Gays of Our Lives: Two Men and an Baby on “Forbidden Love”

In this month’s edition of Gays Of Our

In GOOL THEATER, gay cop Kevin LaPorte says goodbye on Les Bleus while Simon faces an old flame on Doctors. In GOOL SCOOPS AND SPOILERS, as Brendan is suspected of
arson and murder on Hollyoaks, will Ste find another guy to ease his
emotional pain? Meanwhile, Christian and Olli become fathers on Forbidden Love. And in GOOL NEWSBEAT, Emmerdale’s Marc Silcock discusses how
he prepares to play his paralyzed character, EastEnders and Coronation Street team up for a special project and
updates on former As The World Turns stars
Jake Silbermann, Van Hansis and Eric Sheffer Stevens.

All this – and more!



Yann wants his marriage back… but does

When we last saw Kevin, he was having an affair with Tiago. Since then, Yann
found out about the affair and confronted his spouse. That’s when Kevin told
Yann (and the viewers) that he knew Yann had cheated on him too. Yann was
willing to forgive and forget, but Kevin was in love with Tiago and wanted out
of his marriage to Yann. That’s where we begin…

And that’s a wrap. I know a lot of fans are upset with how it ends for Kevin,
with him quitting the force, ending his marriage and leaving town to be with
Tiago. But I’m not upset with the ending. I never liked Kevin and Yann as a couple,
mostly because I always felt that Kevin had to do all the work. And oddly
enough, after doing all that work to create a domestic life with Yann, Kevin
realized that it wasn’t what he wanted at all.

And frankly, that’s realistic. Many of us come to realize the relationship
we thought would make us happy and the job we thought we were satisfied with, aren’t really
working when we look more closely.

I think that Kevin found his life at a crossroads and he needed to make a
change. I realize it’s not happily ever after, but for me this is a much more
relatable close. My only regret is that we’ll never see Kevin again. I found
him to be a unique and engaging character in the gay canon. He will be missed.


Honestly, there isn’t much to say here although I liked this little story with Simon.
I think it’s kind of realistic that no matter how long we’re out, sometimes we
find ourselves having to come out to people and it’s not always pleasant. It’s nice to see a show proving that there is still fresh ground to be plowed when it comes to, well, coming out. And it’s interesting to see both sides of being in the closet. Holly was hurt by what seemed like Simon’s rejection of her. And we all know how hard it is for the guy in the closet.

I found both of their reactions believable with Holly thinking she was “repulsive” and Simon being a little put out (at least at first) over having to feel bad about being unsure about his sexuality when he was younger. What feels like being used to Holly is simply what happens when a society doesn’t allow young gay men to be educated about what they are going though. People are bound to get hurt.

just wish the show used Simon more often. It seems to me it’s been a long time
since he had a romantic interest. He really hasn’t had a long story since his
ill-fated affair with Will earlier this year, which is a shame.


Is it awful of me that I love watching Brendan run roughshod and wreak havoc
over everyone? Then I guess I’m awful, because his scenes on this show are my
favorite. But I’ve always been more a fan of the bad boys, and Brendan is certainly
that. Charming and engaging, yet dangerous and menacing. And the fact that he’s
as funny as hell definitely helps. I think the sense of humor makes his
character more effective and in many ways even more scary.

In terms of the plot, I’m so glad they didn’t kill off Amy. I’d hate for Ste
to deal with that tragic death and honestly, making him a single father would
be a drag on his character. So Amy leaving town with the kids frees Ste up to
deal with his messy love life. Speaking of which, Rae knows about Ste and
Brendan’s relationship, so why didn’t she say anything to Ste about it? It’s
just strange that a woman would know her man is having an affair with another
man and keep quiet.

Even more bizarre was Macca’s ultimatum. Brendan put Macca in the hospital,
and it’s not the first beating he’s suffered at Brendan’s hands. But Macca,
despite being clearly terrified of Brendan, wants him back and is willing to resort
to blackmail to make that happen? I was as shocked as Brendan over that one. Then
again, we’ve got Ste defending Brendan against all reason to Amy while she lies
in the hospital. That is some magic wand Brendan is using to cast a spell over
these boys.


