Ginger Spice Debuts New Song “Half of Me”: WATCH

Ginger Spice is riding the waves of two big trends: redheads and 90’s nostalgia.  But that doesn’t mean her newest single, “Half of Me,” isn’t worth listening to.

Geri Halliwell, better known as “the Spice Girl that your weird friend liked the most,” will be releasing a full length studio album (also titled Half of Me) in the upcoming months, but teased fans with the debut of the first single on Australia’s Footy Show.  I do not know what Footy Show is, but if it gives us more pop divas with twirling back-up dancers, I have no problem with it.

And, while the video is great, I’m a little sad she isn’t wearing the Union Jack dress.

But that’s just my 90’s nostalgia talking.

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