Asylum-Seeker Asked How Often He Had Sex With His Boyfriend

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees in Germany has been accused of discriminating against LGBT refugees.

German authorities are reportedly asking LGBT asylum-seekers invasive questions about their sex lives and violating their rights.

According to Suddeutsche Zeitung, officials at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) regularly ask LGBT refugees inappropriate and embarrassing questions.

The German daily reports several examples, including one in which a Pakistani asylum-seeker was allegedly asked: “How often did you have sex with your boyfriend?” and “How did you find the intercourse?”

Volker Beck, a Green Party lawmaker and prominent LGBT rights activist, has prepared a dossier documenting the problematic actions of BAMF officers toward gay refugees. He hopes the file will illuminate the country’s “disregard for asylum provisions” in regards to LGBT asylum-seekers.

The lawmaker added that it’s not uncommon for authorities to suggest that gay refugees could avoid persecution in their home countries simply by hiding their sexual identities. He said that these asylum-seekers are also often denied protection on the grounds that anti-LGBT punishments were unlikely to be enacted.

The BAMF denied the claims, saying they have a contingency of officers specifically trained to deal with LGBT asylum-seekers.

Germany is hardly the only country that has been criticized for its treatment of gay refugees. In August 2016, the UK finally revamped its own system to be less discriminatory toward the LGBT community.

In addition to making it clear that caseworkers are not allowed to rely on stereotypes when questioning LGBT asylum seekers, the new guidelines also state that workers can no longer demand evidence to “prove” one’s sexual identity.

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