broken them up. That gives Morgan pause, but Gerald insists they can
make it work this time, sealing the agreement with a kiss – a chaste, non-sexual
one of course.

Can Gerald (Harry McNaughton) and
Morgan make it work this time?
Or are they fooling themselves?

The show continues
Christian and Olli’s ever so exciting
storyline of monitoring everyone else’s romances. This week, Christian plays
chaperone while Gregor meets with his mystery woman. Next week, however,
sounds a little more interesting. Olli tries to talk Olivia out of doing
something bitchy. Good luck with that!

This new comedy/drama
begins when talent agent Sophie Parker is left penniless, pregnant and dumped
by her sleazy boyfriend. Did I mention he is also the father of her kid?
Fortunately, like all plucky TV heroines, she’s got her gay best friend Matt
there to listen to her problems. Naturally, he’ll help her through this week’s crisis. And
since he’s a doctor, he’ll even hand over some meds if you ask real nice. Now
that’s the kind of friend to have.

Jeff Geddis as gay Matt, Sophie’s best
friend and ever-suffering confidante.

A new love for ATM’s
Roman, Hollyoaks cleans house,
summer fun on Degrassi,
gets its knuckles rapped – and more!

Are Roman (Dennis Grabosch) and Axel
(Daniel Aichinger)

All That
Matters’ new gay couple?

All That Matters – Roman Wild,
played by out actor Dennis Grabosch (with whom we will have an interview in the
next GOOL), hasn’t had a boyfriend since Deniz went back to the ladies and has
spent most of the recent months playing sidekick to the show’s scheming
villainess. But that may all soon change!

website reveals that Roman is about to get a lover that he didn’t expect …
and rumor has it that Roman will soon find himself involved with Axel Schwartz,
played by Daniel Aichinger. Axel’s past includes various relationships with
women and the show hasn’t given an inkling of any incipient homosexuality. If
this all sounds familiar, let’s not forget that Tom Chroust, who created the
incredibly popular Christian and Olli romance at Forbidden Love, is
now a writer for ATM. Hmmm . . .

A massive shakeup at the teen soap is impending and it has the cast scared
for their jobs. The suits are keeping mum about whom they plan to write out of
the show between now and October, but it’s been confirmed there’s going to be a
big exodus. Most of the cuts will come not from actors being fired, but by simply
not renewing their contracts for another year.

Producer Lucy Allan, who took over for Bryan Kirkwood, creator of the John
Paul/Craig romance, says she is making these changes to make the show more
gripping. Of course, the show’s steady decline in ratings may be what’s really
“gripping” Allan. The show has been bleeding viewers ever since the end of the
Jean Paul/Craig/Kieron arc when the show averaged
over 2 million viewers a episode, ratings rarely seen since.

“There are going to be a lot of changes,” a source close to the show told Digital Spy. “No one is safe. And the
last thing you want to be is out of work in this climate.”

Gerald McCarthy

But will one of the exits be Gerard McCarthy, who plays bisexual Kris? The
actor hints that he may not be with the show much longer.

“I think there’s a point when a character’s story is wrapped up and it’s an
obvious time to leave,” McCarthy told Inside
. “And it seems to me a nice point for Kris to leave the village is
when he graduates, which is this summer.”

McCarthy also reveals that Ravi (Stephen Uppal) was not the show’s first
choice as the third leg in the triangle with Kris and Nancy. He
explains the show at first considered Warren (Jamie Lomas) and then Russ
(Stuart Manning). But producers felt that neither plot twist would be
believable, so they created Ravi for the storyline.

Hollyoaks isn’t the only UK soap
to be undergoing major changes. Emmerdale,
which has had two different executive producers in the past year and has seen
its ratings drop, is also being overhauled. In the past several months, a
number of characters, including gay couple Jonny Foster (Richard Grieve) and
Paul Lambert (Matthew Bose) have left the series, with numerous new characters
being introduced. And the show is not finished. There will be many more new
faces brought on board as well as reintroducing old favorites to the program in
the near future.

DeGrassi alums marco (Adamo Ruggiero) and Paige (Lauren Collins)

For those of you who have missed the popular Degrassi gang of the last few seasons, you’re in luck. Degrassi Goes Hollywood, featuring out
actor Adamo Ruggiero as Marco as well as Paige, Manny, Craig and other
favorites, is set to premiere on The N this summer. The story has the Degrassi stalwarts embarking on a summer
adventure in Hollywood where they meet celebrities such as Kelly Clarkson, Perez
Hilton, Vivica A. Fox and Kevin Smith. The N hasn’t set a date for the debut of
the movie yet, but GOOL will have the info when it becomes available.

The new season of Waterloo Road will
bring major changes to the series. We told you last week that the show will
return for a fifth season of 20 episodes set to air next year (the series is
currently in the middle of its fourth year). Now we’ve learned with that
renewal comes a number of cast changes. On screen, Waterloo Road will have merged with another school, which will
bring on a number of new students and teachers. Casting for these roles is
currently under way, with announcements to be made in the coming weeks.

