‘Glee’ Goes Diva With Beyonce Performance

Diva Blaine

Hot on the heels of this “Naked” episode and just in time for National Beyonce Weekend, Ryan Murphy decided it was “Diva” time and released the upcoming, full-out performance from next week’s episode.  If you thought New York’s Kiki a few weeks ago was the pinnacle of Glee queerness, you  just hadn’t seen Blaine Anderson and Unique strut their stuff on the McKinley catwalk.

We’re thinking RuPaul’s Drag Race / New Directions crossover is due, where Ru comes to Lima and lip-sync for your life gets too real.  Sure, Unique is a shoo in but Blaine is bringing it and even Marley gets a true diva makeover (and a lot of leg.) There’s nothing not to love about this moment, except for the fact that poor Kurt Hummel is miles and miles away, probably itching to throw on a boa but not knowing why.