I’ve said elsewhere how I don’t really care for this storyline, so I’m not
really going to elaborate on that all over again. Here, I’m going to focus on
the acting, especially by Marc Silcock, who is amazing in these scenes. You can
feel all of Jackson’s frustration, anguish and pain over how his life has been
changed forever, and there’s nothing he can do about it. His performance in
here is very raw, and you can’t help but be affected. As much as I
don’t like this storyline, the acting is exceptional. That’s really the only
good thing about this mess. And that’s pretty much all I have to say.

Okay, I’ll say a little more. While I don’t like the storyline, I’m again going to give credit to the show for at least finding uses for its gay characters beyond just coming out. Even more, thank heavens Emmerdale didn’t just have Aaron come out and then disappear like so many other shows have. Here is hoping 90210 is paying attention and can find something for Teddy to do once they finally have him out of the closet.


Jackson struggles to adjust to his new

EmmerdaleJackson continues to come to grips
with his paralysis and still refuses to see Aaron, even as everyone encourages
him to let his former lover back into his life. Meanwhile, Aaron drowns his
sorrows at the local pub and also has an unfortunate encounter with Hazel, who
brands Aaron a coward for turning his back on Jackson.

Aaron doesn’t defend himself against the accusations, but Chas does. Aaron is grateful for his
mother’s help and tells her how badly he wants to be there for Jackson. But
Chas suggests that given what’s happened to Jackson, maybe this is for the best as the last thing
Aaron needs is to be a lifelong caretaker for someone with Jackson’s issues.

Where Jackson is going to live becomes an issue as he is about to be released
from the hospital. Jackson’s parents fight over who’s best to care for their
son but Jackson doesn’t want to become a burden to either of them.

Luckily Declan, Jackson’s former employer, provides Jackson with a house
that would best suit someone with his needs. With Jackson back in the village,
how long can Aaron continue to stay away? Not long because there is a new
crisis just right around the corner for these two…

Would you pay this guy for a date?

Robbie has a new beau
in his life named Grayson and he can’t help but brag about how hot and sexy his
new lover is. However, it all turns out to be lie. Grayson is a wealthy older
man who is paying Robbie to spend time with him and Robbie is desperate to keep
this a secret.

But when Grayson shows up at a party, Robbie panics and creates a distraction. Later, Grayson confronts Robbie about his actions, but nevertheless
agrees to keep their relationship a secret for the time being. The secret is spilled when Grayson collapses and Robbie rushes him to the hospital. Once there, however,
Robbie denies knowing who the old man is. When Scott shows up, he sees what is
happening and is disgusted by Robbie’s behavior, revealing the truth to


Continuing their quest
to become parents, Christian and Olli meet with the lesbian couple they plan to
co-parent with, only to find that they have different ideas on how to raise a
child. Things eventually fall through and the couple fear maybe having a child isn’t in their

Still, they pursue the idea of fostering a foreign child and meet with the
Welfare Office. Before you know it, they find themselves in charge of an
adorable little girl named Lily. Olli can’t wait for the girl to arrive, but
Christian warns that they may only have her temporarily. But when they meet the
little girl, they fall instantly fall in love with her.

As much as Christian and Olli enjoy being parents, they find it is having a
strain on their relationship as a couple and they resolve not to lose each
other as they get busy in their new lives.

Just as they get used to having Lily in their lives, they hear from her
biological father who has been released from jail and wants to take his daughter back
to Africa. But is there a chance they may get to adopt the little girl?

Ste doesn’t want to believe Brendan could be guilty of setting the fire that
nearly killed Amy and his children, while Macca gives Ste some dirt on Brendan’s past
that convinces Ste that his lover is an arsonist.

However, Brendan is able to get his hands on the evidence and destroys it. Despite all that, Brendan swears he’s not guilty, but remains unconvinced that Brendan is innocent, even after someone
else is arrested for the crime.