Brothers & Sisters has been
bestowed with an award from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the folks
responsible for the Emmys, with one of the eight Academy for Television Honors
for the episode entitled ”Prior Commitments” in which Kevin (Matthew Rhys) and
Scotty (Luke Macfarlane) were married.

The awards were instituted last year to recognize valuable work produced by
the industry and will be handed out at a ceremony on April 30th.

"We do share a tremendous pride about the positive, great impact
television has on our culture, and why not celebrate it?” John Shaffner, CEO of
the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences told the Associated Press. “It’s great for us to stand up together and say,
’Look at what television can bring into the homes of our audiences that informs
and educates.’"

The B&S episode was one of
eight television recipients to be honored, with the shows having covered a variety of topics ranging
from tolerance and adoption to gun control and questions of faith. Winners were chosen by a panel from the ATAS who reviewed over 150 different scripted shows,
documentaries and reality programs.

As The World Turns’ Van Hansis (Luke) and Jake Silbermann
at last year’s GLAAD Media Awards.

As previously reported, As The World
stars Van Hansis (Luke) and Jake Silbermann (Noah) will be attending
the GLAAD Media Awards in New York on March 28th. It has since been
learned that the popular supercouple will present a video montage of the last
20 years of the event. At the first award ceremony, ATWT won the first Outstanding Daytime Drama award given to a soap
for their gay storyline featuring Hank Eliot, played by Brian Starcher, who was
daytime’s first openly gay male character.

Paolo Seganti

The big news on As The World Turns this week is the return
of Paolo Seganti, who plays Damian Grimaldi, Luke Snyder’s biological
father. When we last saw Damian, he was
being rejected by his gay son after Luke learned that his birth father not only
schemed to have him shipped off to a gay deprogramming camp, but was going to
kidnap him to steal his inheritance.

Three years later, Damian is back, having mysteriously shown up after
rescuing Luke when the gay teen was struck by a car in a hit and run
accident. Of course, everyone is
suspicious and thinks that Damian had something to do with it. However, the actor says that while Damian is
going to cause trouble, it’s not as bad as it seems.

“I was happy to find out — and I can’t tell you
everything, but it was nice to know that Damian was coming back to do some
good,” Seganti told Soap Opera Digest. “Not
just to mess around with everyone’s minds, although he is doing that, but it’s
for a good cause.”

Seganti says that Damian is being sincere about his desire
to reconnect with Luke. He’s not here to
de-gay Luke, nor break up his relationship with Noah. And while everyone else is suspicious of
Damian and his motives, the one person who does believe the mysterious Mr.
Grimaldi is Noah as the two men hit it off.

meeting a lot of Nuke fans have been waiting for….

“Noah is the only one from the ‘get-go’
who thinks he is sincere,” Seganti said
in an interview with Micheal Fairman On
“All he wants to do is to get
closer, and make amends for the past and how he behaved. Noah is actually on
Damian’s side."

So Noah is going to try and convince
Luke that Damian is telling the truth, is not a bad guy and only wants to be
close to his son. Seganti also adds that Luke will be torn between
wanting to work things out with his father to get some answers about the past
andstill  being angry about Damian’s actions.

How long will Damian stick around? Seganti says he will be stirring things up in
Oakdale at least through summer and probably longer than that.

In other ATWT news, Alexandra Chando, who played Noah Mayer’s girlfriend on the show before he got Nuked, recently revealed
in Soap Opera Digest that she had
been asked to return to the show over the Christmas holiday last year to play
out the mini-arc that led to Luke kissing his step-grandpa, but couldn’t get
away from taping her new online series Rockville,
. Instead the role was recast with Kelli Barrett.

Nicholas Galbraith


Finally, in news that breaks this columnist’s heart, Nicholas Galbraith, who
will play Zac on As The World Turns,
and is rumored to be the possible third leg in alove  triangle with Luke and Noah, will
initially only be appearing in just 10 episodes starting April 1st. More will
depend on audience reaction. So react positively, damn it!

I mentioned in a previous GOOL the
criticism many U.K. soaps have received regarding their depictions of
characters smoking and drinking. And now a new study has brought fresh heat to
those same sudsers already scrambling to defend themselves against accusations
of sending out harmful messages to children. The Mirror did a one-week study of Coronation Street, EastEnders, Hollyoaks and Emmerdale. They found that over a
week’s time, Emmerdale contained 21 scenes of people drinking, Coronation
and EastEnders each had 16, and Hollyoaks
featured 11.

“Alcohol Concern” spokesman Don Shenker told The Mirror that the
results were “shocking,” adding, "Children learn to familiarize themselves
with alcohol as another commodity, like bread or milk, rather than a
potentially harmful substance. Alcohol on film and television often leaves out
the possible harm it can cause – binge-drinking may be glamorised and humorised.
If young people in particular see their favourite characters and role models
drinking heavily, we need to think about what kind of message that puts

The shows, by and large, defended themselves by saying that the use of booze
is always in context with the script and not in a gratuitous manner, adding
their shows fit the guidelines set by television watchdog groups.

