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Ginger Minj Ditches The Drag To Star In “Avenue Q”

"It has certainly been an interesting challenge taking the femininity out of my body language!"

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Ginger Minj has found a new stage to shine on—and she doesn’t need a wig or heels this time.

Minj, née Joshua Eads-Brown, is returning to her home state of Florida to play Brian in Clandestine Arts’ production of Avenue Q at the State Theater in Eustis, about 40 miles northwest of Orlando.

Clandestine Arts

“it was meant to be!”
Minj told Orlando Weekly. “For the past three years I’ve spent my Octobers in Texas, playing Dr. Frank-N-Furter in Rocky Horror, but there was an issue with the rights this year and the show was canceled, freeing up the last two weekends of October for me.”

Besides her legit stage work, Minj jas been on the road performing in clubs, while also filming a pilot, House of Mayhem, and has two films currently in post-production Miss Arizona and the Jennifer Aniston vehicle Dumplin’. Minj also filmed an episode of Good Behavior alongside fellow RPDR queen Sharon Needles.

With all that—and Minj recording her second album, her Avenue Q gig is eating into her vacation time..

“Had it been any other person asking me to do any other role, I probably would have said ’No thank you!’ and hibernated for a while. But [director] Derek [Critzer] is a friend who has always been there and believes in me, even before Drag Race,” she said.

Clandestine Arts
And theater has always been the Glamour Toad’s first love.

“I so rarely get to play honest-to-goodness boys anymore,” she said. “It has certainly been an interesting challenge taking the femininity out of my body language! Avenue Q is a show I’ve always loved and Brian is the character I’ve always most identified with. He’s just a regular guy who wants to make people laugh and maybe make a little money doing it. He’s got his faults as much as anyone else, but he’s loyal and loving, and I’d like to think we have that in common.”

Avenue Q opens runs through Sunday at the Bay Street Players’ State Theater in Eustis, Florida. Below, watch Ginger perform “I Am What I Am” at Logo Trailblazers.

Trish Bendix is a Los Angeles-based writer.