19 Swimsuits For Beachgoers Looking To Ditch Gender Norms

Grab your shades and let's go!

The last few years have seen real growth when it comes to swimwear and body positivity. But the fashion industry has made a lot less progress when it comes to swimsuits for trans and gender-nonconforming folks: I scoured the Internet for bathing suits representing a range of nontraditional options and they’re not easy to find—certainly not from mainstream retailers.

But with some diligence—and thanks to the hard work of some awesome entrepreneurs—I found a wide variety, from trans-friendly and gender-neutral to femme-sparkly and vintage-masculine chic.

Check out the options below—and remember, at the end of the day, whatever your presentation, swimwear is about comfort and confidence. So have fun with it!

  1. This swim top that doubles as a binder is made by Rebirth Garments, a company that makes custom-sized swimwear, active wear, and lingerie for all gender identities and body types, including people with disabilities.

  2. This sleek, chest-flattening swimsuit made specifically for trans men is from Danae, an Amsterdam-based company that specializes in trans-friendly clothing, accessories and swimwear.

  3. This custom-sized swim top from Etsy vendor Origami Customs can also double as a binder.

  4. This bit of magic is available in a rainbow of color combinations from Rebirth Garments.

  5. This cute pairing of boy shorts and a crop top is from Outplay, which specializes in gender-neutral swimwear and activewear “for the tomboy in all of us.”

  6. Suits designed for surfing, like this one from RipCurl, aren’t necessarily designed to be gender-neutral, but provide an androgynous silhouette and a sporty vibe.

  7. This sheer, unpadded, mix and match crop top by Mandalynn is available from Urban Outfitters.

  8. Another cute option from Danae. This one is made specifically for pre- and non-op trans women and includes room for breast prostheses.

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    TomboyX’s swimwear line adapts the company’s popular boxer-brief for the beach, with designs available in sizes XS to 4X.

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    They’re breathable, moisture-wicking, antibacterial and eco-friendly—and they’re not just for swimming either. Wear them hiking, to yoga, or any activity.

  10. Another winner from Outplay.

  11. 1930s-style cut-outs for everyone! Via Amused Clothing.

  12. This full-coverage suit is from Chromat, a queer-inclusive, body-positive brand that launched in 2015.

  13. This sporty one-piece “for understated sexiness” is also from Origami Customs.

  14. This unpadded crop top from PacSun would pair well with board shorts.

  15. These colorful binders that double as swim tops are by French Etsy vendor Pas Mon Genre, which ships gender-neutral clothing worldwide. They can be ordered with or without zippers.

  16. This suit by Billabong is available from Urban Outfitters.

  17. One sweet, vintage-style bikini for beach babes with curves for good measure, from Modcloth.

  18. Rebirth Garments wins again!

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