BBC2 has purchased the rights to all five seasons of The Wire, the Baltimore based crime drama featuring Michael K.
Williams as Omar, a gay drug dealer … Ugly
, currently on hiatus, will return to its Thursday night home on May 7th.
Four episodes will air, including a two-hour season finale …

Desperate Housewives will also end
its current season with a two-hour special on May 17th . . . Despite
earlier reports that Heather Locklear, who played bitchy Amanda Woodward in the
90’s soap Melrose Place, would be
joining the updated version set to air in the fall, reports that the actress passed on the offer to join the
new series. MP producers will now pursue
other former cast members in lieu of Locklear … Casting on the US version of No Heroics, a comedy hailing from the UK
centering on four B-list superheroes continues with Freddie Prinze Jr. signed
on for the role of Bradley, an A-list superhero who torments the others. The
U.K. version had a gay character, Timebomb, which has yet to be cast in the
U.S. version.

Will Kings last long enough to see this family destroy one another?

Cancellation talk is already hovering over Kings, the new NBC drama starring Sebastian Stan as gay Prince Jack,
as the show’s opening episode performed well under expectations. A quick
cancellation means NBC is unlikely to air the 13 episodes shot. Macaulay Culkin
of Home Alone fame is set to appear
in an upcoming episode as the exiled nephew of the King . . .

Thanks to the worldwide financial crunch, producers of EastEnders have been told by executives to shave $2.5 million (UK)
from its budget. The show will end the practice of overseas location shoots as
a way of saving money, as well as hiring cheaper new talent instead of name
actors for upcoming roles. One thing they won’t do, however, is slash the salaries of its
biggest and longest running stars.

Look for Ken Marino (gay demon Tony) to
appear in the March 31 episode of Reaper.

As usual, Desperate Housewives won
its time slot over its rivals with over 14 million viewers. However, the
ratings have been slipping each week with CBS’s crime dramas coming closer to
the sudsy comedy/drama. As for Brothers
& Sisters
, it lost its hour to The
at over 11 million viewers, although it was just barely behind. Regardless, it
handily won the all important 18 – 49 demo that advertisers crave …

Reaper was beaten badly by American Idol last week, but its ratings
were about 10% above the CW’s usual fare, giving hopes the show may be renewed
for another season … Gossip Girl,
returning after a long hiatus, garnered a bit over 2 million viewers, which is
about the same audience it had during the last new episode back in February.
Overall, however, the show is down for the season.

Viewers aren’t exactly turning out in
droves to see
Gerald’s (Harry McNaughton) non-sexual exploits.

New Zealand’s Shortland Street averaged
about 475,000 viewers the week of March 9th, about 100,000 viewers
below the other big soap, the U.K.’s Coronation
Street …
The UK debut of The No. 1
Ladies Detective Agency
performed well with 5.1 million viewers (20.4% of
the audience). However, it is down over 1.2 million from the movie that
introduced the series last year. The show makes its US debut on HBO March

While Hollyoaks hasn’t hit 2
million viewers since last year, it did get its highest ratings in over a month
last week at 1.92 million … A recent study revealed that Física O Química, the Spanish teen drama featuring gay teen Fer,
played by Javier Calvo, is the most watched show by those in the 13 – 24 age
group … Shameless won its time slot,
pulling in over 2 million viewers, at least a million more than its closest

As The World Turns had
a tiny bump the week of March 9th, which was the week that Brian
Wheatley (Laurence Lau) made an all too brief return to Oakdale. The soap added about 6,000 viewers and
climbed to the 6th rated soap.
No doubt the show will be keeping a close eye on next week’s ratings
with the long awaited return of Paolo Seganti.


Christian (Thore Schölermann) and
Gregor (Andreas Jancke) admire the
new design of No Limits on a future episode
Forbidden Love.

Gay Demon Tony (Ken Marino), Sam (Bret
Harrison), Sock (Tyler Labine)
and Ben (Rick Gonzales) in an upcoming episode

Paolo Seganti (Damian), Van Hansis
(Luke), Noelle Beck (Lily)
and Jon Hensley (Holden) of
As The World Turns

– Ciaran Griffiths (Mickey Maguire, Shameless)

Mickey Maguire is a most unique gay character. He’s a small time petty crook (not very good
at it) with a penchant for writing porn. But while Mickey may seem like a clueless thug (well, actually he is),
he’s really a softhearted guy who wants to find the right fella. But when you live in Mickey’s world full of
drug deals, murders and secret porn tapes, its not so easy.

Whether it be winning the heart of his
true love Ian or falling for a married man (again), Mickey’s never ending search for love is full
of pitfalls and little promise (though lucky for him, lots of sex). 

Yet, as with making the perfect score or pulling
the right scam, Mickey never gives up and keeps on walking down that winding
road to romance. After all, he’s really an old
softie &#8212 just ignore the potty mouth and
frequent violent outbursts because everybody’s got their quirks. So for all those reasons and more, he is our