Gays of Our Lives: Syed’s Desperate Search for a ‘Gay Cure’ on “EastEnders!”

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gay couple Thomas and Florian from French soap Plus Belle la vie. Plus, EastEnders
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IN GOOL SCOOPS AND SPOILERS, Luke and Reid’s relationship
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Plus, meet Física o Química’s
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Are Aaron and Jackson boyfriends or what? It’s hard telling.
Except for a few off hand references to sex, they come off as friends. If you
saw a scene between Aaron and Jackson and Aaron and Adam, you’d think the
relationship was the same. I’m not saying that Aaron and Jackson should be all over each other, but I
still think boyfriends or lovers would have some kind of physical interaction.
And the fact that they don’t is kind of glaring.

Also I don’t understand the hostility between Aaron and
Carl. Unless the two have some sort of bad blood between them (and perhaps they
do because there was a time when I wasn’t watching the show), it all seemed
rather forced. Aaron and Carl were being jerks because the script told them to,
not because of any real animosity. Worse, Carl comes off as slightly
homophobic, which seems out of character for him.

And since when did Aaron care about Holly? When they were
dating, it was pretty clear he didn’t really like her and was just using her.
And they’ve had no interaction except for one or two scenes for months. So why
is Holly suddenly hanging out with them, and why in the world would Aaron keep
Holly’s drug use a secret? Even if he didn’t tell her parents, he’d at least
tell Adam.

It makes no sense. Then there’s the fact Holly is such an
unappealing and unlikeable character that it’s really hard to care about her or
her problems. This plot arc is a failure all the way around. Let’s hope that
it, or at least Aaron’s role in it, is over soon.


It has been months since we last saw Syed and Christian or
anyone involved in this storyline. I realize that this show does this all the
time where they suddenly drop a character or storyline while they focus on
other things, but it’s really lousy storytelling. And it makes viewers not care
when a story they love just drops off the canvas with no sign of when it’s
coming back. So after all this time, getting a few brief minutes is really just

There’s no reason why the show couldn’t have let us see Syed
in his therapy sessions, giving us some insight as to how these things work. Or
how about that guy that Christian was just starting to date before they
disappeared? It would have been nice to see that develop and be fleshed out.
Instead, like many things on this show, it was simply a story point left

I also find it ridiculous that they act like they haven’t
seen each other in months either, just as we haven’t. These two live and work
so closely, surely they’d be in constant contact. I admit though that I do like
Christian finally moving on with his life in a positive direction. But again I
wonder if the show will actually do anything with it… or if it’ll be yet
another wasted opportunity.

Coronation Street

Oh, is this show still playing out this storyline? It’s hard
telling since we see so little of it. Not that I’m complaining since it’s not all
that interesting. I never liked the storyline about Sean making a baby with
Violet the first time around so to see it revisited doesn’t make me rush to my
computer screen. However, it is my duty to bring you these clips, for good or
ill, so here it is for your viewing pleasure. And I use the word pleasure very

I guess for me, watching Sean is frustrating because I’ve
never understood the character’s appeal, and he’s so rarely used so I wonder
why he remains on the canvas because clearly the show’s writers aren’t all
that invested in him either. So why not get rid of Sean once and for all and
bring on some gay folks that viewers do like, can relate to and want see more
of? I keep hoping with the new regime and an openly gay man at the helm things
will change. So far I continue to be disappointed.

Física o Química

Umm… if I were David, hot teacher or no hot teacher, there
is no way I’d ever take Fer back. He overreacts to everything. He’s
stalker-ish. And we all know what he does when he gets jealous. I’m with David
in that the relationship is over and it’s time to move on.

As for David and Jorge, their connection was pretty much
instantaneous, and the two do have a nice chemistry. I’m not surprised that
David would make a move on his teacher, he’s always been bold when it came to
his sexuality. One only wonders how Jorge might have reacted if they hadn’t
found out that Fer was in the room.

And it’s yet another sign how different non-American shows are when it comes to handling what might be considered racy material. It’s hard to imagine an U.S. show tackling a gay male student falling for a gay male teacher. Now if they were straight? Well, no scandal there!


This is a Dutch crime thriller like 24, only one of its heroes is gay. That’s something you’d rarely
if ever see on action or cop shows in the U.S. I’m a big fan of the genre, so
it’s nice to come across something like this.

I know this isn’t exactly our usual fare, but I thought it
was an interesting show, and over the next few weeks we’ll present subsequent
clips that will complete the story.

