5 Things We’d Like To See In ‘Girl Meets World’

WERK Topanga!

Here’s some news to make you say “TGIF” (and, thank God again, not in the TGI Fridays restaurant way). Boy Meets World creator Michael Jacobs gave the inside scoop on the upcoming Girl Meets World pilot. Among the tidbits dropped, he said, “I think there’s a strong chance” that the original Boy Meets World cast members will return in some capacity. Ben Savage and Daniel Fishel are already confirmed to reprise their roles, but who else might show up, and what stories do we have to look forward to? Here’s out list of five things we’d like to see in the upcoming Girl Meets World:  

1. The series picks up where the finale left off, with Cory and Topanga in New York City. Soon, Cory’s neuroses and quirks find him getting in trouble with everyone around him as the show takes a strange, Curb Your Enthusiasm-style turn. 

2. It’s really just a slightly altered remake of this episode where Cory and Topanga are babysitting.

3. Shawn discovers that he is a witch and adopts a wise-cracking but sweet talking black cat.

4. The ghost of Mr. Feeny helps Cory and Topanga’s daughter fight crime.

5. The title is taken literally as the show becomes an After Earth crossover, about a girl from a distant planet visiting earth for the first time.

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