NEW PICS: ‘Glee’ Gets ‘Grease’ – y

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Glee goes Greaser when the gang returns mid-January with new episodes of the hit series.  The show will pay homage to the classic musical and even filmed at Venice High School, the set of the original Grease film.

The gang sings “Summer Nights” with the boys on the bleachers and the girls (plus Kurt, who opts to hang with the ladies in most gendered numbers) in the cafeteria reliving Sam and Mercedes summer fling.  In an attempt to rekindle the relationship and compete with her Letterman boyfriend, Sam goes as far as signing up for synchronized swimming, coached by Atlanta Housewife NeNe Leakes.

We hope Glee continues with the Grease tunes, a much more fun and upbeat selection than West Side Story provided. Can’t you just see Mercedes bringing us to tears with “Hopelessly Devoted To You,” and isn’t “Beauty School Dropout” begging for a Blaine version?