I like that the show is unabashed about Edwin’s sexuality.
They show him kissing a guy in the opening credits! But I must ask anyone
reading who has actually seen more of the show: Is the guy that Edwin is making
out with in the credits an ongoing boyfriend or just some random guy?

Forbidden Love

So that’s the end of Rob. I can’t say I’m unhappy with that.
The storyline was so badly handled from day one that it’s best this way, and
the guys can move on to something else. And at least the wrap up was consistent
– it felt as slapped together and poorly played as the storyline itself.

Still though, there was a lot of potential here. For
example, that scene between Rob and Rebecca where she suggested they team up to
break up Christian and Olli. Sure, she was just playing Rob, but that would
have been a delicious plot twist if the show had actually invested in the
storyline and gone that route. That kind of villainy would have been worth

Goodbye to a bad

And I know the show is trying so very hard to make Rebecca
the hero and therefore, we should like her. But guess what? It’s not working. I
know when I’m being manipulated, and I can feel the writers pulling the strings
here. This is a character that simply does not work. Also, could Andi and
Miriam please stop flirting? It’s not cute or funny or sexy. It’s really
boring. Let’s move on.

The Young and The Restless

Should we be grateful that Y&R drags Rafe out every once in awhile and gives him something
to do? No, of course not because he’s really a prop for Billy’s latest shenanigans

Don’t get me wrong, I like Rafe and Billy’s scenes together and they do
play well off each other. I suspect that even though Rafe is mad at Billy right
now, he’ll forgive him and be there the next time Billy needs someone to do his
dirty work. They seem to have that kind of friendship.

It’s unfortunate the show
still refuses to see that there are so many possible uses for Rafe. Or maybe they do see
it, but simply don’t want to take advantage of it.

I must say I was surprised they brought up the Adam/Rafe affair,
given how fast they ran away from it last year. But seeing Rafe and Adam
together makes it even more hard to believe they were ever lovers.

The glaring
age difference, or rather that the part of Rafe was cast with too young of an actor, was
always a big problem between them. It was made more apparent in these scenes,
especially given Adam’s beard, which makes him looking even far older than Rafe
than he already did.

I also have to chuckle that Rafe continues to act oh so hurt
by what happened with Adam. Rafe knew that Adam was a sociopath who couldn’t be trusted, and he
knew that Adam had a girlfriend. And let’s not forget that Rafe threw his own
aunt under the bus so he could have a shot at the ‘straight’ dude. Rafe seems
to have forgotten all that. I haven’t though.

Plus belle la vie



I only came across these clips just as I was finishing up the
column, so I didn’t have time to learn anything about this couple and am only
going by what I watched here.

For those of you who have seen more of this
pairing, I’m wondering how popular they are in France. I guess they must have some
following since they’ve been together for three years, but are they very
prominent on the show? Are they front burner characters with major storylines
like Deniz and Roman on All That Matters,
or are they secondary characters with sporadic airtime like the As the World Turns boys? Just curious.

Meet Thomas and

From what we can tell from these clips. they seem like a
couple who aren’t quite satisfied in their relationship anymore. Other things
are taking precedence, which often happens in a long term pairing. I found their
scenes, especially the opening one to be quite realistic. While I think each
character individually is likable and interesting, I don’t think they have
much chemistry as a couple. But that’s just my initial reaction. Perhaps once I
see more of them together the pairing will make more sense.

I did think the scenes with Diego were kind of cute and
funny. And I wonder if he’s the harbinger for some serious problems that are
about to crop up for these two. For the moment though, there’s really not much
here to hook me into Plus belle la vie.
Hopefully, assuming more clips are made available that might change.


All That Matters

I gotta say that I’m really quite stunned at
how devastated Deniz is at discovering Roman’s affair. I knew he would be upset
and hurt, but Deniz is deeply, deeply wounded, which shows how much this
character has grown and matured over the years. Also, the actor is doing a
wonderful job at depicting Deniz’s pain. Though it would be a much more
effective if he could shed a few tears.

As good of an actor that Dennis Grabosch is,
it’s really hard for me to feel sorry for Roman. His inability to control his
emotions is quite disturbing, especially since it causes such pain for himself
and the people around him. The scene where Deniz and Marian walk in on Roman
and Marc after they have sex was heartbreakingly sad. Though I won’t lie and
deny that the sex scene itself was pretty hot.

