Mural Of George Michael Egged, Vandalized With Anti-Gay Graffiti

"He means so much to so many in our queer family."

A giant mural of George Michael was vandalized with eggs and homophobic graffiti in Sydney last week. The piece of art depicts the “Freedom” singer as a saint, complete with a halo, holding a marijuana blunt and a bottle of poppers.


The mural, by Scott Marsh, was unveiled back in January on the side of a house owned by Jonny Seymour, one half of Steregamous, the self-proclaimed “gayest band since the Village People.”

“I took photos which I’ve sent into the senate enquiry but I didn’t post publicly as it seems to validate it somehow,” Seymour told Gay Star News.

Australians are currently casting their vote by mail if they think that same-sex marriage should be legalized—but some of those against same-sex marriage are going to dramatic lengths to tell Australians how they should vote. Past incidents include a skywriter who flew over Sydney with the words “VOTE NO,” a “Straight Lives Matter” rally was held in the city, and now vandalizing a piece of art honoring one of the most popular queer entertainers in music.

“This campaign is so exhausting. The hateful seem to get inordinate amount of publicity (the skywriting NO lasted for 20 seconds yet was shared thousands of times),” Seymour added. “Their attempts to destroy our sacred places shows their fear.”

At least the act of vandalism has a happy ending: When Seymour came home one day last week, he found four strangers cleaning up the graffiti.

“George’s passing has been a devastating blow to our community. He means so much to so many in our queer family. He was also good friend, brother and musical collaborator of ours too,” added Seymour. “We needed to have a physical tribute where LGBTIQ people could gather to pay their respects without any dogma barking.”

A new documentary about Michael, which was co-directed by him before his death last year, George Michael: Freedom, premieres tonight on Channel 4 in the U.K. and will make its U.S. debut October 21 on Showtime.

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