Get Your Twenties Ready: Here’s The First Teaser For “Magic Mike XXL”

I have a huge confession to make. I never actually watched Magic Mike. By the time the film came out, we had covered it so much, and I had posted so many clips and stills, I just figured I had already seen the … good parts. From what I’ve heard … I was right.

So here comes the first teaser for Magic Mike XXL, and I have the feeling I may experience the same reaction.

To be sure, there are some hot moments in the teaser. Channing’s opening Flashdance tribute, Joe Manganiello’s orgasmic water bottle, and Matt Bomer has a blink-and-you’ll-miss-him solo moment (although he is front and center at the end), but like the original, this seems to be made entirely of self-sustained soundbites, perfect for use in 30 second clips and destined to be GIF’d for all it’s worth.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I look forward to our first “Hot Stills From Magic Mike XXL.” But it means I probably won’t have to actually watch it.

First Thoughts?

Magic Mike XXL opens July 1st.

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