‘Girls’ Style Lessons: Bad Friend

This week’s episode of Girls was entitled, “Bad Friend” and it was one of the best episodes. Coke, dancing, gay iPod DJ’s and a crazy Clockwork Orange art piece –all the classic elements of comedy. Well, okay not classic, but it was a hilarious episode, with some seriously stylish moments.

1. Power Clashing.

If you’re going to do coke, at least do it in the perfect outfit. For example, Elijah picks out an outfit for Hannah with two ridiculously different patterns, a.k.a. “power clashing.”  He hands it to her with this  fabulous description, “It was inspired by a girl I went to middle school with, she fucked both her uncle and her step-dad.”

Power-Clashing patterns is actually on trend for spring.

 2. Friends, and strangers share clothing.

Sometimes, you need to do more an outfit change mid-coke-binge-evening. That is when dancing partners can come in handy. Hannah switched shirts with this dude..

Let’s hope this isn’t a sign that mesh shirts are coming back in style.

and then went back to the partying..

Andrew Rannells and Lena Dunham coke in the bathroom GIRLS

Nothing says dance party like coke off a public toilet.

3. Clockwork Orange-type art is frighteningly awesome.

The artist that enticed Marnie so much last season that it made her go masturbate after exchanging words with him is back, and he’s got a suave creepiness about him. He brings Marnie back to his apartment and traps her inside a hole of televisions showing super creepy imagery — so romantic! It makes us wonder if we’ll see this type of art at the Whitney sometime soon.

Trapped inside televisions

Frighteningly beautiful?

4. There’s a new type of sex doll in town.

Instead of having sex with a doll, have sex with a human partner and ponder what dolls are thinking. This artist sex trend is pretty creepy, but his bed/butt seemed quite nice, so we get why she went with it.

Girls sex scene

What is the doll feeling?

5.  Andrew Andrew are a stylish DJ duo

They are like if The Proclaimers dressed even more like Buddy Holly.

gay dj new york city

We don’t care, we love it

6. Shoshanna’s side bun is a fun, different hair style.

Perhaps she had time to do this while she was watching ’Alley McBeal’ repeats..

7. Long live the stoop-sale

We hope this spawns a real-life shop of Jessa’s discarded clothing, because it. looks. awesome.

Long dresses, great shoes, and original artwork for sale!


Sue Funke is the social media writer for NewNowNext, After Elton and After Ellen. She is also a stand-up comedian in the New York City area that is looking forward to doing some power clashing this spring.


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