‘Girls’ Style Lessons: One Man’s Trash

While some people are saying that last night’s odd episode of Girls was the worst ever, we were in awe of the amazing apartment that Patrick Wilson’s character Joshua had. Today we learn how really rich doctors in their 40s live in New York City, and that we should really start using upper class trash bins more.

1.Backyards in New York City happen, and sometimes they look more amazing than those in suburbia.

We want to go to there.

2. Rich doctors have amazing showers.
There’s seating, modern tiling, and a steam setting that can make you feel like a gummy worm.

It’s gettin’ hot in here.

3.If you’re going to have an amazing apartment, make sure your bedroom is cozy.
There’s a fire place, luxury bedding, and nice lighting. Is this a bedroom or West Elm?
Patrick Wilson Lena Dunham

4.Spare rooms are for ping pong tables

“Do me on the ping pong table.”

5.Grand pianos really tie the place together.

This? Oh it’s just my thousands-of-dollars-accent-piece.

6.When you’re a baller, even your glassware collection should be amazing.

One Man's Trash

Who keeps whiskey in the bottle it comes in? Poor people.

7.Pull your whole being a rich doctor thing together by also being really, really good looking

Patrick Wilson’s dreamy eyes match his v-neck, and somehow even that is sexy. (The apartment obviously also helps.)

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