‘Girls’ Style Lessons: Video Games

This week on Girls Hannah and Jessa struggled with the pains of peeing with a UTI and dealing with parental relationships. ’Video Games’ was an insightful look at these two characters. For example, we saw that Jessa’s dad was just as present in her life that you may have already assumed, and that if you take Hannah home with you, she might turn it into a sexcapade. What really matters though, were the styles we saw.

1. Bunnies are adorable accessories.
Unfortunately, they can also be what’s for dinner. Jessa’s dad’s girlfriend was played by the ageless Rosanna Arquette. While we’re not big believer’s on ’a rabbit a day keeps the doctor away,’ we do love the vintage t-shirt and paired with the long tie-dye skirt to help us foreshadow her as a crazy lady.

Rosanna Arquette on Girls with Lena Dunham

We’re all in a video game and need a set of balls is the lesson Rosanna Arquette is teaching here.

2. The crazy hoarder/Doc Brown look is in for Dads this spring.
Also, according to Hannah old computers look like dog houses.

Old computers Girls

Gotta go back in time!

3. It’s possible to look cool drinking Mountain Dew.
The killer cuff bracelet helps.
Jemima Kirke and Lena Dunham Girls

4. Cloth belts can bring attention to those pleated shorts.
Not sure you would want to bring attention to them, but it certainly draws the eye there.

Hannah sleeps with a younger man by looking like a '90s mom

Hannah sleeps with a younger man by looking like a ’90s mom

5. Turtle necks can make you look a little creepy.
Lots of weird relationships in this week’s episode.

"Coo, coo, ca-choo, Mrs Robinson."

“Coo, coo, ca-choo, Mrs Robinson.”

That’s all for now, we’ll be back next with week more lessons based on the styles of Girls. We leave you now with the Aimee Mann’s amazing song that was featured this week:

Girls Style Lessons: Boys