Macca is back and stirring up trouble
for Ste and Brendan…

Ste finds himself outed when Macca tells Rae the truth about Ste’s sexuality.
Instead of being upset with Macca, Ste and his new pal go out for a drink
together and compare notes on their relationships with Brendan. Things get
heated between Ste and Macca and they end up kissing.

Brendan sees the intimate moment and is furious. Shoving Macca against a
wall, he tells him to leave town and stay away from Ste or he’s a dead man.

Brendan has one too many men on his

Ste is shocked by Brendan’s actions and tells him to stay away from him for
good. But Brendan is hardly about to give up on Ste. And Macca’s not about to
give up on Brendan. He stuns Brendan by admitting he’s in love with him and
wants him back.

Later, Brendan is faced with more questions from his sister Cheryl about his
own sexuality. Brendan so furiously denies that he’s gay that his sister
believes him. Meanwhile, everyone congregates for a service to mourn the people
they lost in the fire. But before the event is over, the real identity of
the arsonist will be revealed to everyone…


EastEndersSyed learns a secret that could
destroy his parent’s marriage…

Times, Bad Times (Dutch)
Lucas and Edwin share a heated moment…

Despite his sexual orientation being revealed to his wife, Edward
struggles to keep his marriage together…


Things don’t look so good for Jackson

Last week Emmerdale’s Jackson Walsh,
played by Marc Silcock, learned that he will never walk again, the next beat in a
long running storyline revolving around Aaron and Jackson’s relationship. Silcock
says he’s surprised he is still on the show, much less the center of a major
plot. The actor thought he’d just come on to help Aaron realize he was gay
and would then make his exit. And when he heard that Jackson was to be hit by
a train, he assumed that would be end of his character.

“Well, I thought that’s me gone,” he said to Inside Soap. “but what a way to go – a big stunt. Then our
producer, Gavin Blyth called me into his office and explained everything about
the storyline. It’s been an amazing opportunity for me as an actor.”

Silcock did research about real life
people with Jackson’s condition…

To make Jackson’s story more real to the viewer, Silcock did research in
preparation for his role by meeting a man who has a physical condition similar
to Jackson’s.

“I actually visited a hospital in Wakefield and spent some time with a man
named Lee, who’s in the same position as Jackson. He explained things
brilliantly, especially how he felt when he was first told about his condition,"
Silcock said.

It was after meeting this person that Silcock became even more determined to
get things right when it came to depicting Jackson’s condition.

"It was a big worry for me because there are viewers who are disabled
and I didn’t want to cheat. I wanted to do it right. I wanted people to believe
Jack is paralyzed. I had no idea what thoughts go through your head and what
your family must go through so it was fantastic to speak to someone about it to
understand the horror that this is not going to change," Silcock said to The
Daily Record

"I want to make it as real as possible because for people in those
situations, the last thing I’d want to do is to cheat them out of the stress of
what they are really going through."

To help in making the story more realistic, the show has two nurses on set
during Silcock’s scenes, who tell the actor what Jackson can and cannot do. The
show is currently taping scenes that have Jackson in a wheelchair and the actor
stays in the chair even when they are not filming just so he can get used to
being in it. Emmerdale producers are
also working on ways to change Silcock’s appearance in order to accurately show
the physical effects of being paralyzed from the neck down.

While Silcock will be with the show until spring, he’d be interested in
staying past the length of his current contract. The show has had long term
disabled characters before, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that
he’d be asked to stay.

“I’d love to stay at Emmerdale,
but only if it made sense for Jackson,” he said. “It’s been my favourite place
to work so far, but I wouldn’t stay for the money or just to be on TV. I’d
rather go out on an amazing story rather just hang around for no reason.”

When British period piece Downton
came to a close a few weeks ago, it left a few of its characters
futures in peril, such as gay footman Thomas played by Rob James-Collier. Thomas,
sensing he was about to be fired from his job for theft, joined a medical training
course for the military, just as war with Germany broke.