I really like how Deniz stuck by Florian and
let him continue to stay with him even after the breakup. I think their bond is
really sweet and Florian is such an endearing character. And I enjoyed Marian’s
talk with Roman as well. I like how the only thing Marian wanted was that Roman
respect Deniz (which he totally was not) no matter what decision he made with
his life.

I personally don’t see how they can come back
from this and honestly, I think what Roman has done is pretty unforgiveable. In
soaps, however, people are forgiven for the worst sins so anything is possible.



As the World TurnsLuke
and Reid’s relationship continues to be a bone of contention for Mona Cross,
even though the pair weren’t romantically involved when Luke donated all that
money. To everyone’s surprise Bob stands on the side of romance and cancels the
sale of the hospital to Invicta.

There are still changes in the wind for Reid when Bob asks him
to take over as Chief of Staff once he retires … if Reid agrees to work on his
people skills. Reid says he’ll consider the job, but it’s not a done deal. When
Bob’s wife Kim hears about Bob’s decision, she makes it clear she’s not happy
with his decision to hire the snarky neurosurgeon.

Later, Luke and Reid are having a quiet evening at the
Lilypad and the conversation turns to the state of their relationship. Are
these two on the same page for once, or is there another conflict ahead?

All That MattersMarc
has finished his work in town and tells Roman he’s going to head back to
Hamburg. Roman is sorry to see Marc go and is shocked when Marc asks him to
come back with him. Roman would prefer Marc stay in town and wants to integrate
him into his circle of friends.

But when their attempt to do so goes bust, Marc realizes
it’s time to go and that it’s the end for him and Roman. They say a difficult
goodbye, but does this mean Roman and Deniz have another chance? Deniz still
loves Roman, but can’t forgive him for his betrayal.

Marc is leaving. What
does this mean for Roman and Deniz?

Good Times, Bad Times (German) – Carsten’s plans to visit Lenny in
prison are a disaster when he oversleeps and loses the car keys. He makes it to
the prison too late and is denied a chance to see his boyfriend. Lucy can see
the devastating effect this has on Carsten and seeks to find a solution to the
problem. Carsten is grateful when Lucy comes up with a way to bring the boys

Can Carsten survive
not seeing Lenny?

becomes more involved in Holly’s life than he would like when he catches her
buying drugs from her dealer after she told him she wasn’t using anymore. When
Aaron threatens to tell Adam everything, Holly swears she doesn’t have a
problem and is just having some fun and begs Aaron to let it go. Aaron does,
until he witnesses Holly stealing from Adam’s girlfriend Scarlett in order to
buy more drugs.

Aaron lets Adam in on what’s been going on. Feeling that
Holly has a serious addiction, both boys think Adam’s parents should know
what’s happening. Holly begs them to let her work through this herself. And
when push comes to shove, neither of the boys is able to tell the Bartons the

Aaron turns to his old
friend Adam for help.

True Blood – When
Lafayette finds
himself in trouble, he turns to Jesus, who helps him out … and teaches him a
valuable lesson at the same time. Meanwhile, Franklin finishes his work for Russell, but
what will the leader of the vamps want next from him?

Speaking of Russell,
Alcide and Sookie need a way to deal with Russell’s minions and they go to the
leader in the hierarchy of werewolves for help. Plus, Jason meets his match
(and let’s hope it somehow involves taking his clothes off) and Eric thinks
back to the days of the Vikings as he tries to deal with his past and the
current violent path his life is on.

True Blood’s Eric

EastEnders Syed has been seeing a gay
conversion therapist for months to rid himself of his desires and his love for
Christian. Christian is devastated and angry to hear about what Syed has been
up to, but Syed tells his therapist that despite all their work together, it’s
done no good: he’s still gay and he’s still in love with Christian.

Christian gets into an ugly confrontation with Syed’s
parents that ends with Syed’s father punching Christian. When Syed hears about
what’s happened, he goes to Christian to apologize for them. Things get so hot
between the former lovers that they nearly kiss, but Christian gets his wits
about himself and sends Syed packing.

After the Masoods attempt to hook Syed up with the ‘right’
girl, Syed realizes he can no longer live his life making his parents happy and
admits that he’s a gay Muslim and that he isn’t over Christian. His parents
react by disowning Syed and kicking him out of the house. Seeing the big step
that Syed has made, Christian invites Syed to come home with him.

Try as he might, Syed
can’t give up the gay.

