Chord Overstreet Back On ‘Glee’

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The halls of McKinley are set to get a little more hunky with the potential return of Chord Overstreet as Sam Evans, the football playing glee club member.

After drama this past summer when Overstreet was not extended a series regular contract (while his hottie co-stars Darren Criss and Harry Shum Jr. were elevated from recurring status, and while he was part of the massive “Glee Live” international tour with the rest of the cast), he opted not to return to the show, instead taking guest stints on The Middle and reportedly working on his music career.  Fans of the bleached-blond glee-clubber revolted, starting online petitions and rallying around Overstreet.  Still, the show wrote off his absence as the character moving out of town for his father’s job and no one has mentioned him since.

That looks to all be changing though as sources say Overstreet will return around episode 8, the same episode that is supposed to be directed Glee star Matt Morrison.

Now that Sam is likely coming back, how will the show use him in the already overstuffed cast?  While there are still some holding out hope that Sam could be a love interest for Kurt Hummel, we’re most interested to see if he’ll stir up drama between his summer fling Mercedes and her new boyfriend Shane.  Their secret love affair at the end of last season had great drama potential, and was snuffed out way too early.  Hopefully they get a second chance at romance.  At the very least, maybe we can get Sam back shirtless in his gold short-shorts ala the Rocky Horror episode last season!

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