‘Girls’ Style Lessons: It’s About Time

Golden Globe winner, Lena Dunham, is back on our TV on a weekly basis with her Golden Globe winning show. Girls returned on HBO last night and season two gave us just as many amazing styles as the first season. While we’re pretty sure every consignment shop in Brooklyn has been wiped clean of it’s clothing, the fashions from the cast last night taught us a thing or two about putting your best dress forward.

1. When You Take Off Your Stupid Sailor Nun Dress, The Party Will Take a Turn for The Worst.
Hannah started off the night with her oh-so-lovable roommate/ex boyfriend Elijah decorating her party in this adorable dress. The decorations looked great, her potato skins turned out the way she wanted them and the party was going just fine.

Lena Dunham and Andrew Rannells

This dress is adorable, and the collar is even on trend!

and then she changed into what I am pretty sure was a 1990 casual dress from the Gap print collection.

Frump up the jams

While the dress looks a tad more comfortable, we wish she kept on the first dress, which Hannah claimed looked like a stupid sailor nun dress. Do nuns even sail?
2. A Fascinator can make your lover come back to you.
Shoshanna wins best outfit of the night with her adorable dress and amazing facinator. There are not enough emojis in the world to express how much we loved her outfit and the beer spilling kiss it insighted.

Girls HBO Shoshanna

Shoshanna makes karaoke look cute.

3. Pigtails are a sign of a horrible boss
Oh, Marnie! You should’ve known your boss was insane by her hair. Women over the age of 25 shouldn’t be seen in pigtails during the work day unless they work as a clown. The only thing this woman has going for her is that cute green top.

Marnie Girls HBO Style

“You see, I wear my hair in pigtails so I can sleep with younger men..”

4. Rompers are a sign of a bad girl friend.
Maybe it’s not just the romper, it’s also the tall boy and the head band. As soon as Charlie’s new chick emerged you could tell she was no Marnie.

Marnie and Charlie Girls HBO

She does not seem like a keeper.

5. When you’re lunching with your mom wear a dress made of left over bridesmaid dresses.
While Marnie always looks like the Posh Spice of the Girls crew, this outfit seemed to be a bad mash-up. Her outfit might not have done it for us, but the wine swilling conversation with her mother was certainly relatable.

“You don’t know what it’s like, to be me!”

6. Andrew Rannells has an amazing ass.
That was a fun lesson to learn

HBO Girls Andrew Rannells naked

So, this happened..

We’re looking forward to seeing what will happen next week with all the girls and their guys — and what they’ll be wearing while those stories unfold.

Sue Funke is a comedian in New York City that loves to go thrift store shopping as much as the next girl.

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