Forbidden Love A crisis leads to a moment that will
change Christian and Olli’s lives forever. When Olli gets word that Christian
has been hospitalized with chest pains, Olli rushes to the hospital to find out
about his lover, only to have the medical staff refuse to give him any
information because he’s not a family member.

Thankfully, Christian will be just fine, but this makes the
couple realize that the need to be able to be there for each other if something
else were to happen. At first, they decide to make a living will, but Olli
gets inspired and proposes marriage to Christian.

Christian gladly accepts Olli’s proposal, but then reality
sets in that he’s making a commitment that will last for the rest of his life.
Christian realizes he just needs time to adjust to the idea, but Olli starts
planning for an immediate wedding, putting Christian in an awkward position.


Doctors – Simon
hears a surprising confession …


Degrassi: The Next GenerationRiley is determined to be the team’s new quarterback …

Will Riley risk losing
Zane to get what he wants?

All That Matters Deniz starts doing drugs to deal with his
problems …

True Blood – Lafayette
and Jesus’ relationship hits a new roadblock …

Good Times, Bad Times (German) ­- Carsten gets another chance to see
Lenny …

EastEnders – Syed struggles with everyone knowing about his
relationship with Christian …

As the World TurnsLuke
and Reid talk about sex …

Emmerdale – Adam and Aaron pay a visit to Holly’s drug dealer …

Forbidden LoveChristian
and Olli have a romantic evening …

It doesn’t look like
it, but the boys are about to get some really bad news.


It hasn’t been a stellar season of Spanish teen drama Física o Química, at least for this
columnist, what with gay Fer (Javier Calvo) cheating on sweet boyfriend David (Adrián
Rodríguez) with a girl, not to mention the annoying militant gay stance Fer
took this year.

Sergio Mur of Física
o Química

But the one thing that has worked is the intriguing
relationship that developed between David and the school’s new art teacher,

It started as a friendship that sparked into a mutual
attraction, culminating into a confrontation between the teacher and student in
the season finale in a story that will continue into the show’s sixth season. My Zone TV talked to Sergio Mur, the
sexy teacher who can’t help his attraction to one of his students. Mur says
that David and Jorge’s feelings for each other are real, but it’s yet to be
seen just where they’ll go with it.

Teacher and student got very close this season on the teen drama.

“There is a very
strong attraction. You are going to see in the season finale what this
attraction turns into,” said Mur. “… It isn’t Jorge who has pursued David;
it’s the other way round. Therefore, what happens between them is going to
depend on them. What is sure is Jorge will always want the best for David.”

FOQ had
depicted teacher-student affairs in past seasons, but this is the first time
it’s been done between two gay men. However, unlike the previous relationships
on the show, Mur isn’t sure the audience will go for this one.

“I know it would not be very popular, as the David-Fer
couple are very much loved but something very beautiful is arising between
Jorge and David, although I don’t know if Jorge is going to go that way …” Mur
said, then stopped himself, adding, “Let’s leave it there. Having to bite your
tongue all the time is horrible!”

Mur says that his character will return
for the show’s sixth season, which is currently being taped. He declines to
reveal what’s ahead for Jorge, only saying that viewers will find out what
Jorge is really like in future episodes. Mur adds that since he started on the
show, he’s realized its popularity and is often stopped by fans wanting an
autograph or a picture.

“When I go running
or for a walk, I notice more and more that a lot of people watch FOQ. People recognize you and some come
near you, but I am fine with it,” Mur said. “In general, being approached is
nice and rewarding in terms of work, as long as you aren’t shouted at or
something like that.”

Linus Roache, who played a gay Catholic priest in the early
90’s provocative drama Priest,
is getting involved in another gay storyline, only this time he’s on the
opposite side of the fence. Roache will join the cast of UK soap Coronation Street for a month-long story
arc to air in September, a plot producers believe will lead to some of the
show’s most controversial scenes ever. 

Linus Roache to stir
things up on
Coronation Street

In the storyline, Roache will be revealed as Lawrence
Barlow, the secret long-lost son of character Ken Barlow. Ken is played by Bill
Roache, who has been with the soap opera since its inception 50 years ago and
is Linus’ real life father.

Ken will track down his newly discovered son and will be
delighted to learn that he has a grandson, James, who will be portrayed by
Roache’s other real life son, James Roache. But things will get ugly quickly
when Ken finds out that his grandson is gay and that Lawrence hates him for it,
putting Ken in the middle of a family feud between father and son. Ken will be
shocked and horrified by his son’s unrelenting homophobic attitude towards his
own child.

