Geoff Stults & Parker Young On Being “Enlisted” And Gay Roles

Enlisted Parker Young, Geoff Stults
(l to r) Enlisted’s Chris Lowell, Geoff Stults and Parker Young

During the filming of the new Army-based sitcom, Enlisted, the Fox lot would often go a-flutter around lunch time because hunky stars Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell and Parker Young regularly would run from the stages to the gym on the lot for a quick workout before the cameras started rolling again.

And, yes, shirts reportedly came off…often.

While we all can appreciate some beefcake on our TV, the good news is that Enlisted not only delivers on the eye candy but also on laughs, much respect for the Armed Forces and undeniable charm as well as a good amount of heartfelt moments, mostly between the three actors, who play brothers that end up side by side in the same Army camp. (Having talked to the three actors more than a few times since the show was picked up, I can report that the sexy actors actually seem to have become brothers in real life, which you’ll see in the following videos.)

Earlier this week in West Hollywood, Stults and Young – along with co-star Angelique Cabral – showed up at popular work out spot Barry’s Boot Camp for an Enlisted-themed workout and, as the earlier class of tired and sweaty men and women was wrapping up, they took a few minutes to talk to TheBacklot about their characters, the possibility of gay soldiers on the show as well as who is most eager to go shirtless and how the guys feel about playing gay roles.

Parker Young & Angelique Cabral


Geoff Stults


Enlisted airs Fridays at 9:30pm on Fox.