TV on Tap: “Gigolos” Returns with a New Stud, a “Heroes” Revival and “Cleveland” Isn’t Cancelled


I never got to the end of the wonderful Strangers in Paradise but SiP creator Terry Moore’s latest comic, Rachel Rising is being adapted for TV. The comic follows a woman who rises from the dead to try to solve her own murder. It would only need to be one-eighth as good as Strangers in Paradise to make one crazy, addictive show.

The Disney Channel is working on a revival of the 80s game show Win, Lose or Draw. This version will feature Disney stars as the celebrity guests, make use of new technology (I’m guessing they won’t be drawing on paper pads) and have Justin Willman hosting.

Elisabeth MossElisabeth Moss, pictured with Simpsons-flesh tone colored soap.

Vulture reports that Elisabeth Moss will be the third Mad Men cast member to voice a character on The Simpsons. She’ll play a pregnant woman who, as the trope goes, goes into labor while stuck in an elevator.

Vulture has collected the “think faces” of The Voice’s judges. As you would expect, Adam Levine has the cutest thinkface.

Breaking BadAugust? We’ve got to wait until August?

AMC made a number of announcements yesterday. They include: Breaking Bad final season will debut on August 11 and the final episodes will get a talk show dedicated to the crime drama, Talking Bad. The channel also ordered additional seasons of reality shows Comic Book Men and Freak Show. It’s also announced a number of series in development including an adaptation of Chris Hardwick’s All-Star Celebrity Bowling web series.

Speaking of Hardwick, ESPN’s Grantland describes shows like Talking Dead and The Nerdist as an example of TV taking a lesson from the internet and giving a nice audience exactly what it wants. While there are some interesting observations, I have to quibble with his complaint about Hardwick being uncritical about the shows he discusses. How many talk shows are there where the host will challenge a guest for saying positive things about his current show?

MSN is looking to join the list of streaming TV programmers and it thinks it can draw viewers’ attention with a revival of Heroes, according to TVLine. The series would focus on new characters with cameos from the original series’ cast. Drive a truckload of money to Bryan Fuller’s house to write the series and give it some gay characters and I’ll give it a chance. Otherwise, no.

HeroesAt this point, saying you’re bringing back Heroes
sounds more like a threat than a coming attraction.

Responding to an image claiming a Friends reunion was in the works, producer Marta Kauffman told E! news that a reunion will never happen, “Friends was about that time in your life when your friends are your family and once you have a family, there’s no need anymore.” Maybe fans should ask in twenty years when the Friends gang are all living together again, this time sharing a house in Florida.

In response to a claim made by an animation blog, Fox denied that The Cleveland Show has been cancelled. Still, with no new episodes ordered and a long lead time required to make new ones, if Cleveland does return it’s going to require a hiatus.

Is Steve Carell making one final appearance on The Office, after all? TVLine reports that Carell was on the Office set for the final episode, even though Carell’s spokesperson claims he didn’t film any scenes.

Gigolos' BradleyIs new gigolo Bradley enough to make up for Gigolos’ gay-for-pay tease last season?


Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
If you’ve been hearing the sound of distant cheering,that’s probably the sound of WilSon fans hearing that Brian (Brant Daugherty) would be chatting up Sonny today, much to Will’s frustration. This definitely calls for a liveblog so join us starting at 1PM Eastern!

Community (NBC) 8:00 PM ET
Jeff’s holiday gathering goes awry when Annie adds Professor Cornwallis (Malcolm McDowell) to the guest list. But which holiday? With Community’s calendar thrown off by an extended hiatus, it could be any holiday. Have we finally reached Community’s Christmas episode?

CommunityDoes the Greendale gang get to have any fun parties?

The Vampire Diaries (CW) 8:00 PM ET
It’s time for the senior prom in Mystic Falls. Remember how it used to be Katherine ruining things for Elena with her sneering, her sarcasm and all that violence? Now Elena is Caroline’s Katherine, except probably without that guilty fun that Katherine brought to the show.

Parks & Recreation (NBC) 9:00 PM ET
The Patton Oswalt ubiquity tour (and if he hasn’t been all over your DVR, I’m very sad) continues as Leslie tries to overhaul government rules only to face a filibustering man who has better ideas about Star Wars than George Lucas, or, in other words, an everyday, average guy.

Glee (MTV) 9:00 PM ET
Now that Sue’s gone, Roz is stepping into her “somebody’s got to intimidate the students!” shoes, but will Roz be any fun without the thrill of seeing someone challenge Sue? Meanwhile, there are auditions for a revival of Funny Girl, which is a good reason for a mother and daughter reunion with the return of Shelby (Idina Menzel).

GleeDoes Roz’s face indicate that she’s thinking of Blaine’s “Undercover Cheerio” story
or last week’s” Becky’s Got a Gun” story?

Project Runway  (Lifetime) 9:00 PM ET
We’re almost at the final runway shows, but first Tim Gunn has to visit the finalists at home and give them all a last-minute surge in likability.

The Graham Norton Show (BBC America) 10:00 PM ET
Tonight it’s Michael Buble, Amanda Holden and comic Jack Dee sitting on Graham’s couch.

Tabatha Takes Over (Bravo) 10:00 PM ET
Expect at least one exasperated sigh of disappointed (and hopefully a “Didn’t I teach you…”) as Tabatha takes over a salon managed by a former student.

Hannibal (NBC) 10:00 PM ET
As the team starts to wonder if Abigail might have been involved in her father’s murders, the FBI finds themselves protecting her from angry mobs, even as the copycat continues to strike. Now, who gets to yell “You’re not helping!” when that mix of risks goes wrong.

HannibalJust insert your favorite bedside manner joke here

Gigolos (Showtime) 11:00 PM ET
Showtime’s soft core reality show returns, and since we’ve seen all the guys naked by now (and we’re not likely to fall for further teases that one of the guys might be going gay for pay), there’s a new member of the team — Bradley a former marine turned underwear model.

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell (Adult Swim) Midnight ET
The creators of Aqua Teen Hunger Force returns to Adult Swim with this comedy that treats demons trying to convince mortals to sell their soul as just another workplace comedy. ATHF never quite managed to hit my funny bone (and neither have this show’s previews) I’ll be passing but I know there are a decent number of people who are probably pretty excited.

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