Roache will be in the middle of
gay-themed storyline to
air in September.

"Lawrence hates gays and Ken is disgusted by
his attitude. These scenes are explosive, raw and hard-hitting. Viewers,
whether they like the language or not, will be gripped,” a source at CS told
Digital Spy. “The storyline airs in September, the month Corrie takes over as the world’s current
longest-running TV serial drama (since As
the World Turns
goes off the air that month), and at the heart of the plot
is Ken, the show’s only original character, and a dark family secret."

Another source concurs with
what’s ahead for viewers.

"Lawrence is a complete
bigot and the language he uses will leave some viewers furious,” the source says. “The scenes will pull no punches in expressing some people’s
hatred towards gay people and what they stand for. We are expecting viewers to
have strong feelings about the dialogue and to air their objections

Producers are hoping that the episodes,
which are part of the show’s 50th anniversary celebration, will be
some of the show’s most provocative and talked about storylines in the soap’s
history. Coronation Street has had
gay storylines before and currently has gays, lesbians and transgender
characters on the canvas, but it has never used such raw and inflammatory
language as part of the storytelling.

For example, in one episode
Lawrence says to his son, “If I’d been like you, you wouldn’t exist. It’s not
natural; if everybody was gay there wouldn’t be any human race.”

And during another scene, when
Ken encourages Lawrence to accept his son as he is, Lawrence replies, “Not if
being himself means not having a normal life, mixing with all sorts of
degenerates and weirdos.”

Roache will play Ken Barlow’s gay grandson James.

Critics accuse the show’s
writers of doing this only for shock value in an attempt to raise ratings, but the
show defends itself by saying that people like Lawrence Barlow exist and they
are only simply reflecting what is going on in homes all over the world. Gay
activists side with the show’s decision to write the storyline as they have
chosen to — with a caveat.

“There is nothing wrong with
showing parents who don’t accept their gay children, as long as other
characters reflect the more tolerant strands of public opinion,” said gay activist
Peter Tatchell.

spokesman for the gay activist group Stonewall
agrees. “It’s good this issue is being put out, but producers are treading
a fine line and it must be treated sensitively. For some people, homophobia is
still very much a fact of life.”

Of course we’ll have all the
clips and spoilers right here in GOOL for
the entire run of the plot arc.

Openly gay Corrie producer Phil Collinson announced shocking

plans regarding the show’s future on a British chat show.

As we previously reported, Coronation Street will be continuing the story of Sean Tully’s
(Antony Cotton) search for his son, who was taken away by the mother a couple
of years ago shortly after the child was born. This storyline will reportedly
reach its climax in December.

And that’s not the only major event taking place
on the show in December. Producers reveal that they are planning a terrible
tragedy for the characters of CS to
deal with when a streetcar runs off the rails and crashes onto the street.

This gives new CS head
Phil Collinson the chance to trim the cast, as several of the show’s characters
will be killed in the accident. It’s been widely rumored for months that
Collinson was looking to axe a number of the show’s cast, something the show
has downplayed, but it looks like it’s coming to pass.

These quiet streets
won’t be so quiet come December.

The show is keeping the fates of the doomed characters hidden even from the
actors who play the roles. To that end, producers wrote alternative and phony
scripts to keep the truth hidden until the shows actually air the first week in
December. CS plans to use new
technologies to make the tragedy as real and authentic looking as possible.

Might the show use the chance to finally rid itself of its
terribly annoying gay character Sean Tully, even though they inexplicably
signed the actor to a new one-year contract with the show (despite the fact he has
no screen time and minimal storylines)? If we’re really lucky.

Coronation Street isn’t
the only UK
soap with big plans regarding gay storytelling. Emmerdale executive
producer Gavin Blyth recently dished to Digital
what’s ahead for its gay characters Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller) and
boyfriend Jackson Walsh (Marc Silcock). As you would expect, it’s not going to
be smooth sailing for them as Aaron continues to struggle with his sexuality.

“It’ll be quite something … it
starts with an extension of where they are now and is born out of who Aaron is.
He is who he is and he has a temper,” Blyth explains. “He blames those closest
to him and pushes them away, even though it’s not intentional. He doesn’t know
when he’s on to a good thing … something he may live to regret."

The romance between Aaron and Jackson
won’t be all love and kisses.


