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Georgia Already Backtracking Its Controversial Anti-LGBT “Religious Freedom” Bill

Lawmakers are making changes to the measure after realizing how much the homophobic bill could cost the state.

When we reported yesterday that telecom firm 373K was packing up and leaving Georgia due to the proposed anti-LGBT First Amendment Defense Act, many predicted that money would be the only thing to get the attention of Republican lawmakers. And it looks like that’s immediately the case.

Republican Governor Nathan Deal says he doesn’t support the bill in its current form, due to how much it would cost the state.

Specifically, the effect the bill could have on the state’s film and TV industry, which is currently raking in a lot of income for Georgia.

Deal is saying that the measure is still evolving and being worked out.

“We’re working with the leadership of the General Assembly now as that bill is continuing to move through the process,” Deal said, before adding, “I don’t comment until things are finalized, and, by far, it’s not finalized yet.”

Earlier this week, the state’s Senate approved the bill, which would allow people and businesses to decline service to LGBT people.

“I think that should counsel us to move deliberately and carefully and thoroughly on this issue,” said House Speaker David Ralston. “It’s a very emotional issue; it’s an issue that’s going to have consequences.”

Many other businesses have openly opposed the bill, including AT&T, Coca Cola and Home Depot.

“We are standing up for the principles of inclusion and fair treatment for every Georgia citizen and every visitor to Georgia,” said Joe Folz, VP of Porsche Cars North America. “Legislation that promotes – or even appears to allow – discrimination against certain classes of people hurts Georgia’s hard-earned reputation.”

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