GLAAD’s Gorgeous #TransLoveStories Campaign Will Make Your Day

It's the Transgender Day of Visibility content we deserve.

GLAAD is honoring the international Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV), which takes place on March 31 every year, with a photo series celebrating the beauty of trans love.

For its #TransLoveStories TDOV project, the LGBTQ advocacy group joined forces with nonbinary photographer Landyn Pan (@landynpan) to capture four trans subjects with one of their loved ones.

Landyn Pan
Model Chala Tyson Tshitundu (@chala.gram) and their partner Noah.

As GLAAD noted in its press release, stories of love—platonic, familial, romantic, or otherwise—involving trans people are seldom recognized in popular media. But trans people deserve to see themselves, their lives, and their loved ones represented fully, and not solely in the context of anti-transgender violence.

Alex Schmider, GLAAD’s associate director of trans representation and the project’s leader, said #TransLoveStories is especially vital “during this unprecedented time” of a global pandemic.

Author Marizol Leyva (@iam_marizol) with her sister, actress Selenis (@selenisleyvaofficial).

“Through this campaign, we aim to show members of the trans community that we are capable and deserving of finding and sharing love, and to show people that we are an important and valuable part of their lives,” Schmider said.

“Because of the discrimination trans people face, not everyone can be visible today, but we hope campaigns like this will help continue to create a world where every trans person can be accepted, loved, and celebrated.”

Landyn Pan
Business owner Marli Washington (@2b.marli) and his wife Adriana.

The #TransLoveStories campaign kicked off today, but GLAAD plans to keep the lovefest going with a weekly IGTV series highlighting each trans person featured and one of their significant relationships.

Head over to GLAAD’s Instagram page for more gorgeous couples’ portraits, and join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #TransLoveStories.

Main image: Content creator AJ Clementine (@ajclementine_) and her boyfriend Ryan.

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