Get The Culture Club Look With Boy George’s Own Makeup Tutorial

Beat for the gawds!

Boy George was serving gender fluidity on MTV long before the term was even coined.

His signature non-binary look throughout the early ’80s has become synonymous with Culture Club, the band he fronted, and was indicative of a cultural renaissance that favored self expression over gender norms.

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In a new makeup tutorial for Paper magazine, the 54-year-old icon is dishing his tips on how to get the look and recreating it on model Josh Smith, discussing his inspiration throughout.

“Growing up in London, there was a lot of poverty in the ’70s, and that encouraged a certain kind of glamour,” he says. “My fashion sense always tends to go back to the ’70s: Bowie, glam rock to punk rock, early Vivienne Westwood, all of that stuff.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.48.21 PM

And yes, kween! That is Boy George blowing glitter on a man’s face!

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