Geek Like Me, Comic Con: Delta Work As Jem, Simpsons Meet Family Guy, Legend Of Korra, More


Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of supermen?  Then either you’ve finally gone off the deep end, or it’s San Diego Comic Con!

We all thought we knew what was coming, but in the end we were not prepared for what Marvel had in store for us: Joss Whedon announced the next Avengers movie will be The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

Mind. Blown.

While it carries the moniker of a recent less-than-glorious comic-book event, Age of Ultron sounds like it will be more of the classic villain’s origins rather than a time-and-reality-hopping adventure.  This will also undoubtedly tie into the Edgar Wright-directed Ant-Man movie revealed at NY Comic Con last year.


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The now-in-production Guardians of the Galaxy movie also finally got a teaser trailer at the same Marvel panel, and was full of it’s own mind blowing reveals.

Mysteries surrounding the cast have finally been revealed: Michael Rooker, a.k.a. Merle from The Walking Dead, will be Yondu, an alien archer; Benicio del Toro won’t play Thanos but stars as Elder of the Universe the Collector; and  Karen Gillen (Doctor Who’s Amy Pond) as Nebula, a space-pirate with ties to Thanos and  the Infinity Guantlet storyline.

At the panel Gillen pulled a wig off to reveal she was bald, just like her character!

130720220235-superman-batman-logo-story-topNot to be outdone, Zach Snyder announced at the DC panel that the company’s next project will be a Superman/Batman movie. It looks like Henry Cavill will reprise his role as Superman but  since Christian Bale bailed on Batman, the search has begun for a new leading man to down the cowl.  Anyone care to take bets?

In some exciting animation news, the long awaited return of the The Legend of Korra starts in September with Book 2: Spirits.  For those of you who are unfamiliar to the series, Legend of Korra is a sort-of sequel to the epic series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Here’s a mind-bending  preview of what’s in store:

imagesSo it’s come to this: The Simpsons and Family Guy are finally doing a crossover episode on Family Guy in Fall 2014. Homer actually had a cameo in a Season 11 ep of Family Guy, but this is the first major match-up. The Simpsons will also meet the gang of Futurama on an upcoming episode of the futuristic comedy. Y’now, every time I think I’m out, the Simpsons find a way to pull me back in.

The greatest thing about going to Comic Con is the same as the greatest thing about Christmas: awesome toys! Headliners of the con-exclusive swag (and thusly impossible to get your hands on) include:

[logo-Flipbook gallery_id=”115762″ type=”Landscape” alignment=”right” lightbox=”1″]* Replica Scouters from Dragonball Z

* A Lego version of the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

* The Transformers/G.I. Joe crossover toys with Decepticon Ravager held on a leash by Baroness

* This

* My Little Pony’s Princess Twilight Sparkle Special Edition Pony with Swarovski Elements. (And for all you Bronies, a DJ PON-3 exclusive vinyl toy.)

* Barbie Classic Catwoman

* Hello Kitty mashed up with Street Fighter’s Akuma plush (my personal favorite/desire/want/need)

And what’s a Comic-Con without comic books, I dare ask?!  Even if  you didn’t hear about the big X-Files reunion at Comic Con, pick up the continuing adventures of Mulder and Scully in IDW’s X-Files: Season 10.  Hopefully they skip over the second movie.

1016695_10151587259192690_2085302126_nThere’s been news about Superman, Batman,and the Avengers all week long, but hero who may have slipped past your radar is DC’s new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe by Keith Giffen.  It’s more than just the Li’l Abner He-Man of yore: It’s a compelling tale of heroism and He-Man-ity, guaranteed to make a new generation of adolescent boys question their sexuality

Nintendo has finally re-released Earthbound, one of the most beloved Super Nintendo games, for the Wii. (Gamers have been waiting for this to drop since the Wii was first released in 2005.)  The best way to describe Earthbound is a Japanese love-letter to the U.S., based on drug-fueled American movies and music from the 1960s.  Sold yet?

To wrap up Comic Con, here is Ru Paul’s Drag Race star Delta Work (right) dressed up as Jem from Jem & The Holograms.