With that, one wondered if Thomas would be back for the second series, which
is set to resume filming next March and will air this time next year. But show
producers announced that Collier, along with most of the cast, have been signed
for season two of the series. It will be interesting to see how war will have
changed the scurrilous and duplicitous Thomas, if he has changed at

In other Downton Abbey news, NBC
is reported to have bought the U.S. rights to the series, with plans to air it in
this country sometime next year.

Downtown Abbey’s gay Thomas will be
back for the next season of
Downton Abbey…

As The World
went off the air a few months ago,
but the men who played their very popular and much loved gays Luke (Van
Hansis), Noah (Jake Silbermann) and Reid (Eric Sheffer Stevens) have been
keeping busy since the soap moved on to the television graveyard.

Silbermann has been auditioning as well as
promoting his indie film Stuffer, which
he wrote and plays a supporting role in. The movie won the jury prize for best short film at the Royal Flush
Festival last month.

“I am, in a word,
encouraged,” Silbermann said to the New
York Times

Silbermann hopes to
eventually turn his short film into a feature length version.

Silbermann at a recent showing of his indie film

As for Van Hansis, he is
busy looking for work out west and hired a Los Angeles agent to get him prime
time gigs.

“I just kind of felt
like if you want to get work, go where the work is,” said Hansis. “That being
said, if a soap contract were offered to me, I might have a completely
different story. It’s a great job.”

Hansis also has a
starring role in the upcoming horror film Occupant.

As for Eric Sheffer
Stevens, he’s been keeping himself in front of the camera, with a guest part in
the TV show The Big C and an upcoming
appearance in Body of Evidence,
starring Dana Delany. He recently completed filming the movie Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty which is in
post-production and is currently working on an unnamed horror film from the
producers of Open Water.

Stevens as he appears in his upcoming movie Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty.

Germany’s Glamour magazine
recently ran a poll listing the country’s sexiest male soap stars and Forbidden Love’s Thore Schölermann
(Christian) placed at number two in the poll. Co-star and on screen boyfriend
Jo Weil (Olli) was the sixth hottest soap star in Germany according to the
magazine. Number one went to Dominic Saleh-Zaki who plays Christian and Olli’s uber hot
roommate Andi.

looks cool about placing at number two.

While last week’s fire on Hollyoaks means the exit for more than a few characters, most
notably Stephen Uppal, who played bisexual Ravi Roy and Ashley Slanina-Davies,
who plays gay Ste’s BFF and mother of his children, it’s also bringing back one
of its more popular characters. Gerald McCarthy, who played bisexual Kris
Fisher and left the show earlier this year for the London stage, is returning
to the soap for a brief stint. Kris is most likely visiting his HIV positive
brother Mal, who was critically injured in the fire. The actor declined to say
why he’s coming back, though he did promise it was not for a funeral.

Gerald McCarthy

Stonewall, a UK based gay and lesbian charitable organization, recently
launched an “It Gets Better” campaign targeting gay and lesbian youth, and featuring
many UK politicians and actors, including Emmerdale’s
Danny Miller. Miller taped a video in support of the project.

Miller and Silcock show their support
for the “It Gets Better” campaign…

Stonewall recently also awarded John Partridge, who plays hunky gym trainer
Christian Clarke on EastEnders, the
Stonewall Award for Entertainer of the Year. Broadcast of the Year went to Coronation Street, which features gay
barman Sean Tully, played by Antony Cotton, as well as a long running lesbian
storyline. Coronation Street beat out
Emmerdale for the award.

Anthony Cotton of Coronation
Street and John Partridge of EastEnders
joined forces for a special project….

And finally, despite fierce competition for the ratings, Coronation Street and EastEnders came together for a special
project. Partridge and Cotton, both of whom are openly gay, along with other
cast members of both shows, are filming a special episode of Children In Need, a program which is
used to raise funds for needy and sick children. The show’s storyline is being
kept top secret, but it will air later this week on the BBC.

That’s it for this edition. I’ll be back next month for an all new Gays Of Our Lives. In the meantime,
don’t miss my weekly updates on Emmerdale
and Hollyoaks.