Blyth continues:

"I don’t want to make it a
bed of roses for them from the off. There has to be a truth in it. They move
forward as a couple but Aaron’s journey continues – he’ll not readily settle
into a romantic situation immediately; he’ll be tested and questions asked of
him en route as to how he feels as he and Jackson
get closer. It wouldn’t be true if it was all too easy – and it won’t be.”

will Aaron’s ongoing struggle to find himself take him next?

Blyth goes on to explain that
the arrival later this year of Jackson’s mother, played by Pauline Quirke, will
bring a surprising element to their storyline and give insight to the past of Jackson
Walsh. Blyth says the plot arc will begin late fall/early winter and will be “one that none of them see coming."

Blyth promises
that there’s plenty more of Aaron ahead following the aforementioned plot arcs.
He’s already planning new storylines for Aaron to begin in spring 2011. You can reead the full interview here.

Are Thom Bierdz and Phillip Chancellor III returning to The Young and the Restless? Maybe. Earlier
this year we reported that the show had promised that at some point they would
bring Phillip back. The character was written out late last year following a
poorly written and ill-conceived gay storyline that disappointed viewers and
critics alike. Now it looks like the show might be ready to deliver on its earlier

Greg Hernandez, who writes the blog Greg In Hollywood,
spoke with Y&R producer Paul
Rauch about the lack of gay storytelling on the show and the absence of

Rauch replied cryptically, “Maybe you should keep looking at the show … July might be
a good time. We won’t disappoint you.”

actress Lauralee Bell, who played Christine, Phillip’s teenage love interest
back in the 80’s, is returning to the show and she reportedly said the show
will address Phillip being alive and her history with the character. Furthermore,
the show is also rumored to be writing out Phillip’s son Chance, played by John
Driscoll, though it’s unknown how the character will exit. But that might play
into Phillip’s return as well.

It is unknown
whether Phillip’s stay will be long term or for a short stint.

And finally this
week, some good, bad and ugly news regarding Brothers & Sisters. Be warned! Some of what follows are spoilers.

The good news is that Emily VanCamp, (Rebecca)
is leaving the series. She’ll return for a few episodes in the new year and
then make her exit. The actress reportedly feels that ‘her character has run
its course’. Sadly that happened about three years ago, when her character started
sleeping with the guy she thought was her brother. Eww.

Whether or not this is
the show’s final season is still up in the air.

More good news? Turns
out those rumors about Balthazar Getty, who plays Tommy Walker, returning to
the show full time weren’t quite true. Yay! Getty, who was reduced to recurring
a couple of years ago after producers realized how boring and unlikeable Tommy
was (okay, it was really because of some of the actor’s nasty off screen
behavior) will remain on recurring status and appear periodically throughout the
season. We’ll take as little of Tommy as we can get.

Still more good news? When the show returns in its new year,
we’ll find out that Scotty and Kevin’s surrogacy plans failed and there will be
no Walker/Wandell bundle of joy. Thank God. But here’s where the bad news comes

Instead of scrapping that incredibly boring storyline, the writers are
going to continue the couple’s quest to have a child. And how do they plan to
do that? Now, it’s going to get ugly:
Scotty and Kevin are going to take in a homeless 12-year-old Latino kid.
Isn’t that what they did in the last season of Chico and the Man? And we all know how that
turned out.

Scotty and Kevin are going to become even more
unwatchable in the
new season of

Because of the cast exits, the show being cut down to 18
episodes produced in the new year and the show’s decision to cut costs by not
having all the cast appear in each episode, not to mention the fact that some
of the show’s cast, such as Sally Field (Nora Walker), are reportedly ready for
the show to come to an end, there has been much speculation that this might be
the final year of B&S.

But executive producer David Marshall Grant says the network
hasn’t told them this is the show’s last year and he has no intention of
treating it as such. To that end, the storytelling this year won’t be aimed as
if the show were wrapping up.

“No one has told me
that it’s the last season,” Grant told Entertainment
. “[so] I don’t want to do that. It’s sort of a self-fulfilling

In fact, Grant
thinks that the show’s decision to jump ahead a year in time will give fresh
life to the show and give B&S a
few more seasons.

“I’m actually looking at this
season as a fresh beginning,” Grant said. “That’s one of the things you can do
when you jump a year. I want to put our characters in fresh and different
places, and hopefully that will have legs.”

SNAPSHOTS – Behind the Scenes of As the World Turns’ final episodes…

Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek during a taping at what seems to be a very distressing moment for
Luke Snyder (Van Hansis). The scenes being shot here will reportedly air in
September as the show comes to a close.

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